Lawrence O’Donnell Schools Jane Hamsher and Adam Green – A Blast From The Past

This is a must see, vintage smackdown of the “firebaggers.” Lawrence O’Donnell and Ezra Klein educate the foaming at the mouth “progressives” Jane Hamsher, Adam Green and some other firebagger wanna-be named Mike Roger Hodge. Watch and enjoy!

H/T to grantinhouston!

8 thoughts on “Lawrence O’Donnell Schools Jane Hamsher and Adam Green – A Blast From The Past

  1. Anyone besides me noticed how the firebaggers all tend to be white? Sure their are exceptions such as Dan Choi but all the others by a wide margin tend to be white and upper middle aged.

  2. If shaming the Republicans into doing the right thing is our only hope, then all hope is lost.The pissy arrogance if these three is astounding; armchair quarterbacks who’ve never held a football, swearing that they have the key to getting the ball into the end zone on every play. So anything less than that is surrender.

    And I know it’s awful for a man to say this about a woman, but dear Lord Hamsher has a “slap me” face.

  3. First Rodger Hodge was right. Where was Lawrence right. He got smacked down by Adam Green. Bush used to bully Democrats into voting for his policies all the time.

    Lawrence then tried to change his point. Then Lawrence had the nerve to defend the Bush tax cuts. Your kidding right. Why wasn’t this addressed until the last day that the 2010 congress was in session.

    Like Rodger mentioned If Obama would have toured the country telling Americans we need to get rid of the Bush tax cuts for the rich the same way Bush traveled the country to get them this would have never been an issue.

    If Obama would have got rid of the tax cuts for the rich in his first year we would be looking at 1.2 trillion of revenue. A lower deficit. Actually Obama lowered the deficit his first two years. When they passed the Bush tax cuts it blew the gains he made. After Lawrence got smacked down he asked Ezra Klein for help.

    Ezra could not defend Obama’s strategy.

    In which Ezra said his strategy and communications were both horrible. Where is the smack down.

    Speaking of Obama’s strategy he’s brought in lock and barrel to Republicans philosophy.

    Taxes are lower now than they were under Bush.

    No wonder after this bill was passed the economy has slowed to a halt even with the tax cut stimulus package Obama got.

    Maybe you and Obama should go read this.

    Rich People’s Taxes Have Little to Do with Job Creation
    Conservative Arguments that Higher Income Taxes for the Wealthy Hurt Employment Don’t Hold Up to Scrutiny

    I did not vote for Obama to defend Republican myths I voted for him because he was destroying those myths. Then as soon as he got in office he’s become the myth defender. Who knew he was to the right of Hillary Clinton. I’m sure you didn’t.

    For Obama to fight for a Payroll tax holiday shows you how much he believes in the BS.

    It’s nothing but a corporation giveaway that was laughed at when Bush tried it.

    Which brings us to the main point of Rodger. Obama showed weakness from the very beginning.

    We are going to look forward instead of backward so I won’t have my DOJ investigate those responsible for the torture program. i’m sure your all for a Democratic President not upholding our laws. Being the extreme Liberal you are.

    I’m sure since you voted for Obama even though you don’t have the money or power of the Bush family you would be afforded the same luxury. The DOJ looking forward instead of backwards when reviewing your crimes.

    For a lawyer that was an insane statement Obama made. You can’t have any trial without looking backward. So we might as well shut down our Justice Dept. Open the jails. No one can be prosecuted because we are looking forward.

    Since Obama didn’t want to put the country through a Bush trial I’m sure they wouldn’t want to put your family through any trial that would upset you and yours.

    “We the people” don’t get afforded that luxury. Do you think Obama would have half the problems he has today with the GOP if everyday they were on trial for lying us into war and creating a torture program.

    I’m willing to bet 2010 the Republicans don’t win a seat and would have been destroyed. for at least 8 years.

    Being the extreme Liberal you are I’m sure you would love to see the Republican party for once go on trail for their crimes against America. Obama blew that.

