Need A Break From Politics?

I have been sick to my stomach for the last week over all the crap going on in our political world. I’m serious. It is depressing the hell out of me seeing this “Lord of the Flies” bullshit happening in Washington. I’ve attempted to write about it, but gave up. Here are some lovely photos to heal the wounds. Enjoy!

Photos by Extreme Liberal


27 thoughts on “Need A Break From Politics?

  1. Beautiful Clematis picture. Wish I could grow them here in Texas but they don’t do well in our heat. Today is packing day for our road trip that will have its end point, Quebec City. So maybe for a few days in Canada, I can get away from the doom and gloom that permeates the U.S. Cashed in two Living Social vouchers yesterday for half-price auto detailing where they come to your driveway to clean your vehicles, inside and out, so will be driving my auto that truly looks and smells like it’s brand new. It’s a 2004 Subaru that still has less than 40K miles so needs some driving. Gasoline here has jumped back up from $3.18 to $3.55 in the past ten days here so not looking forward to gas prices on my 5K trip. However my SUV gets 22 mpg highway.

    BTW, in our 98°F (37°C) heat yesterday, the car detail laborers were two most polite young black men who each worked a steady 1 1/2 hours in our Houston humidity. They wouldn’t have taken a break if we didn’t take them sodas, ice water, even ice cream bars. They were serious, excellent workers who didn’t miss a spot. I have no idea what they were being paid (our half-price deal was $120 for both SUVs) so we tipped them well for their hard work. Who says young black men don’t want to work?

  2. Feel better, Jim. As you know, I’ve been where you are (politically speaking), and it really is damned depressing.

    (smoochies and hugs and empathetic pats on the back)

  3. I am also deeply depressed and frustrated, but I did take the time to call my Representative who is actually a good progressive Democrat. I think it gives all of our representatives leverage when they stand with us, and pressure on those who don’t.

  4. rarely is politics ever uplifting but lately its been more depressing then ever. The fact that I’ve yet to see the republicans ever compromise and how the media is basically giving the green light to the republicans to behave the way they do is disgusting. My only hope is that people open there eyes and realize what sort of damage the republicans have been doing to this country.

  5. My cul-de-sac of eleven homes had McCain/Palin signs in most every yard (including the gay boys on live on the corner) so I have experience driving in Republican neighborhoods. You’re safe here IF you don’t sport any liberal bumper stickers (1st amendment rights only for right-wingers) otherwise you can have your car’s paint job scraped with a key
    . Not so sure about being prepared for Paul LePage’s Maine, especially in the northern backwoods along US 201.

  6. I have NEVER seen such partisanship in my 72 years for sure. Obama could possibly invoke “emergency” powers (re: the 14th amendment) but then the REICH would go for impeachment.

    Almost appears the teabaggers would like to burn down the nation so they can “rebuild” it in THEIR image.

    Eerily, the Weimar Republic had its Article 48 giving the chancellor emergency rights. And look what Germany got in 1933…..

    From 1930-1932, Brüning tried to reform the devastated state without a majority in Parliament, governing with the help of the President’s emergency decrees. During that time, the Great Depression reached its low point. In line with conservative economic theory that less government spending would spur economic growth, Brüning drastically cut state expenditures, including in the social sector. He expected and accepted that the economic crisis would, for a while, deteriorate before things would improve. Among others, the Reich completely halted all public grants to the obligatory unemployment insurance (which had been introduced only in 1927), which resulted in higher contributions by the workers and fewer benefits for the unemployed.

    Being born in the late 1930s, having visited my German cousins several times and hearing how the German people were duped after the NAZI propagandists took over, I have long had great concern about “history repeating itself”. I don’t have much time left for this Earth but I do have many nieces and nephews and wish them to live in a better society. You would think that it is ONLY the REICH here who are concerned about future generations. I am not only concerned about debt but also quality of life and FREEDOM. I fear our nation is toeing a fascist track which will ultimately be our downfall.

  7. Boehner and the GOP will walk away from any plan that doesn’t cripple our first black president (maybe hoping there won’t be another one in a long time). If Obama uses the veto, they will say HE made our economy crash and burn. They don’t care about the economy. They don’t care about creating jobs (something they rarely talk about). You see for the RICH REICH, lowering their taxes will magically increase jobs just it has done under 10 years of Bush tax cuts. /snark

    The Republicans don’t care about anything but taking over both houses of Congress and the White House…(they already have the federal courts). It’s the American people to hell (but wait, not until after the Fox-deluded vote in 2012).

    Joke of the day…saw Michelle Bachmann saying that as “President Bachmann” she will ban the teleprompter in the White House. Even Boehner used one last night as he was looking at something just above the camera. Of course, Bachmann will probably just babble speeches as she is used to doing. Who needs facts and reality, anyway? Just open your mouth and let the crap roll out.

