Saturday Morning Leftie Linkage!

Well guess what folks, the Tavis and Cornel sideshow is taking a cue from Sarah Palin and going on a bus tour. The Raw Story has the clip where Cornel West doubles down on his stupidity. And I’m sorry, but these two jokers are stupid.

For all those people saying the President should have just asked for a clean raising of the debt ceiling….uh, he did many times — kindly STFU, will you?

President Obama put the final nail in the coffin of DADT, fulfilling one more promise in an environment in Washington where ANYTHING that actually gets done is a fucking miracle. Bravo Mr. President, Bravo. Oliver Willis has the President’s statement.

If you want to read a nice piece that shows how monumentally stupid and dangerous the Republican’s game playing with the debt ceiling is, go over to Stonekettle Station and check this out. It’s long, but Jim Wright is always good, IMO.

The title of Milt Shook’s latest piece should tell you exactly what it’s about. “Jane Hamsher — Are you nuts?

The one and only Joy Reid at The Reid Report has the story on Grover Norquist’s flip-flop this week. Grover, of course, is the real leader of the Republican Party and strikes fear into the hearts of any Republican who doesn’t do his bidding. And a huge congratulations to Joy on her new job(s) at The Grio and MSNBC.

The Republican Party is a fucking joke. These children need to be put in time-out or sent to there rooms for the rest of there terms.

President Obama did a townhall this week and The Obama Diary has the video and photos. Ignore all the bullshit coming from the Professional Left and watch our excellent President get real with real people.


14 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Leftie Linkage!

  1. Loved the links. Didn’t know Jane Hamsher called us DEMOCRATS who support our president, the “dumbest motherfuckers in the world”! And her troll followers think you should not call this blog…Extreme Liberal? What’s up with Hamsher resorting to junior high school put-downs? Found this comment at

    The sheer immaturity of the actions of the “poutrage class” is truly a sight to see and it betrays an obnoxious sense of entitlement and self-importance. And believe me no progressive activists outside this country take their likes seriously in any discussion about anything to do with progressive theory or praxis…[the reflexive relationship between theories and action].

    Of course zizi2 is BLACK and the Hamwaldians all know “how they roll?” (except for Prof. Cornel West) /snark I found zizi2 on this blog and like another comment of his:

    We already knew there was a well-orchestrated campaign to divide the Democratic party on all platforms, hence for example, the toxins tossed into the various so-called liberal blogsites. But now even on the various “pragmatic” sites the despair brigade is buying into the troll memes. Reading TOAITR the other day was truly sad, that even there, the “obamasux” nonsense had taken hold.

    As you rightly state a lot of folks do not understand that Power does not concede easily; that progress is grindingly slow; that for every step we take, we will be knocked back two steps. The many vested interests holding this country hostage will and have employed any means to derail the solidarity among a heterogeneous Democratic party. Why people fall for this obvious shtick every time, is beyond me. Part of it is obviously due to the newness of the contentiousness of politics to many 2008 first-time voters. But some of the malcontents are fifth columnists, and we need to be alert to expose them pronto.

    I have also followed him to:

  2. The thing about using the word Obamabot that Jane Hamsher knows but denies is that it was a word created by Rush Limbaugh. Seriously why would a liberal try and use Rush Limbaugh talking points? It just doesn’t make sense at all. Another fact that doesn’t make sense is what is Jane Hamsher really about? I’ve read many articles but it doesn’t seem like enough people read them unfortunately.

  3. BTW, in the above comment…TOAITR refers to the blog, “The Only Adult in the Room“.

    Enjoying the linkage between sites like Angry Black Lady and other black bloggers. Seems that except for a few like Cornel West, black America understands Obama. Maybe Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) is right believing that some of the anger, even hate directed at our president, has racist roots. (of course she is now getting even more death threats!) I know I have lived under 13 presidents since my birth in 1939 and never remember such hostility, even with Truman fighting with his Republican Congress and the racist Democrats under Strom Thurmond who walked out to form the most unsuccessful Dixiecrat Party. But then this is also my first experience with a BLACK president. I have known white liberals who sound one way in public but if you have their confidence, they will reveal to you their subdued racist roots (in a tone of condescension). I do think many of these “racist” liberals feel brave now to come out of their closets thanks to encouragement from the Hamwaldians.

  4. The Hamwaldians have never liked this president it seems. Here is Hamsher, Adam Green and their ilk getting a spanking from Lawrence O’Donnell last December over taxes. Love YouTube recording words so they won’t be forgotten or twisted.

    Of course O’Donnell is the only one in the room with ACTUAL experience working within government and politics and knows the realities of ideology and pragmatism.

  5. Extreme Liberal, great read and links. I could not bring myself to list to West “bitch” about the president. I did read a bunch of comments. Those people have some real problems. One of them made the statement that only 15% of dems (Obamabots) support the president.

    The site is so ugly, but I decided to chime in and gave them the latest Gallup Poll numbers, which were fantastic. I hope I do not hear from them, but I just had to throw some rain on their parade. Bullies, all of them.

    I sent your piece to TOD.

    I remember that clip. Talk about a bunch of losers. PS. Not Ezra.

  6. Dr. West did not show Obama any respect with what he said. Unfortunately for us it’s hard to argue with what he said.

    Federal Reserve gives away 16 Trillion in loans.

    16 trillion.

    I’ll let Senator Sanders tell the story himself:

    “As a result of this audit, we now know that the Federal Reserve provided more than $16 trillion in total financial assistance to some of the largest financial institutions and corporations in the United States and throughout the world,” said Sanders. “This is a clear case of socialism for the rich and rugged, you’re-on-your-own individualism for everyone else.”

