Mark Halperin’s History Of Misguided Rhetoric!

Being the political junkie that I am, I have had the opportunity to see Mark Halperin offer his opinion and “political analysis” countless times. He certainly isn’t always wrong, in my opinion, but a lot of the time when I hear his take on things, I end up scratching my head and thinking, whaaa? Many times I’ll even do the *face palm* or the *head desk*. As far as his bias to the right, it has been obvious to me for years. After what happened on Thursday with Mr. Halperin, I decided to do a little research and was reminded of some previous “gaffes”, shall we say. There is a clear pattern with Halperin.

When President Obama was filling a Supreme Court vacancy, Mark Halperin actually went with this title for a story, which can’t be found now…

There is just so much wrong with that. First, of all the angles to take on the story of picking our next Supreme Court justice, his is the perceived “reverse discrimination” (a racists dream phrase) against poor white men. Because over the years, you know, white men have had such a hard time getting on the Supreme Court. I’m sure he thinks it is just innocent “pointing out the obvious”, but you know damn well that the audience for that statement was all the good ole boys who pit themselves against minorities as if everything is zero-sum. It is a not-so-subtle dog whistle to all the racists and classists in our country. It is a blatant appeal to the Fox News viewers, which have large numbers. There is more on the reason for that later on in this post.

Here is an example of Mark Halperin’s analyst skills and his unique perspective on things, to put it way too politely. This is Mark Halperin’s reaction to President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union address.

What is funny is that if you look at polls of people who watched the speech, it becomes apparent that Mark Halperin sees things differently than ordinary folks. From CBS New’s Political Hotsheet…

Of the randomly selected 522 speech viewers questioned by CBS, 83 percent said they approved of the proposals the President made. Just 17 percent disapproved…


Six in 10 of those asked said they thought Mr. Obama conveyed a clear plan for creating jobs, and seven in 10 said his plans for the economy will help ordinary Americans. Another seven in 10 said President Obama has the same priorities for the country as they have.


The same individuals were interviewed both before and after Wednesday’s State of the Union, and after the speech, 70 percent said Mr. Obama shares their priorities for the country, up from 57 percent before the speech.

Did you notice how he called him “this troubled president” as if that is the conventional wisdom of the day. It certainly was the wisdom that Halperin and other skewed journalists were trying to push, thank goodness Media Matters for America is around to sort out the truth for us.

Here is another list of the accomplishment of President Obama through November of 2009, not even a year into his presidency. Does that look like “a troubled president” to you?

I saw this next one live, back when I used to torture myself by watching Morning Joe. It was after the President invited Republican leaders, including Paul Ryan, to a speech where the President laid out his budget and took on the draconian, now much abandoned Paul Ryan plan. After listening to Paul Ryan and other Republicans touting his plan, using everything in their arsenal to twist and spin the plan as bold, the President laid waste to it. Apparently Mark Halperin took it personally and proceeded to defend those poor Republicans who were called out on their assault on the poor and seniors. First, let’s take a look at what the President said that upset Halperin and Scarborough, from The Media Research Center…

BARACK OBAMA: This vision is less about reducing the deficit than it is about changing the basic social compact in America . . . Ronald Reagan’s own budget director said there’s nothing serious or courageous about this plan . . . There’s nothing serious about a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending a trillion dollars on tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.  And I don’t think there’s anything courageous about asking for sacrifice from those who can least afford it and don’t have any clout on Capitol Hill . . .  That’s not a vision of the America I know.

Here is what Halperin and Scarborough said on Morning Joe in response to that passage from the President’s speech…

MARK HALPERIN: I think if a Republican president called the Democratic proposals on something like this un-American, I think the press would be up in arms.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: They would savage him.

HALPERIN: They would be up in arms. I think that kind of rhetoric: for the president to say, that what Paul Ryan is doing is not consistent with his vision of America, I think that’s rhetoric that only added insult, injury to the insult of inviting him to sit in the front row.

SCARBOROUGH: Republicans have said a lot of really, really tough things about Barack Obama. Really tough things. So, it’s not even the words, it’s not the rhetoric. I think the president does believe that the Ryan plan is not the America that he grew up in or the America he wants.  I’m just saying, for negotiating reasons, why invite him to sit in the front row and say that his budget is not serious and is un-American when Paul Ryan’s been fighting his entire life for this?

HALPERIN: I totally agree. It seems like a weird decision to make.

Now, maybe these two boneheads were sleeping during the 8 years of President (with us or against us) Bush, but I doubt it. They both clearly spend most of their time defending the Republican brand and trying to convince people of liberal media bias and false equivalencies. In this post, warning, it’s a Huffington Post article, he blames President Obama for Republican opposition to the stimulus. Amazing.

