The GOP’s Double-D Summer – Destruction And Distraction!

   The Potomac Shore

For the last few summers, Republicans have produced summer replacement shows for our enjoyment. Like last summer, this years script was written to do as much damage to President Obama politically as possible. The plot revolves around sabotaging the economy, causing higher unemployment and distracting us all from the fact that the Republican controlled House hasn’t done a goddamn thing since taking over in 2010.  It’s one big reality show with roles for everyone. And the media is more than willing to help produce it.

Last year we had the summer of “Muslim Bashing and Gulf Oil Surfing.” The summer before that we had the “Death Panel and Koch-funded Tea Party dances” and of course in the summer of 2008, during the election, we watched the “Rev. Wright and William Ayres Summer Spectacle.”

Since the election of Barack Obama, the Professional Left has had roles in this Republican non-reality show. They are playing the role of the “supposed” friend who ends up stabbing the lead in the back, all the while claiming to be his friend – who is just trying to help. In the current debt ceiling crisis, when Democrats and liberals need to rally together to fight the Republicans who are clearly trying to do harm to our country, instead, the Professional Left is attacking the mere idea of compromise and demanding completely unrealistic outcomes.

The Professional Left are running around screaming about every proposal and leak from an anonymous source and lamenting the fact that their newly found sacred cows are on the dreaded “table.” And they do it with absolutely no acknowledgement of the dire nature of the situation or the environment that the President is negotiating in. And of course, they don’t understand that the President is using reverse psychology. The President knows that if he is for something, the GOP is against it and he’s been using it to his advantage. Idiots like Jane Hamsher and Ed Schultz don’t quite grasp that idea or simply refuse to.

The media just eats that shit up too. The story has a hostage — our economy. It has drama — we could fall into a depression. It has grandstanding and heightened rhetoric – coming out of people’s asses. It has fighting within each faction AND even a ticking time bomb. Damn, you would have thought this whole thing was manufactured for our enjoyment. And it was — except it really isn’t that enjoyable.

Anyone who is paying attention knows that the debt ceiling has never been used as a hostage in the history of our country and the Republicans have created this crisis where none existed before. This is new folks.

John Boehner told many lies the other night in his response to the Presidents address. The one that proved to me that he either doesn’t understand what the fucking debt ceiling is, or he doesn’t care about the truth was when he referred to giving the President a “blank check”. Hey moron, the check has already been filled out, we just have to mail the damn thing. Any person in the media who doesn’t call him out on that one lie should be run out of fucking town. This very purposeful attempt to mislead his ignorant supporters proves that Speaker Boehner has no moral compass and will say anything to sway his mindless followers.

This big summer distraction certainly took the media and the public’s eyes off the fact that the Republicans in the House haven’t done a single thing to help get people back to work. And it threw gasoline on the fires burning on the Professional Left and is fueling their relentless attacks on our Democratic President. I have to give the GOP credit for playing the media on both sides of the political spectrum like a cheap fiddle. Anyone who thinks the “media” cares if they were played is fooling themselves.

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4 thoughts on “The GOP’s Double-D Summer – Destruction And Distraction!

  1. Nice job Extreme! I am a fan of Snooki and company-though if anything could sully my high opinion of them letting Boehner touch them would be it.

    As to the firebaggers there are people-in HamsherWorld in particular-who openly admit they seek to “dump Obama” , “Defeat the Democrats” and even work with Republicans to achive the second.

    At FDL as someone who has posted there-think of me as Media Matters-I read them so you dont hafe to-every day there is a new harebrained scheme to this Anybody but Obama drive.

    Other day someone actually suggested Mike Bloomberg as an improvement to Obama- not a typo!

    As to this broader debt limit fight, I can understand your call the other day for a break from politics!

    It is pitiful that we need 3 months to accomplish something as piddly as raising the debt ceiling thanks to Bohner, Cantor, Mcconnell, et al.

    S&P has been criticized -for saying that the US rating could be cut anyway-but the one thing they suggested right is that we get rid of the debt ceiling altogether.