    Now if you think 16 trillion was given away in low to no interest loans and Former Chairman of the New York Federal reserve Timothy Geitner and Obama did not know about it your crazy.

    Dr. West is right. Unfortunately he used the wrong language and insulted the president.

    The WH and Congress has been brought and paid for.

    We have some Dems who care but as a whole most in Congress don’t give a damn about “We the People”.

    They have you right where they want you. They attack Obama so hard from the right they force you to defend him when he shouldn’t be defended. Their are legitimate reasons to disagree with Obama. The Republicans won’t bring those up.

    I know the Republican party is insane. Conservatism is a myth when put into the real world fails horribly time and time again.

    Yet they play their part. To distract. That’s their only purpose. Why the Dems who have nothing but facts on their side constantly gets beaten like Charlie Brown against Lucy.

    While your watching the cartoon the Fed just gave away 16 trillion.
    Your cheering while Obama wants 4 trillion in cuts. When it should be 4 trillion in tax revenue.

    With the divide and conquer strategy that is used your sitting here defending him against their outrageous claims instead of seeing the big picture.

    Nothing Has Really Changed.

    Now if you were a real extreme liberal some of the things Obama is doing in other countries you were probably calling for Bush to be impeached for.

    Until you stop seeing things through the eyes of Democrat vs Republican you will never see the real battle that is going on.

    Besides Afghanistan look at all our wars. They are all in oil countries. Libya, Iraq and Somalia. If we didn’t have oil interests would we give a fuck.

    Now that Obama has increased the Drone program I’m sure your all for that.

    Since none of the Bush secret prisons have been closed I’m sure your all for that.

    Bush tax cuts. Still here dragging down the economy.

    Why would Obama keep Bernanke. Why would he keep Geitner. Than gave away 16 trillion. Yet people who were unemployed for longer than 99 weeks couldn’t get an extension. It was only 13 billion a year.

    That 13 billion would have been more stimulative to the economy than giving the banks 13 trillion.

    Like I said. On the big picture. Nothing has really changed.

    Open your damn eyes.

    None of them are fighting for “We the People”.

  7. Well I got banned from Democratic Underground first ban(I’m no longer a ban virgin) but I did leave the folks that run the message boards and the founder a parting gift from me.

  8. It started Friday afternoon I commented on Cenk’s self-serving video on why he “left” MSNBC so I made the point Cenk didn’t get fired because he was an outsider, nor his tone rattle Washington the simple fact was the guy that was filling in for Cenk got better ratings and Cenk didn’t get fired remember the facts here MSNBC offer to pay him twice what he made, Cenk would kept his contributor status and they offer him his own show on the weekend. Then the snark came about people in D.C.not knowing who Cenk is. And I opened the fanboy Pandora box by mentioning the failed radio show on Air America, so I spent half that day between looking for a job online and fighting fanboys about the relevancy of the Young Turks. I guess I kicked the hornets nest too hard because one of the jokers who actually work on the Young Turks chimed in claiming they earned over 500 million views on Youtube and earning 1 million. Then I said yet it only translated in a seven month gig with low ratings then I link Tavern Pundit story that was my last post on Friday around 5.

    Almost cause a little fuss over at Bob Cesca too, this was regarding Al Sharpton Bob had reasonable points i.e. Brother Sharpton inexperience as a full time tv host but the new co-host Chez took it to another level and made it personal. In comment section I said Chez should just say how that n-word get his show and the arguments they were making sounded like the anti-affirmative action crowd. Of course they were stunned because they both responded back with Chez sounding more offended. So I made an lengthy apology but what some white progressives don’t get racism has many forms there’s the obvious in your face and the other is when people tell you the only way you earned something was because you’re black. I experience both versions and having to hear stories from parents that grew up in Mississippi in the 1950s and early 60s you become somewhat sensitive. Chez could disagree with Al Sharpton having a show but taking it to a personal level got to me.

  9. Author, historian David McCullough was interviewed today by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. The author of the highly acclaimed Pulitizer winning John Adams and Harry Truman biographies had nothing but high praise for President Obama. No modern president has come into the office facing so many problems (at least FDR didn’t have wars waiting for him when he took over Hoover’s Great Depression).

    “I admire him [Barack Obama] very much, and I think that his – his time in office presented him with problems such as very few presidents have ever had to address. And given the complexity and the gravity of those problems, I think he’s handled himself very well. My – my hat goes off to him, my heart goes out to him.

    Who – who could possibly do that job? No human being is sufficient for that role. It’s beyond human capacity. We all ought to want to help him. We all want to help everybody in elected office to do the job the way it ought to be done, to live up to the responsibility.

    Any time you have a president in office you have to think, too, as compared to whom? What are – what are the choices we have? Who else is there? Who else was there in the election?

    I’ve known to a greater or lesser degree, I think seven presidents. And I guess what’s impressed me most is how different they have been one from another as – as men, as human beings. And some of those that I like best as people weren’t necessarily the best presidents. And my – my understanding I think of what weighs on their minds is pretty – pretty close. I don’t think I can sleep at night if I knew what they know and had all of that on my shoulders. I don’t know how many people could sleep at night.”

  10. Looks like Boehner finally has a plan that Republicans of all stripes can accept, TEMPORARILY raise the debt limit until April 2012 when we can fight this battle all over again hoping that the fight being CLOSE to the 2012 election, the Republicans can make Obama look like he is the one obstructing. INSTEAD of focusing on jobs which would increase tax revenue, the Republicans want to keep playing these petty political games that keep millions of Americans miserable. Because the Democrats never changed the Senate rules when they might have been able, the Republicans can still demand a 60% “majority” for anything to pass there.

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