Mark Halperin believes that there is a liberal bias in the media and is doing his part to swing the pendulum back to the right. It is just one more example of how absurd his thinking is. That pendulum swung to the right immediately after the horrible events of 9/11 and it’s been stuck there ever since. The Bush cabal did a masterful job of using a national tragedy to cow the media into doing it’s bidding. Wrapping everything they did in patriotism and daring the press to go against them. I remember it clearly, but apparently Mark Halperin was sleeping through all that.

Does anyone else see a pattern – President Obama stands up to Republicans and the media narrative and Mark Halperin is offended and jumps to the defense of those poor, poor Republican’s who are so cordial and nice in their rhetoric. There are many more examples of Halperin’s misguided rhetoric, but who has the time to go through all of it. I just wonder if Time magazine is really willing to offend so many people who support President Obama by continuing to employ this man who has proven his bias and terrible analyst skills Time and Time again.

13 thoughts on “Mark Halperin’s History Of Misguided Rhetoric!

  1. That phrase “reverse discrimination” and the idiots who use it are just plain stupid. Non-discrimination is the reverse of discrimination. Be it white on black, black on white, predator on alien, whatever… Making up stupid phrases is not much different than using profane language; it is the territory of those people not intelligent enough to master the English vocabulary.

  2. Love this- well done Extreme Liberal- Mark Halperin is a loon and a liar. I’m sending this to Time (although I’ve always considered them to be Republican anyway).

  3. Their is clearly a bias for the right and whats worse is so many seem to fail to grasp. Even some of my liberal friends don’t, they say that the media just backs the repubs till they get in office then swing back to the dems. This might be true but I’ve seen a lot less of this than the past. It seems like the media while trying to prove that they are unbiased are going out of their way to hurt the democratic party. Much of it is politics but even more of it is misinformation that the media goes out of its way to show people. Example after example shows that they have an agenda to mislead the public and are being paid off by the republicans.

  4. As Reagan would say, “there you go again”. So EL here is “plain stupid”? I remember you saying the same about me when I once used the phrase. Our TROLL Chicken Hammer is so smart while everyone else is so stupid! EL is actually referring to words which IN REALITY are a racist “code” favored by many “oppressed” white men. But I see Chicken Hammer is too intelligent to ever use the phrase even though it it used OFTEN by racists. Enjoying your head buried in the sand?

  5. Ah yes, Mark Halperin (who was separated at birth from Bill Kristol). He is almost always wrong
    about most things and pushing a conservative agenda with the roughly three percent of his factual conclusions
    actually coming to fruition.

  6. EL, Anyone who starts off by quoting Reagan is not worth reading. It is like, there is only the first blow and the rest is garbage.

    This is an excellent piece. I am sending it to TOD.

    “….. the perceived “reverse discrimination” (a racists dream phrase) against poor white men.” Poor white men? You mean the men who typically are in charge of and control much of the wealth in this country?
    As a woman, I am offended by his comments. I am so proud that Obama has sent two women to the Supreme Court. It is about time. Thank you so much.

  7. I wrote a letter to Time magazine expressing my displeasure to have this “so called analyist” who is employed as Editor in Chief for their magazine. I am sending emails to all that I know who have subscriptions to Time to cancel them until this “child” is replaced, removed, out of a job. There was no repentenace or remorse for what he said on nationally television, not about the man but the office. Finally, the United States is gaining respect in Europe and we have to acceip this child bebahiour from 3 people who cliaim that they are aadults? I thinkg not. All three of them should have been fired……indefintely. They lured him in and he went for the bait. Something he obviously, has been thinking all along.

  8. I didn’t take it as CH calling me an idiot, but you never know. I used the proverbial ” “‘s so that people didn’t think I was using it. But thanks for covering for me Grant.

  9. Sorry for the errors….just so annoyed and angry. Almost missed enjoying this 4th of July. But then I saw how Our President and First Lady entertained our Serivce men and women at the White House (on their own daughter’s birthday) MH, who is the d— now? Those other two did not come to your aid. They reported to their jobs this morning while they coached you into losing yours. Time should follow……now

  10. I was listening to Bob Cesca’s podcast on my way to the day job and Chez Pazienza was chatting with him. Chez used to be Senior Producer for American Morning on CNN. He talked about how there are some in the media that might personally have a liberal slant, but they work for mega corporations who are definitely to the right. So they like to overcompensate to prove to their bosses that they aren’t liberally biased. I’m paraphrasing too.

  11. He has no credibility with me at this stage; good points in this analysis of his past comments.

  12. Had enough of Glenn Greenwald, too, just now on MSNBC “Last Word” blasting President Obama over his “illegal” war in Libya. With “friends” like these!!!

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