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I started writing a post this morning and realized that my head wasn’t really in it. This is the time of the year that I volunteer for a local festival, Muskegon Summer Celebration, and for the most part, it is my vacation every year. I started out as a committee member 14 years ago and soon became the director for the Arts and Crafts Fair and then a few years ago, the site director for the entire festival. I’ve since cut back to being a committee member again, helping out where I started, at the Art Fair. It is an awesome festival that has fallen on hard times in recent years because of the struggling economy in Michigan, but this year several local organizations stepped up to help put it on again. Over 1500 volunteers help put on this festival and it brings people into our city from all over the state.

I’ve decided that I’m going to take a bit of a break from blogging for the next week, I won’t completely stop, but I will more than likely just share links to stories that I’ve read that I think you may enjoy. I can’t stop reading about politics, I’m a junkie, but I am going to take a break from writing so much about it for the next week. If something comes up and I can’t help myself, you may see a rant or two from me. I’ve tried to recruit a couple people to be guest bloggers, but haven’t had any luck with it, they know who they are. :) So since I am the lone writer, I have to give myself some downtime.

My mood of late has been bouncing around when it comes to politics. With MSNBC seeming to go full anti-Obama, trying to appeal to Fox New viewers apparently, I am a bit down about that. I have stopped watching them completely at this point and have used some of that extra time to write the sponsors of Rachel Maddow’s show, Lawrence O’Donnell’s show and MSNBC executives directly. It would be nice if there was fair treatment of our President from at least the one network that claims to be left leaning (the nighttime opinion shows) and I wish they would at least attempt to balance out their reporting and opinions. Instead, we’ve been subjected to a lot of one-sided bashing from a group of faux left bloggers and pundits. I tweeted this yesterday that sums up how I currently feel about MSNBC…

Morning Joe creates the meme, news shows promote it, opinion shows bash him. Fuck em!

As far as my mood about the election in 2012, I am still very optimistic and have confidence that by November 6, 2012, Democrats will have the momentum and will sweep out a lot of Republicans and could very well take back the House of Representatives. There will be a backlash to the craziness that has been happening since the village idiots have gained power. I’m very anxious for the Obama campaign to get in gear and start fighting back against the many attacks from the GOP, the media, the “professional critics” and every other selfish, click grubbing asshat who thinks our democracy is a fucking game and people’s lives are the dice. It’s going to take a lot of work to counter all that bullshit, but I learned in 2007-2008 not to underestimate the abilities of the Davids, Plouffe and Axelrod or the abilities of our most awesome president. I’m storing up links and quotes from the asshats to throw back in their petty, selfish little faces in a year and a half.

But really, we all need to get involved and help. I’ve donated money already to President Obama and will give a lot more in the next year and a half. I consider it an investment on the future. I’m also tossing around many ideas in my head on how to counter the organized effort by some who claim to be on the left against our President. They are so small minded, it really shouldn’t be hard to take them out, if it is done before they get too much traction. I’m afraid a lot of my fellow bloggers aren’t willing to go too far out of their way to help, though. But I’m determined to do my part, regardless of whether they help or not.

I’m not abandoning the blog by any means, so please keep coming back. And if any of you awesome readers want to take a stab at writing a post or two, email me at I am willing to edit for you, if need be.


6 thoughts on “The Next Week At Extreme Liberal’s Blog!

  1. Hard to believe that in the last election, 30% of gays nation-wide (probably the rich ones!) voted Republican, yet per usual, NOT ONE Republican was seen in Houston’s Pride Parade this past weekend before 150,000 bystanders. The parade was led by Houston Mayor Anise Parker and her lesbian partner. Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee and Rep. Al Green were riding in convertibles along with just about every Democratic politician in the Houston area and the Harris County Democratic Party entered a float.

