Photo Saturday – Wild Animal Edition

All of these photos were taken in and around my yard over the last several years.

All Photos by Extreme Liberal and free for the taking, for higher resolution, just ask.


7 thoughts on “Photo Saturday – Wild Animal Edition

  1. Brilliant photos, EL! Absolutely awesome reminders of what a treasure in Nature we have on Planet Earth! We have so many of the Monarch Butterflies around here in the Hanapepe Valley on Kaua’i..along with the White Monarch and these total Yellow Butterflies that I just love watching.. dancing through the air.

    Birds too..can’t forget those magnificent works of art. They love the papayas on my trees in the yard. They eat the top ones and the lower ones are mine!

  2. We have hummers mostly migrating in the spring and fall here so always have my feeder out. I try to plant species that attract butterflies like Salvia, Butterfly Weed, etc.

  3. P.S. I just saw a greeting card I have from National Wildlife Federation that has the Echinacea purpurea flowers on it with only one Monarch! :)

  4. Brilliant pictures. What kind of bird is the one with the the red head and grey and white body?

  5. That is a classic Red-headed woodpecker. We also have some “Pileated Woodpeckers” which are much larger and when they are pecking, it’s loud. Sounds like someone with a hammer on a tree.

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