The PCCC – Stealing People’s Money By Any Means Necessary!

Angry Black Lady Chronicles has the story. Here is a clip from it, go read the whole thing, it’s really good…

Adam Green is desperate for your money. So desperate that he is willing to lie, cheat, and steal to get it.

You see, a couple weeks ago, Adam Green (PCCC’s Treasurer and Grifter-in-Chief) registered the domain name “ColberSuperPAC” in an attempt to bleed donations and membership from Colbert’s Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow (which can be found at>):

“Progressive Change Campaign Committee Treasurer Adam Green purchased the URL, omitting the t in Stephen Colbert’s name, and then redirected that URL to his own PAC web site in an apparent attempt to steal critical membership and donations away from Colbert’s PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow. Colbert announced Friday night on his show, The Colbert Report, more than 100,000 previous ABTT members need to sign up a second time because the organization is now a super-PAC.”


6 thoughts on “The PCCC – Stealing People’s Money By Any Means Necessary!

  1. Because I am on so many progressive groups’ mailing lists, recently got an “invite” to join this group. I haven’t given any money to any of them of late, only to Russ Feingold’s group about a year ago. Everyone has their hands out for money so we need to be aware to whom we are giving (could be a Muslim charity front “terror” group /snark).

  2. Anybody else find this just a little Beyond The Pale?

    As in..Adam Green’s ass needs to go down? Did he think no one would notice just like he thinks no one notices his PCCC SCAMS?

  3. In real life, I’ve always been somewhat snarky, even a bit sarcastic. Could never be a politician as I don’t “beat around the bush”. Even when I was teaching, after the first couple of days into a new semester, my students would know where I was coming from and rarely got into trouble (but was called into some parent conferences!). Students were mostly juniors and seniors who challenged the words of adults, anyway. They felt at ease to “come back” to me likewise, a lot of give-and-take with laughter. (Once had a principal call me into his office upset that he had heard laughter when walking by my classroom. I was a popular teacher with my mostly AP/college prep students.

    Yes, the written word can often convey the wrong intent. Just read an article about the overuse of the exclamation point on the Internet. But we use it now more often along with various emoticons in an attempt to make the written word have the power of words spoken.

  4. Wish there was an edit option. Meant to say “sardonic” in place of sarcastic (already had covered that with snarky). Today’s teens are quite savvy to sarcasm, probably due to so many television sitcoms that were their baby-sitters growing up. I tried however not to make any criticism personal and was prone to puns, lame jokes even reflecting on me, to help ease any tensions in a classroom setting.

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