    My fault. He didn’t blow it. He chose not to. The same party he afforded a get out of jail card can’t wait till he signs his name the wrong way to impeach him.

    With the Republicans being the fake bullies they no weakness when they see it and started licking their chops. They even came out and said, “We hope you fail.” It’s their main objective.

    Obama. He wants bipartisanship with those who are out to destroy us and him.

    Keep hope alive. Keep watching the cartoon on your TV while the Feds give away 16 trillion.

  4. I don’t see any difference in the actions of ideologues either on the right or left. It’s not just the teabaggers causing the gridlock. Remember the old saying, “It takes two to Tango!” Norman Ornstein (yes I know he belongs to the AEI) wrote in Foreign Policy this past week:

    From the Clinton years through the middle of George W. Bush’s second term, partisan division had been accompanied by a growing ideological gulf in Congress, and along with it had come a decline in institutional loyalty and other norms, the near disappearance of meaningful debate and deliberation, and a sharp decline in the “regular order,” the adherence to and respect for the rules and procedures that normally operated in the legislative body.

    Like I’ve said, having lived under 13 presidents in my 72 years, I don’t remember this level of gridlock in our nation’s political institutions. Even Truman was able to overcome the rancor of his Republican Congress, some labor unions who didn’t trust him, and of course the racist southern Democrats who even formed the third-party Dixiecrats who fielded Strom Thurmond for President in 1948.

    Coming from an active Republican family in Indiana (grandfather, father, brother-in-law served a total 28 years in elected offices at county and state level), I have never seen such intransigence in the GOP. However, I saw it coming in the 1950’s with McCarthyism leading to the growing power of the corpfascist John Birch Society. I left the Party of Lincoln in the late 60’s when Nixon and his group actively invited disgruntled racist Dixiecrats to come on over to join them in what was called…the “Southern Strategy”. In college I had belonged to Bill Buckley’s YAF and even attended the Republican National Convention as a floor worker for Sen. Barry Goldwater. My father was a personal friend of GOP House whip Rep. Charles Halleck who compromised with LBJ as did Senate leader Sen. Erv Dirksen (R-IL) over civil and voting rights legislation . My sister, working for an ad agency, was most active in getting the moderate Richard Lugar elected mayor of Indianapolis. However, my brother-in-law’s run for third term in the Indiana Assembly (the House), had the John Birchers heavily fund a Republican primary opponent and my brother-in-law was defeated. The Bircher candidate campaigned saying my BIL was not conservative enough, was prone to compromise, even was too friendly on a personal level with then Indiana Speaker of the House, DEMOCRAT Birch Bayh (who that year became US Senator from Indiana). So the teabaggers have been around since the but with different names including “Moral Majority”.

  5. Just watching Tim Pawlenty on CNN with Candy Crowley. He sounds like your man, sensistar. He thinks Obama is a weak leader, is “hiding in the basement” and even says that Obama is a “chicken”. Which Republican are you supporting to take down President Obama next year, sensistar?

  6. Yawn. The “being the extreme Liberal you are” just drips with sarcasm. You really accomplish nothing by coming to this site to belittle and lecture people who do not agree with you on many things. Go somewhere that you will be appreciated.

  7. I don’t think being white has anything to do with it. I am a 66yo white female and I detest the firebaggers as much as I detest the tea party. That being said…yes all of the firebaggers do seem to be white.

  8. Hsquared: I’m a woman and I agree with you. I’d like to bitch-slap Hamsher’s snarky arrogant face. And do likewise to that smarty-pants Hodges. “Barack Hoover Obama” indeed. The Tea Baggers have nothing over the vitriol that comes from the Left Baggers. I’m white but I often wonder if the fact that Obama is black doesn’t have something to do with this. Just saying.

    I’d rather listen to someone like Pulitzer Prize winning historian David McCullough who said he admires Obama. “His time in office presented him with problems such as very few presidents have ever had to address. And given the complexity and the gravity of those problems, I think he’s handled himself very well. My hat goes off to him, my heart goes out to him.” McCullough has spent far more years researching our presidents than this bunch of know-nothing malcontents.

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