Sunday Photo Fun – Mostly Macro Edition

I took these four photos yesterday out in the yard. I’m blessed to have a wife who is an advanced master gardener and that I live in my dream home, with my dream yard, in my dream location. I’m sure glad I live in Michigan where you can own a paradise for so little money. And even though winters are long and suck, this time of year all the way through fall, when the leaves paint the scenery with bright colors, make living in Michigan worth it. Someday, I might be able to get away in winter, but I will always keep my paradise. I’ll get back to blogging later, heading out for a walk to the lake, with camera. :)

All photos by Extreme Liberal and free for the taking, for a higher resolution version, just ask.


5 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fun – Mostly Macro Edition

  1. That yellow flower speaks to me. Is it a rose that has opened? Absolutely exquisite. I don’t know if the resolution could be any higher, but would love to see if you have the time. Thanks……….

  2. If you click on the yellow flower, it will load the high resolution version. If you want to save it, right click on it and save it. It is not a rose, I’ll find out from my wife tomorrow if I remember and post it. It looks a lot like a rose, for sure.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful photos. I followed your instructions and everything worked just fine.

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