Some Real Patriots In Benton Harbor Michigan!

Photos by Extreme Liberal


3 thoughts on “Some Real Patriots In Benton Harbor Michigan!

  1. The protesters should called themselves the tea party and the media here would have broken their necks to get to Benton Harbor to cover it. The media here are the biggest enablers of this governor and the corporate hookers that reside in Lansing. But despite the lack of reporting if it wasn’t for Kasich and Scott Ricky Snyder would have the lowest approval rating for newly elected governors. And another poll isn’t looking good for the Republicans either. I think we can get a lot of these Republican state reps and state senators out of office next year there still going to be a lot of Republicans left due to them having an super majority in both houses.

  2. I hope your right because some polls have showing the republicans with the edge electrate wise. :(

  3. Remember some polls thought the 2008 election was going to be close.. The electoral college isn’t in the Repubs favor they’re not going to win the west coast, they’re not going to win the northern east coast and thanks to these Republican governors and Republican state houses they’re going to lose Michigan,Wisconsin,Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Check out The People’s View latest post about the base I think those who listen to Hamsher and company in 2010 will be less likely to stay home or at least be more motivated to vote and get others to vote.

    I think E.L can back me up on this thought if the election can be held right now there would be a lot of Republicans that will be looking for new jobs, We just gotta push back on the firebaggers message from now to November 1st 2012 and since they;re taking to twitter and facebook to lash out against the “Obots”seems guys like E.L, ABL and others are having an impact,

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