Some Stuff You Should Read On This Sunday!

The Republican Party, of course, hasn’t learned any lessons from the their monumental mistakes over the last 10 years. It is the definition of “Insanity”, isn’t it? Tax breaks for rich people = prosperity for all, right?

Steve Benen also clues us into the type of shoddy sourcing that the right-wing is relying on going into the 2012 elections. With an assist to Greg Sargent.

I have known all along that once the Affordable Care Act went into effect, reality would start to replace the hyperbole that spewed from the right and the Hamwaldian’s and Huffpostian’s on the supposed left. From The People’s View.

I agreed with most, if not all, of what vdaze wrote in this post about Anthony Weiner. She’s really good, in case you haven’t bookmarked her Virtual Daze blog yet.


3 thoughts on “Some Stuff You Should Read On This Sunday!

  1. Every time I have turned on CNN this whole weekend (MSNBC loves their prison/cops shows all weekend) they were only talking about Wiener and the big Republican “debate” John King will moderate for CNN tomorrow night. You’d never know there were any other important stories in the WORLD! The media won’t let this Wiener story rest and I feel his staying on will not allow the Democrats to get their messages out there. For the sake of the Party, I feel he should leave.

    One interesting interview however was with John Sununu who literally savaged Jon Huntsman, calling him an Obamiate “Democrat” and no way Sununu wants Huntsman to get anywhere in the REICH-dominated Republican Party.

  2. I think the media has been snorting too much Koch and is living in Weiner land because they want their buddies the republicans to win.

  3. Morning Joe blasted the MSM for being obsessed with Sarah Palin’s e-mails saying that the media never vetted Obama in 2008 with such gusto even though “Obama had spent 10 years involved with the most corrupt Chicago political machine…including working with Blogojevich”! Seems there is a lot of love this morning from Scarborough and guest Peggy Noonan for Mitt Romney who is establishing the meme that with four more years of Obama, our nation may enter its SECOND Great Depression, therefore it needs a real businessman like Romney to steer us straight!

    Tim Pawlenty is for giving millionaires huge tax breaks:

    – Taxpayers with incomes in excess of $1 million would enjoy an average cut in personal income taxes of $288,822, a 41.4 percent cut.
    – Taxpayers with incomes in excess of $10 million would enjoy an average cut in personal income taxes of $2.4 million, a 46.3 percent cut.

    Pawlenty’s tax plan would cost $7.8 trillion over ten years, triple the size of the Bush tax cuts.

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