Jane Hamsher Gets Marginalized By Ed Schultz

If you didn’t see this last night on Ed Schultz’s show, good for you, don’t watch that shit. But this clip where Ed Schultz says a line that I don’t think Jane Hamsher appreciated, is worth watching. Ed’s response to her was typical Ed and really didn’t explain anything, but he stuck to his guns. The look on Jane Hamsher’s face is priceless and as I was reading Eclectablog’s piece over at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, it made me think of this clip. Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

And I don’t agree with what Ed says, I just like seeing Jane get all upset. I’m just like that.


7 thoughts on “Jane Hamsher Gets Marginalized By Ed Schultz

  1. Not sure that Ed planned his words to come out the way they did, but loved his equating the teabaggers with “progressive” firebaggers like Jane Hamsher. Ed can go off the deep end himself, but for sure he didn’t back down. Hate all of these “my way or the highway” me-first ideologues on BOTH the right and the left. Life in a democracy is all about compromise…a virtue I fear too many in our nation no longer understand leading possibly to our eventual downfall.

  2. Jane looks like she must be 60 or so. With any luck she wont live much longer and thus will stop thrusting her opinions on others. Anyway the good news is that Cenk Uygar is gone from MSNBC and Al Sharpton has taken his place.

  3. Just wanted to add that Jane Hamsher sounds like a total XXXX. Sorry but her voice is jaring and disrespectful so I just had to add this. It sounds also like she does indeed have a beef against Obama for whatever reason, maybe its cause she’s a big supporter of Hillary Clinton or something along those lines.

  4. Supposedly Cenk Uygur was offered a different “time slot” and “resigned” instead of taking a new hour. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Sharpton will take over for awhile at least. I imagine Cenk’s ratings were slumping. I know I quit watching him most days (as I am doing more with everyone else at MSNBC (except Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell). Ratigan needs to go, too. He is such a broken record. Today it was about ALL Democrats and Republicans are the same, EVEN OBAMA…..all owned by big business. Gee, wonder why I switched from the GOP to the Democratic Party if they are both the same! Stupid me…..

    BTW, Jane Hamsher will be 52 next week (July 25) according to Wiki. Her real name is Murphy but years ago took her mother’s maiden name…Hamsher. In this interview with John Aravosis at Netroots, she says she is making less money blogging than in her other careers but she is passionate about blogging. Much of the interview linked here is about “sock puppets” in the blogosphere who are are masquerading as someone they are not.

  5. Ed Schultz asked his “Question of the Day” last night, for his mostly progressive audience: “WOULD YOU EVER VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO CUT THE BIG THREE?” (IOW Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid). And of course this very UNscientific cell phone texting “poll” had 94% of “progressives” saying they will not vote for any such Democrat, either. Extortion??? Does this include such “cuts” as means testing which might exclude billionaires like Bill Gates from having the government pay for his health care?

    Funny how MSNBC has been making noise (and rightly so) about the many states now controlled by Republicans passing laws like “voter ID” to suppress votes in the future elections…the new “Jim Crow”! affecting mostly the poor, elderly, and minorities. Yet these same talking heads seem to be encouraging liberals NOT to vote if they don’t get EVERYTHING 100% THEIR WAY.

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