Republicans Must Go in 2012 – They Have Destroyed Our Democracy!

This story pisses me off to no ends. After 8 years of Bush/Cheney madness and exertion of executive power, trampling on rights, starting two wars, gutting regulations, stomping on the most needy and basically running roughshod on our democracy, now they are attempting to bring down our republic. The Bush administration ran up all sorts of debt, lost billions in Iraq (pallets of money), bailed out the unregulated banks and caused millions of jobs to be lost as they handed the keys to the new administration. Thanks for nothing, right.

Not only did they spend money like drunken sailors (no offense to sailors intended), but after handing the keys to President Barack Obama, they all of a sudden decided that it’s his problem to pay for all their drunken spending. They successfully shifted the blame to the new guy, with the very willing help of the media and over the last 2.5 years, they have thwarted or tried to thwart every single solution that the Obama administration has attempted. Not only by opposing him and not giving in a single bit, using constant ultimatums, non-negotiable items and also doing complete 180’s on previously stated positions, but they are also bending and breaking every rule and precedent they can to stop any progress at all. . Hypocrisy has been raised to virtue status within the GOP. They seem to wear their hypocrisy on their sleeves now, proud that they opposed the president, even when it hurts their constituents.

Very few in the media are reporting this story. Sure, we get a piece here and there about their tactics, but for the most part, the media has been letting them get away with completely ruining our government and setting a new precedent that they would scream bloody murder about if the Democrats were to ever do it. Oh, lawd, how they would scream. Steve Benen of The Washington Monthly is a real journalist and has a great post about this subject…

The Constitution, for example, gives the executive the authority to make recess appointments, and dozens of House Republicans are eager to ensure Obama cannot exercise that authority.

The vast majority of freshman Republicans have told House GOP leaders they should block President Obama from making any future recess appointments.

In a letter sent to Republican leaders Thursday, a group of 77 freshman asked them to take any steps necessary to stifle the chance for recess appointments, including blocking any more recesses for the entirety of the 112th Congress.

“As freshmen, we came to the House of Representatives on a wave of public discontent with the lack of transparency in Washington,” the letter stated. “The next logical step in our efforts to restore the public’s trust in their government is to prevent further recess appointments.”

Why recess appointments have been fine for centuries, but now must be considered moves that undermine “the public’s trust,” is unclear.

Why aren’t we hearing about this from major media outlets? Why aren’t they hammering this story, but have hours and hours to devote to Anthony Weiner or the Casey Anthony trial Do you think if the Democrats had done this to Bush that the media would sit there silently? This is just one small example of what they are doing. It is un-American and makes us look like a third world country, WTF. Steve Benen sums up what has been going on like no one else can…

What I find remarkable about all of this is comparing the seriousness of the times and the severity of the GOP’s restrictions. In effect, President Obama is being told, “You have to fix the economy, win several wars, fix the housing crisis, respond to disasters, improve American energy policy, and keep the country safe, all while being fiscally responsible. But you can’t have a full team in place; you can’t enjoy the same powers your predecessors did; you can’t use the same tools your predecessors used; and you can’t expect the Senate to function by majority rule the way it used to. Good luck.”

This is no way to run an advanced democracy in the 21st century.


14 thoughts on “Republicans Must Go in 2012 – They Have Destroyed Our Democracy!

  1. It’s pathetic that the Republicans won’t allow our President to fill dozens of federal judge vacancies. The GOP is hoping they will take back the White House in 2012 and pack federal benches with even more right-wingers. A majority of federal judges already sitting now were appointed by Republican presidents. All we need are more PRO-CORPORATE judges who will rule for corpfascists over the common man, as was the case in yesterday’s ruling for behemoth Wal-Mart to continue to treat women as second class citizens.

    One hundred members of my family already stay away from Wal-Mart stores after my niece was fired on false charges because she wouldn’t put out sexually to her married manager. When Wal-Mart continued to lie about her to prospective employers, implying she was the one to come on to her boss, ruining her chances to work for anyone else, she had to personally file a lawsuit against Wal-Mart to cease and desist soiling her good name. Wal-Mart did settle out of court then.

  2. I remember all of the smug Naderites online who crowed about “voting their conscience” in 2000 resulting in a hand over to George W. Bush. They didn’t feel Al Gore was liberal enough, nor pure enough for them and they were sending the Democrats a “message”. What we got under Bush then were the Roberts and Alito appointments making this a most corporate friendly Supreme Court.

    The Supreme’s decision brought forth a New York Times editorial stating that yesterday’s ruling sets a dangerous precedent and could make it easier for employers — especially large ones — to discriminate against their employees and at the same time make it harder for workers to challenge discrimination.