    One of the biggest gay haters running for President is Michelle Bachmann who now proclaims that if she becomes president, will work for a Constitutional “marriage amendment” to have the FEDERAL government take away a state’s right to make marriage law! In 2004, Bachmann called being gay meant you were also possessed by a “part of Satan.” In the same year, she also compared homosexuality to slavery, saying: “If you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement.” She’s said teaching young children about gay people is akin to child abuse and has claimed that gays have a “sexual dysfunction.” She believes America is on a path that will eventually see young people forced to “try” being gay. Her husband, Marcus Bachmann, has referred to gays as “barbarians”. He is a major influence in his wife’s political career and beliefs and runs a Christian counseling business in Minnesota (which BTW takes FEDERAL money along with thousands more FEDERAL subsidies for the Bachmann family farm!

  2. EL good luck with the Muskegen Summer Celebration. Sounds like it would be great fun, although I’m sure it’s a lot of hard work that keeps you busy.

    I also seen a good change in the blogs recently in trying to get the word out and action to take. Yesterday at TOD they had a post up where they would create a twitter group to get their voices heard. Earlier this afternoon close to 200 people have signed on.

  3. Thanks, it’s always a lot of fun. I’ve met dozens of great friends down there over the years, great people who give their time and energy year round to helping out in the community. It’s one of the reasons why I rail against selfishness, when I see all these great people giving of themselves while the selfish bunch whine about everything.

  4. I know what you mean my church, St. thomas Greek Orthodox Church, every year has an agora, festival, the first weekend in October for the community. .

  5. Reich-wingers are all gaga today over the report that John Lennon was a closet Republican who loved him some Ronald Raygun. The source is John Seaman, who had been a personal assistant to John and Yoko at the Dakota in the late seventies, but he’s also a convicted criminal. He was found guilty of stealing John Lennon’s personal belongings, including his diaries, after Lennon had been killed. He was sentenced to five years probation. Unless he can produce those diaries?!!! Fred Seaman tried to cash in on his Lennon connection with an earlier book, published twenty years ago. That one has been forgotten. The Nation says this story will be too. But is this another reason to put Ronnie on Mt. Rushmore, his face on coins and paper money, his name on even more Federal buildings?

  6. I just happened onto this blog by googling about gop sabotage. Great to see a new blog to check out.
    Just sorry it happened as you are taking a ‘vacation’.

    I noticed during this president’s term so far that not only is the right having their usual hissy fit over losing the WH and throwing their national temper tantrum but, it has become so out of bounds and out of control. total hysterical extreme.
    And because the national media is going overboard to ‘atone’ for their AWOL attitude during the bush years (just as they went AWOL to atone for their extreme nastiness during the Clinton era), the media is also totally cowed by the conservatives. Whether from leaders and party hacks calling them, gasp, liberal, or from the usual swearing, name calling and death threat missives by those good Christian conservatives. Talk about the lack of backbone.

    It’s the left that really bothers me with the nastiness towards this president. He actually has crossed off quite abit of his campaign promises off his list – not that anyone has noticed.
    I am not sure if many on the left understands how government functions. That presidents are not given dictator powers, can just do as they please or pass whatever legislation they want to regardless of all those people in congress.
    I also noticed a lack of understanding of how a president behaves. He does not act like someone on WWF against an opponet. President’s do not beat their chests like Tarzan and do not throw down personal name calling or threats of bodily harm.
    They have a certain dignity they are expected to act with. They do not detail what is done or said behind closed doors.
    and generally they are expected to compromise with the other side and try to get whatever they can to pass legislation.
    It is extremely hard to do with this republican congress as they are crazy.
    It seems many on the left refuse to understand these things. Or that presidents do not legislate.

    I’ve found a good size of anti Obama people on some blogs that chose to go to other left sites and push their anti views. needless to say, it was not that hard to influence thinking. this is how the anti began on the left and some of the ‘owners’ of the blogs are known to be on cable enough to spread their views.

    Last, I’ve tried to get the idea of being organized and fighting and pushing the media to be more fair on blogs I go to but, no one was ever interested in doing anything like doing group emails, ect. So, good luck with that.
    Sorry so long but, have been thinking alot lately about this same subject.

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