President Obama Shows His Strength As A Leader And Keeps His Promise On Afghanistan

For the record, I didn’t support either the Afghanistan or Iraqi Wars and still don’t “support” any war. They are against what I believe in, peace, love and understanding. But I also live in reality and realize that once we’ve created a mess, we can’t just walk away without at least attempting to clean it up. At this point, I feel like I need to remind anyone on the right or left who was sleeping during the Bush Administration that President Bush started those two foolish ventures, NOT President Obama. It’s unfortunate that I have to remind people of that, but with so much revisionist history and subtle meme generation going on, I feel it’s necessary.

The head-in-the-sand critics on the left who seem to blame President Obama for everything, whether he was responsible or not (DADT), seem to think he should have just packed up all the troops on January 21, 2009 and brought them home, leaving much bigger messes for those two countries than when we invaded their world. The callousness of that thinking is astounding, really. How can these people really justify abandoning these countries that we ripped apart. Regardless of whether you were for ripping them apart or not, we couldn’t just leave them in the rubble. Part of me wishes that he had done just that, but the responsible part of me knows that we can’t just bomb the shit out of a country and then high tail it out of town. My preference, of course, was that we never go in to begin with.

I’ll post, once again, the speech by President Obama where he said what he was going to do as a candidate. It is for those on the left who have convinced themselves that he broke some promise when he ramped up the actions in Afghanistan. Isn’t it great that we have Youtube and Google so we can remember what he actually said, instead of the revisionist history so many use to their benefit.

The reason President Obama shows his strength and leadership with this decision is because unlike the Republicans who see any sort of winding down of a war as “losing”, this President has the confidence and maturity to know that “winning or losing” a war isn’t cut and dry. Especially when the enemy is some amorphous “ism” that can’t be identified at all. It is a concept, not an enemy, so it allows the Republicans who love to feed the military industrial complex with new wars, a way of having perpetual wars. Already this morning, I saw Sen. Cornyn on MSNBC wetting himself because we are actually doing what Republicans can’t seem to do, get the hell out of a war zone. He also spewed the nonsense that I’m sure the media will take and run with, that the President doesn’t have a plan. Give me a freakin break, the military loves them some plans, they draw up plans for imaginary wars, do they really think that we don’t have a plan? It’s a freaking propaganda game he is playing, he’s probably seen the plan himself.

So once again, our very qualified, measured, intelligent president has stepped up to the plate and made the tough decisions that a President of all the people has to make. He didn’t start those wars, but he sure as hell is going to end them in a responsible way. Bravo Mr. President for being the strong leader that you are and dealing with a mess that was handed to you.


7 thoughts on “President Obama Shows His Strength As A Leader And Keeps His Promise On Afghanistan

  1. People who are prone to criticize President Obama should read this to get some clarity about the situation. Too many people don’t think things through. They are impatient to see the end results they want and want right now. I totally agree we can’t leave countries we’ve torn the shit out of without at least trying to help them get back to some normalization. Txs again for another great article.

  2. Martin Bashir on MSNBC just now said that Obama needs to “learn to lead” as a segue to Dylan Ratigan who says this president knows “what [nice things] to say but doesn’t know what to do”! The Obama bashing is in high gear today on cable news. Ratigan is even calling this “Obama’s war!” Guess Dylan thinks Obama was in the Oval Office in 2001!!! Bet in their heart of hearts, many MSNBC pundits want to see Mitt Romney or Jon Huntsman to be elected in 2012.

  3. Ratigan is most upset that Obama released some oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve saying such oil is only for war or natural disasters, as in Desert Storm or after Katrina. Ratigan says the release of oil now is only for “political reasons” to cover up for Obama’s unpopular speech of last night. The snarky Ratigan asks why doesn’t Obama just declare himself “KING”! The more I watch Ratigan, the more I think he is working his ass off to get a Republican in the White House.

  4. It’s a move in the right direction but… If he pulls 10,000 troops out by the end of this year and another 23,000 more by next summer that adds up to 33,000 troops. If Obama follows through we will be back to having about the same number of troops in Afghanistan as we had when Obama was sworn in.

    It is good news in the same sense as hearing the doctor tell you your loved one has been upgraded from Critical to Serious condition.

  5. “Ratigan is most upset that Obama released some oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve saying such oil is only for war or natural disasters, as in Desert Storm or after Katrina.”

    What the hell does Ratigan think is going on?! Whats Afghanistan, Iraq, etc considered? Not wars? Who the fuck is this bozo.

  6. The bottom line is that is a good start to a withdraw of troops. You can’t do it right away you have do it gradually and your obviously misreading the facts. The fact is once they go back to when Obama was sworn in and he continues to withdraw troops we will meet our eventual goal of being completely out.

  7. Ratigan is a rat. I will never forget that he was on The Ed Show the day before his show started, and Ed asked him if he was excited about healthcare reform, and Ed wanted to know if the Rat was for the public option. Ratigan said, over my dead body (his exact words). He said health care should be rationed to those who can not afford an expensive policy. If you doesn’t have the money, then it is your problem.

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