Some Stuff You Should Read On This Sunday!

The Republican Party, of course, hasn’t learned any lessons from the their monumental mistakes over the last 10 years. It is the definition of “Insanity”, isn’t it? Tax breaks for rich people = prosperity for all, right?

Steve Benen also clues us into the type of shoddy sourcing that the right-wing is relying on going into the 2012 elections. With an assist to Greg Sargent.

I have known all along that once the Affordable Care Act went into effect, reality would start to replace the hyperbole that spewed from the right and the Hamwaldian’s and Huffpostian’s on the supposed left. From The People’s View.

I agreed with most, if not all, of what vdaze wrote in this post about Anthony Weiner. She’s really good, in case you haven’t bookmarked her Virtual Daze blog yet.


Sunday Photo Fun – Mostly Macro Edition

I took these four photos yesterday out in the yard. I’m blessed to have a wife who is an advanced master gardener and that I live in my dream home, with my dream yard, in my dream location. I’m sure glad I live in Michigan where you can own a paradise for so little money. And even though winters are long and suck, this time of year all the way through fall, when the leaves paint the scenery with bright colors, make living in Michigan worth it. Someday, I might be able to get away in winter, but I will always keep my paradise. I’ll get back to blogging later, heading out for a walk to the lake, with camera. :)

All photos by Extreme Liberal and free for the taking, for a higher resolution version, just ask.