    “Without a class action, it will be very difficult for most of the women potentially affected to pursue individual claims. The average wages lost per year for a member of the rejected Wal-Mart class are around $1,100 — too little to give lawyers an incentive to represent such an individual. For the plaintiffs, for groups seeking back pay in class actions, and for class actions in general, it was a bad day in court.”

    The GOP is engaging in a “war” against the Middle Class, workers, unions, education, women, children, gays, the environment, etc. etc. They are moving us towards a pure fascist state run by the big corporations.

  3. I watched Rachel Maddow last night and the tactic of blocking appointments has worked in the past. Based on that success, it’s no wonder the Republicans have ramped it up. But there’s an even bigger political game being played. It’s a “swatting flies” strategy. The Republicans have so many controversial obstructions at play that the opposition, which is the MAJORITY, are swatting flies in so many directions there is no clear message. Add the FDL bullshit to the mix and the Democratic Party has fallen into disarray. Vouchercare is a HUGE winner for the Dems, but there is no push or even a friggin’ PEEP right now. My kids are screwed. They are about to be condemned to rebuilding this nation or fighting a bloody revolution. I’m not trying to be overly dramatic, but I’m convinced the Moderates are placing too much faith in our general sanity and ignoring the batshitcrazies on the LEFT and the RIGHT. They both need to be openly denounced as equally destructive to progress, equally misinformed and equally blinded by a profit motive with little concern for our society as a whole. I’m pissed off today. Where’s the Tylenol…

  4. “I remember all of the smug Naderites online who crowed about “voting their conscience” in 2000 resulting in a hand over to George W. Bush. They didn’t feel Al Gore was liberal enough, nor pure enough for them and they were sending the Democrats a “message”. What we got under Bush then were the Roberts and Alito appointments making this a most corporate friendly Supreme Court. ”

    Indeed. I also remember hearing someone–I cannot recall the name, sadly–who was on DEMOCRACY NOW! claiming that the Supreme Court didn’t really matter, and that calls to vote for Gore to ensure liberal justices was short-sighted.

    Of course, we all know what happened in 2000–who really decided the election. And guess who got to appoint two new justices?

    When the Citizens United decision came down, I saw a lot of caterwauling, but very few–a handful–pointed out the obvious…that had there been two different justices instead of Roberts and Alito, things would have been very, very different.

    It was nice for the Naderites to say, though, that you’ll “vote with your conscience”. Too bad that it showed them just how out of touch they were and how, in the end, they really knew nothing when it came to politics…and just how they really did not care a wit about how ordinary people would suffer–and are still suffering–due to the actions of the Republican party.

  5. Everyone is holding his or her tongues and not using the word “racism”, Obama has been treated differently from the beginning. I remember decades ago when an election was lost the opponent graciously accepted the results, and then vowed to help and support the new President in any way possible.

    This new President was greeted with a statement from Booner, “The number one priority of the GOP is to make sure Obama is a one term President.” This was more important then jobs, more important then health care, and more important then the country itself. If it is not racism that is driving this hate and destruction, what is it?

  6. Nice to finally hear a voice of reason expressing the anger many of us have felt for the past few years. You are so dead on about the media’s fascination with Weiners and little dead girls. We are now seeing the fruits of 2 Bush presidencies: yes, cuts in education from 89-93 and then 2000-2008 have left us with a dumbed-down population that will tolerate ANY power grabs or acts of greed and corruption, as long as you feed them scandalous gossip , mundee night footbawl, and American Idol.

    I’m posting links to this on my sites. Reminds a lot of my facebook group: Stop Tolerating the Right.
    Keep up the good fight!

  7. You’re damn right it’s racism. I saw this coming the day that Obama won the election. I knew that it would be either some ignorant backwoods redneck asshole or the Goddamn Obnoxious Party that would do everything in their power up to and including assassination to keep him down.

  8. I fucking HATE Republicans!!! They are becoming more and more like Hitler every day. Just keep watching… someday we’ll all be arrested for thinking and believing the way we do. So let’s tell the truth and let it be known now before the American Gestapo kicks the Patriot Act into full swing and executes us for the crime of high treason.

  9. When in college in the early 60’s, my frat “adopted” a German student doing his junior year in the U.S., mainly because he was a good beer drinker. When he would walk into our favorite bar, come to our big round booth, we would stand, click our heels, and give him a “Sig Heil”! He laughed along with us for awhile but one night he went off on us, saying, “Sure there is a chance that the neoNazis can come back into power in Germany, BUT before that happens, the biggest power in the world, the USA, will have become fascist.” We argued then and he told us how his parents had been duped by the Nazi propaganda, and finally, realizing that the German people had helped to create a monster, they could not fight back as their borders had been sealed, A German citizen either went along with the government or else be sent to the death camps which murdered as many political dissidents, Gypsies, gays, handicapped, etc., as they killed Jews. I will never forget his telling us to watch what our government does at our borders, saying that the “machinery set up to keep contraband and people OUT can quickly be reversed to keep U.S. citizens IN.” And of course, since, we have building walls and fences along our southern border.

