Is Desperate For Clicks, Don’t Give Them Any! used to be one of my favorite websites. I would even promote it to my friends and family – back a few years ago. I was always a little annoyed by the ads I had to watch to get a day pass, but I tolerated it. I watched as the site gradually morphed from being anti-Bush to anti-Obama, in many ways they seem to have just replaced the names. I stopped reading them very soon after noticing this shift.

Well it has come full circle now and the main writers for the site are openly antagonizing Democrats and supporters of President Obama. Last night on Twitter, Joan Walsh and Glenn Greenwald both lobbed loaded tweets into the mix, apparently trying to goad some of us into a Twitter brawl. The funny thing is, the circle of folks I travel with on Twitter, for the most part, ignored them. We surmised that they were trying to increase attention and thus traffic for their failing site. Here is a tweet that clearly shows Ms. Walsh’s dislike for all of us who support our president…(emphasis mine)

@joanwalsh Funny to watch Obamalovers savage Frank Rich. He was one of his most ardent, earliest MSM defenders in 2008.

Personally, I think the “Obamalovers” word is a play on the “n” word version that I was called throughout my early life. My best friend and first “girlfriend” in grade school were black, I heard that slur many times in my young life. But others didn’t necessarily see her use of that word that way. Glenn Greenwald has also used “Obamalover” in referring to us Democrats who support the President.

The “defenders” comment leveled at Frank Rich, who has written a twisted piece of late on President Obama, is almost as bad. It contains that subtle implication that there is something that needs to be defended. A very presumptive framing that basically labels and dismisses the person in one fell swoop. I’m surprised it didn’t include “dear leader”, another favorite of the people on the left who suffer from Obama Derangement Syndrome.

The following is a snippet from a great piece that I will probably revisit in future posts, it’s really good. It’s based on a post called “14 Propaganda Techniques that Fox ‘News’ Uses to Brainwash Americans”, except Marion at Addicting Info points the spotlight on the “professional critics” as I’ve been calling them lately. From Marion…(emphasis mine)

Meanwhile, we’ve seen Hamsher and her cronies on the FDL site refer to the President as “the Affirmative Action President,” “Bugaloo Bush,” and even “the house nigger.”

It’s not just the President for whom they’re aiming. Olbermann and Joan Walsh, inveterate Twitterers, regularly engage in punching down at followers from the Left who disagree with their opinions. Olbermann’s favourite tack is to address these people as “morons.” Joan tells people to “get help” or she opines that their lives must suck (to be so stupid as to dare disagree with someone so far elevated by appearances on television that they must know the subject about which they discourse).

In fact, quite recently, Joan reckoned that anyone who vigorously defended the President was actually a GOP troll, most likely paid by Andrew Breitbart, and that these people would do more damage to Barack Obama than anyone else.

The other day I Tweeted a snarky comment to Joan Walsh, more as an observation than anything, but I saw a title of a post that Joan Walsh had up at Salon about the death of Clarence Clemons. The title was “How big was the Big Man? ‘Too F-ing big to die.’ Bruce Springsteen remembers the great Clarence Clemons and their early interracial bromance”

Here is my Twitter exchange with the one and only Joan Walsh on the above title…

Me: So @joanwalsh just called Clarence Clemons and Springstein’s relationship an “interracial bromance”…WTF, why did she have to add race?

Joan Walsh: @ExtremeLiberal Because Springsteen (that’s 2 E’s) added race in his incredible eulogy, which you clearly haven’t read. Sad.

Me: @joanwalsh I see, so that makes it OK to call it an interracial bromance? He was talking about the racism that the Big Man suffered.

Me: @joanwalsh What is sad is your lack of self-awareness. At least you didn’t say you were punching down, I’ll give you that.

Me: @joanwalsh I just read your post, is there more? I could see using bromance, but why add the interracial part, isn’t that kind of obvious.

Joan Walsh: @ExtremeLiberal I see you still haven’t read the eulogy.

Me: @joanwalsh I just read the whole thing, still don’t see why you had to characterize their friendship that way? Why?

I really didn’t see it as that egregious, but was just pointing out that for some reason she had to portray it as an “interracial” bromance. I liken it to when people talk about someone and feel compelled to refer to them as black, whereas if they were talking about a white person, they wouldn’t feel the need to say they were white. It’s a subtle thing that annoys me and I make a concerted effort to never do it. Joan justified her use of it by implying that Bruce Springsteen had used it, when all he talked about in his eulogy was the racism “The Big Man” had suffered in the early days of the band. So apparently because Bruce talked about race, then Joan has permission to call it an “interracial bromance”.

I used to work for a video rental chain that I learned was quite racist. I was just out of college, working as an assistant manager and was asked to interview some part-time employees. A guy applied who was African American and I sent his resume and application to the home office in Illinois. They liked it and told me to interview him, which I did. I hired him.  I never mentioned his race, why would I? Well I remember the first time my boss, the District Manager walked in and saw him. He was clearly irritated and asked me to walk outside with him. I didn’t play his game of innuendo and basically insulted him in a round about way.

