The Huffington Post Leaves Readers Unsatisfied!

I stopped reading The Huffington Post over a year and a half ago. One of the reasons was the misleading headlines that lured me into clicking on a piece and then when I read it, it wasn’t anything like the screaming headline that sucked me in. I was also sick of the tabloid style gossip and “celebritainment” that polluted the site. If I wanted that crap, I would go to TMZ.

But the main reason I quit reading is because this once touted “liberal” website began a turn to the right, where Arianna started of course — working for Newt Gingrich. After the merger with AOL, my thoughts were confirmed as Arianna took to the airwaves and proclaimed that “Huffpoo” isn’t liberal or conservative and how she and Tim Armstrong, the CEO of AOL, shared a vision. Tim Armstrong calls himself a libertarian but has given a lot of money to conservatives over the years. I’m sure they shared a vision.

So you can imagine my satisfaction when I read that The Huffington Post ranks last in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). I’m not the only one who thinks that website sucks, apparently. When you build a website on the backs of liberals, trading on anger and outrage towards President George W. Bush and then turn your sights towards liberals and our Democratic president, what do you expect?. The word on the street these days is that the merger isn’t going so well and the entire deal is at risk of falling apart. I wonder what Arianna’s next scam will be?


7 thoughts on “The Huffington Post Leaves Readers Unsatisfied!

  1. I stopped reading Huffington Post when I realized two things. One, that Sarah Palin had her own page and two,
    I couldn’t tell the difference between tea baggers and progressives on the site. To me, Arianna was always a fake. I didn’t
    think she could ever be trusted. And then of course she didn’t pay her bloggers and went for the merger with AOL. It seems
    she does have the same vision as Armstrong. That vision would be a green wave of money and corporate control of content
    over a formerly quasi-liberal site.

    I believe the test of her mettle is that she is good friends with Andrew Breitbart. Nuff said.

  2. How exciting! What in the hell did she expect? She should just stick to publishing a scandal/entertainment gossip mag. Haven’t read or watched her on TV in ages. She makes me sick and I could be happier (only if her whole deal falls apart). She deserves the worse.

  3. Ariana is a fraud. She runs with Darryl Issa, the idiot in the House, who is trying to find someway to impeach Obama. I used to read there before the election, and the site was much more middle of the road in terms of comments. Then shortly after the election, Ariana started going after PBO. She probably pals around with Hamsher and Green.

  4. I see that Huffington’s “friend” Andrew Breitbart promotes a Perry/Palin ticket next year on his blog.

    “If they pair up like this, one of them could be president for eight years, and then the other could be president for eight. This would mean eight years of tax cuts, job creation, and vigilant protection of individual rights (like those expressed in the 2nd Amendment), followed by eight years of tax cuts, job creation, and vigilant protection of individual rights (like those expressed in the 2nd Amendment).

    I’m serious folks – ‘Palin/Perry 2012: For 16 Years of Conservative Bliss’.”

  5. Huffpoo is a sell out. I left there before they did the merger. I saw too many pages given to Sarah Palin or other sell outs.. Good informative posts were put in moderation while abusive conservative tea party types got away with murder. She can keep her website and shove it. I don’t post there and IF I do read I never link from her website.

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