Saturday Morning Reads

As usual, I’m posting links to stories that caught my eye over the last week that you may have missed.

I came across this one this morning at The Washington Monthly about the Huffington Post helping a lobbyist for big business spread his word.

And this is a MUST READ for anyone coming to this blog. Karoli lays out why President Obama deserves our support and takes on the people who like to call us Obots or Obamabots or whatever other childish name the adolescents on the internet like to use. Go READ NOW!

A congressmen from my great state of Michigan, Rep. Sander Levin, penned this opinion piece about why Republicans don’t give a shit about the jobless.

Republicans continue to sabotage the economy for their political gains. They want control again really bad and will go to great lengths. All the more reason why we need everyone helping to fight against them and elect Democrats.

Eclectablog has a lot of great stories about the assault on democracy in Michigan, go over there and get caught up. This is serious business, folks.

And contrary to all the crappy reporting going on, we are not at war with Libya and President Obama isn’t doing anything different than any other president. But of course, that doesn’t stop people from lying and exaggerating.

From our awesome commenter grantinhouston, a story about a lawsuit against the Emergency Manager law in Michigan.

And last but not least, you gotta love @vdaze for penning this new Urban Dictionary definition. “Gone Hamsher”

3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Reads

  1. Texas Gov. Rick Perry is getting some serious blow-back on some of his high-priority bills he wants passed in the SPECIAL SESSION of the legislature he has called. First of all, there was no quorum to convene TWICE this past week as too many Republicans played hooky (one GOP caucus leader just had to attend a family vacation in the Bahamas). The Speaker of the Texas House, Joe Straus, called Gov. Perry’s desire to circumvent federal law and not allow TSA employees to do “pat downs” at airports just a “PUBLICITY STUNT“! Straus was barely re-elected Speaker this term as Tea Baggers tried to unseat him because he wasn’t a Christian (he’s Jewish).

    Now one of the biggest donors to the GOP, homebuilder Bob Perry (over $13 million given to Republicans including a few million to the Swift Boat Veterans), is opposing Perry’s push to have “sanctuary cities” outlawed. This misnomer applies to Texas cities, most of which are run by Democrats, that don’t have law enforcement (often understaffed) play the role of FEDERAL customs and border agents. IOW, they don’t ask for “papers please”. Could it be that Perry’s company hires so many low paid “illegal” aliens to build his houses?

    Gov. Perry has upset many women with his new “sonogram” bill that forces BIG Texas government to come between a woman and her doctor. And the “sanctuary city” bill offends many Hispanics here, who make 1/3 of population. So two very big voter blocs are already against Perry here.

  2. Thank you for the link to Karoli. It is so exciting that I have sooo many sites I can go to without getting angry and depressed. Half of the time I can’t even deal with MSNBC anymore. It is like some progressives are fighting the president with as much anger as the right.

  3. Texas mega-homebuilder Bob Perry (no relation to Gov. Rick Perry) is giving big bucks to Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group along with Texas billionaire Robert Rowling (owner of Omni Hotels, Gold’s Gyms, Tana Oil and Gas Exploration) . They are planning on giving millions in order to bring down President Obama next year. Their money helped to cost John Kerry the 2004 election.

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