Saturday Morning Stalling – Smart Granddaughter Photos

I’m working on a piece that I think is pretty good, but I’m feeling pressure to help out around the homestead, so I’ll get it up later when the warden gives me a few minutes. But until then, please enjoy one of the latest pictures of my brilliant granddaughter, who, when pulling into our driveway the other day, said “Bumpa”. Which is me, you know? For a 14 month old to be able to associate a place with a person like that seems pretty amazing to me. I guess she isn’t saying “Momma” or “Grandma” much these days, mostly just “Bumpa”. I think she misses me. :)

I’m calling this The Phone Series.

Photos by Extreme Liberal


6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Stalling – Smart Granddaughter Photos

  1. Bumpa, she seems distressed in the last pic. Was she hearing about the pending poutrage of the Hamwaldians over rumors and other such crap or was she hearing the latest Bachmann historical revision over slavery and family units for AAs? I know you keep her up to speed on these things and we’re looking at a future Democratic Senator from MI w/ an IQ over 200.

  2. she was talking and acting like she was having a real conversation, I was laughing as she was doing it. She is quite entertaining. I have a lot of video of her too that I have to sort through. Singing, talking, giggling…walking around and around the house. I’ll probably post them once I get a chance to sort them. Maybe later tonight if I ever finish this next post. Arghhh.Some days it flows and others….you know.

  3. just spent the day with my 20 month old granddaughter.
    Yours is adorable.
    Just wait a few months when the words come pouring out like Addison is doing now

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