6 thoughts on “President Obama Wins The Battle – Press Conference

  1. Heard this song today on KPFT–Pacifica Radio here in Houston. The public supported station is the only liberal voice in a sea of Clear Channel stations (who only own 9 Houston radio stations so that every right-wing voice can be heard 24/7).

    Reminds me of all of the protest songs from my college years, but then they were about war.

  2. I have to admit that he came out real strong on this one. I’m more than impressed here and find myself very pissed off at the teabagging republicans.

  3. He will always win with the press. They are the reason he is office and they will always support their mistakes.

  4. Dream on TROLL Atlanta Ralph. Hey, shouldn’t you be listening to Rush Limbaugh between Noon and 3 p.m.? Rush is available on 21 radio stations in Georgia, so surely you can hear him.

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