The President Is Not Your Boss!

Deaniac83 over at The People’s View has yet another excellent piece that I highly recommend you read. It goes a long way towards explaining a lot of the whining and hand wringing on the left over President Obama’s performance as President. The President is not the CEO of the country, contrary to what you might have heard.

Despite our strong belief that the government does not and should not operate like a business, many on the so-called “Left” seem to be suffering from the delusion that the President is a unitary executive, and can do whatever he pleases. If he really wants to do something, he can do it, the argument goes, thereby attributing anything that does not get done to the President’s unwillingness to do it, rather than legislative reality or any other extraneous factor. It allows people to flat out ignore the fact that the President is but the head of one branch of government, restrained by the other branches, as well as the Constitutional limits on his power. But the same people are also always the first to scream that any use of legitimate executive power is itself abusive!

You have heard it all before. A, B, C didn’t get done because President Obama didn’t really want to do it. Or he didn’t fight for it. He didn’t pound podium enough. He didn’t twist enough arms. He didn’t do this. He didn’t do that. If only he had gone to Maine and verbally beat the Maine Republican senators over the head, we would have the public option in health reform. If only he had issued an executive order rather than go through the legislative process, DADT would be history on Day 2 of his presidency. And I suppose he was supposed to bullypulpit and podium-pound into submission all 90 senators and the overwhelming majority of the House who voted to block the closure of Guantanamo.

Go read it and while you are there, take a look at the other great posts at The People’s View.


5 thoughts on “The President Is Not Your Boss!

  1. The question then is why did Candidate Obama promise the voters change he knew, or should have known, could not be made by one man? I can not remember Candidate Obama saying “I’ll try to get …. changed as long as Congress goes along with me.”

  2. Well then you weren’t really listening then, were you CH? President Obama chose his words very wisely and constantly talked about the congress having to compromise and end the partisan bickering. And EVERY candidate for president HAS to make promises and hope that he can get it through congress. Reagan had to compromise a ton with Democrats and we survived it.

    To me, the “he promised” line is for whiny children. You said we were going to get ice cream….I don’t care if the ice cream shop is closed, you promised. Waaaaa, waaaaaaaa.

  3. Denial will get you nowhere. When it is all over and in the history books Jimmy Carter will be smiling. Obama is not someone who can get the job done. Obama has done nothing but make the situation worse than what it was when GWB left office. It’s not about “I’m right / You’re wrong” anymore. Obama is destroying the USA.

  4. Chicken Hammer the only denial I see around is you guys with your ideology of “primary Obama” that’s not gonna happen as even the Dems like Grayson and Kucinich know this is a blind alley.

    This talk of the US being better under GWB: funny how the only ones saying that are the teabaggers and the firebaggers.

    To look at the latest Obama is talking aobut achieving an average of 54.5 mpg for US cars by 2025. Yeah we would have been much better under Bush here who though that achieving 35 mpg minimum by 2025 was overly ambitious.

    It is you guys who daily lose more credibility with anyone outside your little choir.

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