    And get rid of the Tea Party altogether.

  2. Wasn’t Mike Bloomberg a republican? BTW what is the exact background on Jane Hamsher? I never heard of this person till 2009 or so but then again maybe I just haven’t paid much attention to politics before. As a matter of fact much of the left is confusing. Some seem to put some form of grand expectations on Obama, all the while not realizing that most of these expectations aren’t realistic. Obama has one of the hardest jobs in the world as so much is expected from the president and no matter what he does he’ll garner criticism. Either for not being progressive enough or being too progressive.

    The simple fact is that Obama’s always been a moderate much like myself. I am not always happy with everything Obama does but its still way better then what the alternative would be. The media may not care about this because at the end of the day most of the time they remain untouched by these policies, if anything they make billions off of them. When they talk about an anonymous source they are actually saying that this source doesn’t exist, indeed could very easily just be made up to cause sensationalism.

    Either way the people are pretty much pissed off at everyone when it comes to politics. Obama isn’t going to be untouched by this, mainly because people think with emotion and not with their brains. They are irrational and will be quick to believe what the media tells them no matter what they say about not trusting them.

  3. Yes Jeff, Bloomberg was a Republican, is currently and independent. My point in this example is that while some like Cenk Ungher claim that Obama is not a progressive, so many of the “firebaggers” kind of a sland for Jane Hamsher’s group at FDL and most of today’s anti-Obama left advocate this suicidal strategy of “anybody but Obama.”

    My point is even if you agree that Obama is not a progressive(I think he is though as you suggest a moderate progressive) how can you possible think Mike Bloomberg would be more progressive?

    This shows the firebaggers are in the hysterical Zizekean moment of “this is not that!” They’re oppostion to Obama cannot be explained wholly in logical terms.

    I was just on FDL today and here’s another example. This diaryist, Metamars is very interesting. While I have been accused at FDL of being a DNC operative, if Memars acts like anything it is an RNC operative.

  4. Y’know the delicious irony here?
    Does anybody actually realize how many of the dumb-ass Teabagger “base” (not to mention their “organizers”) are basically what they’d describe as “Welfare bums” of one variant or another?
    Check THIS link out:

    The ENTIRE Teatard “movement” is summed up in the following quote from the article:

    “When Tom Grimes lost his job as a financial consultant 15 months ago, he called his congressman, a Democrat, for help getting government health care. Then he found a new full-time occupation: Tea Party activist.”

    Same goes for every Teabagger riding around on their (Medicare-funded) scooters screaming about the evils of “socialism”.
    At this point I’m actually hoping the Teabagger Clown-car in the House of Representatives DOES drive the U.S. (and global) economy over the cliff.

    We’ll see how much they whine about the “evils of socialism” when their Social Security/VA checks fail to arrive, and they run out of food or meds. Not that I necessarily relish the idea of “Senior Citizen” Teabaggers dying off in droves as the result of a completely manufactured “Crisis — I just like Irony. Maybe it’s a “Generation X” thing, or maybe I’m just SO GODDAMN SICK of the “New Normal” post-9/11 that I’m glad to watch our leaders finally stop tossing the hand-grenade back and forth, and finally pull the FUCKING PIN.

    Not that I like either the “Professional Left” whiners in the “Blogosphere” (who are too goddamn busy using this as a fund-raising/publicity opportunity or whining about it on their chat-boards to bother actually DOING anything), or Obama at this point. I am *so* bored with watching a soporific puppet-show every goddamn time another of these manufactured “crises” comes up, and he does exactly the same shitty little dance about the (purported) virtues of “bipartisan compromise” with Reich-wing sociopaths.
    Only genuinely *good* part of all this, is that EVERYBODY gets fucked (including any transnational corporate plutocrat “Ubermenschen” holding U.S. Debt instruments — T-bills, securities, etc.)

    Added bonus: Boner and what passes for “moderate” Republicans scrambling around wildly, kissing Teabagger ass.

    Face it, folks: none of us actually survived 9/11. We’re solidly in Teatard hell. :)

    Peace out, y’all! :)

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