    I nearly forgot what Lothar said that night until a few years later, especially under President Nixon, we began to lose our civil liberties. I left the Party of Lincoln, the party of my family, mostly due to the Nixon/Pat Buchanan “Southern Strategy” which actively invited Southern racists to come on over to the GOP. So much of what the German student predicted that night could happen here (based upon German historical realities) have alarmingly come true. President Eisenhower was correct in calling out the dangers of the power of our military/industrial complex. As a college student, I also read Sinclair Lewis’s It Can’t Happen Here, a 1935 novel of how fascists could take over America. During the Bush/Cheney administration, the old novel seemed to be playing out.

  10. How can our nation continue to lead in the new high-tech world when we are dumbing down our science education. Rep. Michele Bachmann is the latest Republican to push for “creationism” to be taught, at least equally with evolution, in our schools. Talking with reporters in New Orleans following last week’s Republican Leadership Conference, Bachmann said:

    ,blockquote.”I support intelligent design.” [referring to the theory that a creator god gives evidence of purpose and design as per the Book of Genesis] “What I support is putting all science on the table and then letting students decide. I don’t think it’s a good idea for government to come down on one side of a scientific issue or another, when there is reasonable doubt on both sides.”

    There is no reasonable doubt among 99.9% of real scientists in the world. In polling contestants in Donald Trump’s “Miss USA” pageant, several also came down supporting Bachmann’s view of creationism vs. real science…..count Miss Kentucky, Miss Mississippi, Miss Nebraska, Miss North Carolina, Miss Alaska, and Miss New Hampshire as being part of the “flat Earth club”! Scary is that ONLY 49% of Americans now accept evolution as a fact which is alarming for a nation that pretends to lead the world. Thankfully, Miss California, who is now Miss USA, believes in both evolution and the “Big Bang”!

  11. What grandstanding today when the Congressional Republicans along with Dennis Kucinich and several Democrats censured President Obama for not getting the approval of Congress to send U.S. military equipment into Libya, then they turn around and vote to continue funding our military involvement there (can’t be denying the military/industrial complex their profits!). That the LAST time the Congress declared war was in 1941 on Japan and Germany/Italy makes them appear foolish since we have been in numerous wars ever since…Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Kosovo/Bosnia/Serbia, Desert Storm, among other skirmishes. And the sanctimonious Boehner didn’t have a problem letting George W. Bush make war on Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Love this cartoon:

  12. I didn’t know about the “Southern Strategy”. It’s a bit before my time. I was born in the Reaganomics era. That’s something I’ll have to look into. I will definitely check out the book when I get a chance as well. Thank you, grantinhouston. I feel I’ve learned a few things from you.

  13. Pat Buchanan, an early strategist for Richard Nixon going back to the mid-60’s, bristles that he helped to create a “Southern Strategy”. But one cannot deny that the Democrats lost the Old South starting with Nixon. In 1968, for the first time, the “Solid South” (except for Texas which supported LBJ’s VP Hubert Humphrey) either had their electoral votes go to Nixon or the most racist Gov. George Wallace of Alabama. The big code word for racism had become “states’ rights” and has been such ever since. Gov. Rick Perry claims to have switched from the Texas Democratic Party to the GOP a couple decades ago over “states’ rights”.

    Buchanan also was a Reagan strategist and does takes credit for coining the term “Silent Majority” which targeted Southern evangelicals like Rev. Jerry Falwell and his ilk. And remember, Reagan announced he was running for President in 1980 in Philadelphia, Mississippi, a center of KKK activity and where 3 civil rights workers were murdered (focus of the movie…”Mississippi Burning”.,_Mississippi

    Except for Carter and Clinton, both Southern governors who got some Southern states’ electoral votes, the Old South has been “solid” for Republicans ever since Nixon. When Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights bill, he noted at the time to an aide that as a Democrat, he had probably cost his party the South for “a generation” (turns out to have been several generations).

    There was a great alignment of the parties in the late 60’s and early 70’s when blacks left the “Party of Lincoln” in droves where they had once been a sizable minority and become mostly Democratic voters. The Democrats had lost their racist “Dixiecrat” conservative members like Strom Thurmond to the GOP forever….good riddance. I left the GOP, in which I had grown up, at age 27… mostly due to the growing racism and bigotry in my old party. It was also a year I had come “out of the closet” sexually and no longer wanted to associate with a party that hated my identity.

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