President Obama Keeps Rockin’ The Free World!

My apologies, but I’m on a deadline for a project and have a lot of other stuff going on in my personal and professional life so this is basically a “link dump post”. The following is some good stuff I’ve come across in the last couple of days. I have lots of things going through my head that I want to write about and will, but for this morning, enjoy the following great reads.

I’ve been thinking for quite a while that there are things that the President can do to overcome the Republicans obstructing all his appointees for cabinet and government positions as well as judicial. Turns out, he can overcome their game playing of not going into recess, preventing him from making recess appointments.  Now if he will just do it.

And this is a great post about Van Jones speech at Netroots Nation 2011, which only a portion seems to be getting attention, the Glenn Beck challenge. But the rest of the speech was very powerful.

With all the whining and crying about President Obama’s actions to help save people from imminent slaughter in Libya, this lawyer presents a very thorough analysis of why the President was actually following the law.

In reading Twitter and the blogs, there is so much craziness coming from the Hamsher/Choi/Greenwald gang about a primary to President Obama and other complete horseshit. I decided I needed to read Tien’s piece from The People’s View…one more time, to remind me what we are dealing with.

In case you forgot what type of people we Democrats are dealing with on the right, Allan at Angry Black Lady Chronicles reminds us.

Last, but not least, for some reason this post I did about Joe Scarborough’s dead intern mystery has been getting a bunch of hits, in case you missed it, here it is again.


15 thoughts on “President Obama Keeps Rockin’ The Free World!

  1. Hello ELB. Just discovered your site. Allanbrauer is a super bright thinker. I will be stopping in now and again. Thanks. dr

  2. Thanks for the link to my place!

    You’ve got a good thing going on here. I’ve added you to my blog roll – always nice to find a “kindred spirit.”

  3. Not much difference today between Fox and MSNBC, as BOTH networks have pundits lambasting President Obama over Afghanistan. Dylan Ratigan had on as guests, Sen. Ron Paul, Mark Tapscott of the REICH-wing Washington Examiner, and Ronald Raygun’s David Stockman, all of whom he all but “high-fived” as they tore into anything anti-Obama. The Obama-bashing continues on MSNBC down the line to the egotistical Cenk Uygur. I don’t like that we are in Iraq or Afghanistan either, cleaning up Bush wars, but then like Ratigan or Uygur, I also don’t get to read the daily security briefs that are handed to the President. Also, contrary to some implications being voiced, Obama has not lied to us as he did inform voters, over-and-over in the 2008 campaign, that he would gradually pull out of Iraq, while building up troop strength for some time in Afghanistan.

  4. whats funny is that Cenk was for a long time for the Afghanistan war! Now he’s flip-flopped for no reason other than its the popular thing to do.

  5. And the problem is, they’re bashing him now for not being perfect enough, but once the election comes closer, I think a lot of these lefties will start desperately fighting for the re-election of Obama again (especially once they get a look at the Republican opponent)…only by then they will have done Obama a lot of damage.

  6. I watched the speech on CSPAN. I just can’t stand the know-it-all gasbags second guessing everything considering they were not privy to the information that the Commander in Chief had. I understand Rachel Maddow is having a cow and is not happy. Maybe tomorrow she will pretend she is the president and give the speech he should have given. This feels like yet another “public option” moment.

    For seven years the Bush administration mismanages the war. President Obama strategizes for months and puts together a detailed plan to end the war. He takes out OBL. He is now starting the drawdown at an excelerated pace. He defines what could only be the Obama Doctrine (don’t always need boots on the ground, don’t go it alone, make use of coalitions, we can’t be the cop on the beat for the world, war is expensive, the pain of lost treasure). He ticks off the lessons learned and said what needed to be said: IT IS TIME TO FOCUS ON DOING NATION BUILDING HERE AT HOME. And this just isn’t good enough for Rachel Maddow.

    This phenomenon is explained better than anything I have read in the post below:


  7. Democrats, IF they don’t wish to lose all branches of government in the next election, should not be making public remarks now that the opposition will surely record and use against them in future campaign ads. Republicans are less prone to wave their dirty linen in public for a very good reason…they like to WIN!

  8. I have written several email telling her just how I feel. She is so limited in her vision on so many issues. It is like she plays a bratty child when things do not go her way. I think she has gotten way into herself. Now she pontificates.

  9. It looks like your site is growing to grow pretty rapidly. Have you approach Deaniac about listing a link to this site?

  10. I am really tired of it. They are unwilling to do nothing but bash the president because he is not progressive enough. Do they actually know or care how they can influence potential voters and fund raising assistance? Now we have to deal with Keith.

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