  8. From what I’ve read is that Obama cannot do the 14th ammendment till after we default. So right now that isn’t an option.

  9. Michelle Bachman says a lot of things but rarely are they anything worth noting. She uses the teleprompter all the time but is dismayed when people point this out thus proving how much of an utter idiot she is.

  10. Back in the day before modern technology, we called them “note cards”. Lincoln had his Gettysburg Address scratched on White House stationary sans the words “under God” which may or may not have actually been spoken. Of course there are no recordings of that speech but unlike what I HAD to do in elementary school, it is unlikely he memorized that speech.

    Sarah Palin always has her hands, arm, sleeve for notes!

  11. Strange that we have a “democracy” where ONE party, a minority in one house can DICTATE what the Senate and White House can do. Democrats are at fault for not pushing to change Senate rules for a “simple majority” doing away with the filibuster and cloture. I think they wanted it in place “just in case” the Democrats were ever a true minority again (and I fear that day may be coming sooner than later thanks to NOT changing the rule!).

  12. Thanks. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who’s been stressing out about all the crap going on this week. I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s to the point where I’ve started avoiding the news and following this story altogether. It feels like we’re headed for disaster and I’m scared to look!

  13. I’m right there with you eurobrat, although I did just listen to a show on NPR on the way home about the debt ceiling, I should have listened to music like I did on my way to work. I almost wish President Obama would pull the 14th amendment on them motherfuckers, let them impeach him and flip off the fucking country and say, “elect some other sucker to deal with those assholes. Good luck.”

  14. I sometimes wonder if Hillary isn’t glad she didn’t win. However, I am not sure the GOP would have pulled all this crap with her or if she would have allowed it.

  15. I was wondering how to get how could I pronounced it right. I’m going to try limit videos on firebag leaders and focus on the Republicans. With that said I may do a video about Glenn Greenwald.

  16. I think the Republicans would had done this same ole crap to Hillary if she had won, the only difference would be I doubt there would be a tea party movement. The Tea Party is a racist movement, sure they would still hate Hillary because she’s a democrat and a woman but at least she’s white. And it’s easier to get that segment of white America to go after a black man than a white woman.

  17. I doubt Obama simply allowed this to happen. People will be stupid no matter whose in charge and as often is the case the GOP simply has become more and more stagnant over time.

  18. I wish everyone would quit complaining about our president’s temperament.. I’ve watched him since 2004 and that’s just who he is. Nobody’s perfect! Yes, he could be sterner or meaner or more belligerent? or something. It bothers me to not just accept people for who they are. Also, too, he’s not a moderate Republican. If he’s not a Democrat, then just call him an Independent Dem or pragmist. Anything he gets to pass from now on is going to be a lot further right than we would like. The Teahadist are very extreme!

  19. We’ve been “heading for disaster” for the last thirty years, folks.

    The mere fact that the Teabaggers are even possible should be all you need to know. (Of course, they ARE nothing but the same walking shit-stains behind every incarnation of Right-wing buffoonery: the “Red Scare” 1950s, John Birch society, militia/survivalist bullshit, blah blah blah. At this point, the only thing I really hope is that their own demographic decides to invoke “Second Amendment solutions” on their asses. A few hundred-thousand disgruntled gun-nuts who can’t afford food or meds because their Social Security/VA pension doesn’t arrive = some real fun and games.
    Also gonna get a few giggles out of watching the anti-“Illuminati” crackpots making suit-and-tie banksters bleed. Basically the only thing keeping me even halfway “positive” at this juncture, if you want to know the truth.

  20. Anybody complaining about his obvious fetish for compromise and “bipartisanship” didn’t bother to read his book “The Audacity of Hope”. If they had, they would have realized that they were NOT getting a “decider”/dictator Prez like Bush Jr. The thing is, if he was “sterner and meaner”, realistically he’d probably already have been assassinated by now (do you have ANY idea how much some of the Teabaggers hate him?)

  21. I had to delete a teabagger comment on my Facebook page. Not somebody I know but who posted also on a friend’s page who happens to be conservative (as are most of my family and Hoosier friends I grew up with). This teabagger said he “hated the Kenyan sack of shit”. (BUT, he didn’t use the “N” word!!!!)

  22. Obama not only has to battle the REICH but has those in his “base” who want to see him go. Eric Alterman in The Daily Beast says “NOBODY on the left is terribly happy wiht Obama” even suggesting a real socialist as a PRIMARY challenger to President Obama, I attribute some of my political malaise of late not to the teabaggers, who are certifiably crazy and racist. It is the “progressives” who upset me the most..

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