It baffles me why these people at Salon, Firedoglake and others, who like to drape themselves with the “progressive” label, are fighting so hard against the most liberal president we’ve had since FDR. Joan Walsh’s out of the blue tweet disparaging us with “Obamalover” and “defenders” was clearly an attempt to goad us into a Twitter brawl or to create some controversy so that people will go to her website. Greenwald does the same thing with the titles of his posts, he’s trying to get traffic by insulting or riling up people who support President Obama. How pathetic is it that they have to rely on negative traffic to keep their advertisers happy.

Don’t give or the clicks they so crave. Resist the urge to click when they try to lure you in to their lair. They are using you for your clicks and want you to link to their bullshit posts for even more clicks. Stop it!


12 thoughts on “ Is Desperate For Clicks, Don’t Give Them Any!

  1. I think you are right in that “Obamalover” is a dog-whistle to that other “-lover” term. Salon is in its death throes, and it certainly ain’t pretty to watch. Never mind that Joan supposedly left Salon months ago — yet is still the only regular along with Greenbarf. They’ve tried everything from “gross confessionals: e.g. I ate my placenta” to “design blogs” (I love design, but certainly don’t go to Salon to read about it.). Who is Kerry Lauermann (the supposed only editor left)? Can you believe they used to have Keillor? and even the repugnant Paglia? At least then it was somewhat of a “salon”. Now it is just sad. I’d love to see you continuing to engage with these, well someone has to say it: losers. Or, just let them fade into their already happening obscurity. Either way.

  2. Many of these EXPERT pundits have never run for office, or run any enterprise in their lives. Probably the only thing they have ever negotiated is their inflated salaries and often their only talent appears to be giving their opinions. You know the old adage about “opinions”….like navels, everyone has one. Controversy SELLS so these talking heads keep making money, often by being a “devil’s advocate”. Talk about Mitt Romney “flip-flopping” and being insincere…he has many fellow travelers who are successful in politics and punditry.

  3. Joan wants those clicks she got from her fight with ABL. She’s probably never had so much attention in her entire life.

  4. She obviously has a problem with reading comprehension, given the twitter exchange, EL! She just needs to admit she has a problem with ‘the blacks’ and move on

  5. E.L.
    That post reminds me of those few days I was fighting with firebaggers over “Democratic Underground” I got called a freeper(an extreme right winger who goes to Free just in case anyone who don’t know the term) and a right wing troll because I was listing and defending President Obama’s accomplishments..I think a lot of these folks rather have the Republicans back in power because they rather bitch then work for real progressive change. As for folks like Walsh and others they rather put their careers ahead of the best interest of the country when Bush was in office everyone on the left from sane to firebag went to those sites now Obama is in office they saw half their traffic dropped off so they’re stirring shit up so firebaggers to get clicks and hoping pro Obama folks will click on just to confront them via the comment section. A click is a click doesn’t matter if they’re going to rip in them. I don’t count Hamsher she’s going to make money either way Obama wins she still going to whine to the firebaggers and if one of these lunatics win she believes everyone on the left(including Obama supporters) will flood her site to vent.

  6. By accident, came across Rachel Maddow’s show last night (that’s what is has become — a show and a sad one) and she had Frank Rich on, and, of course, they started off with bashing President Obama. Something about all the things he hadn’t done. Really didn’t stick around more than a few seconds after her lead off w/Rich. As for Joan Walsh, I still can’t forget when someone, and I don’t remember who, made a comment about her being so ugly looking. Ever since then she has put on a ton of makeup, dyed her hair and is still below average when it comes to looks. The point is it makes her even uglier when she opens her mouth to spit out venom when anyone mentions President Obama. These people are just sick and evil. There’s nothing quite like a liar, especially the ones who claim they are Democrats but their actions show otherwise. There’s just some people who still don’t get the fact that Barack is our president.

  7. EL, Thank you for another excellent piece. Joan was hard core Hillary. She was pretty much devoted to her. After the primary was over, she was on CNN and MSBNC telling the world what a loser Obama was. She even commented at the time that she thought he might lose in the general election, and she said she was not sure if she would vote for him.

    She kind of got on track, but during the health care debate over the public option, she started her attacks again. Her most recent statement was she will have to hold her nose to vote for Obama. Thanks for the gift, Joan!

  8. We seen this dance enough that I think from here on out lil’ joanie and gigi should be roundly mocked and snarked upon when they do these little plays for attention. They want people to get riled up and give them clicks, don’t give them the satisfaction. If we make them the butt of the joke they will crawl back under their respective rocks.

  9. No surprise the lobby for Israel among other places is going to high gear and those are the very people that bought off MSNBC and CNN. You can’t trust the ‘news’ organizations because they are all owned by corporations so be wary of any talking heads that go off on corporations as they are often being paid very well by lobbyists. For example Chris Mathews will bring lobbyists on his show to show two ‘sides’ of global warming.

  10. Ed Schultz just reported a “rumor” allegedly from the Washington Post that President Obama will give in to the Republicans tomorrow and make cuts in Medicare. So Schultz calls Obama the “Capitulator-in-Chief”!

    It’s nice to hear TONIGHT what Obama will be doing TOMORROW!

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