The Road To 2012 And Why I’m Smiling!

Regardless of what the noise machines of Fox News, MSNBC and to some extent, CNN are saying, President Obama and the Democratic Party are sitting pretty for the 2012 election. The reason why I am smiling is because the American people, with the exception of the extremes on either end, are very perceptive. Sure, the pundits will try to be dramatic and say things so they get asked back on those cable networks…controversy sells, bold pronouncements sell (see Howard Dean) and polls, with all their flawed methodologies, give lazy reporters easy stories. So in the next year and a half, the talking heads on cable TV and broadcast networks will try to make the race close, it’s just best for them, but when push comes to shove and we get to November 6, 2012, President Obama and the Democratic Party are going to win big.

People will say, but what about the unemployment rate, what about the lack of jobs? And those are valid questions. Whereas the media wants to blame all of the country’s problems on POTUS, whether he inherited them or whether they were actually caused by an obstinate Republican Party that has blocked all attempts at fixing it…well the American people, after the campaigns and many speeches, debates, etc. will know the truth. The President has fought hard against a unified front of Republicans intent on thwarting him at every turn and the idiots in the faux-left intent on proving that they were right in opposing Obama all along. Despite those forces arrayed against him, the President has accomplished more than any president since FDR. Go here for the many accomplishments and remember, he was up against a GOP that won’t work with him on anything, except maybe the extension of the tax cuts for the rich, a deal with the devil that the President had to make to get more stimulus, an unemployment extension and keep the economy growing. It was another one of those “Republicans holding the country hostage” situations and I’m sorry folks, you have to compromise in our democracy. There is no way around it. If you haven’t read Milt Shook’s piece at PCTC (Please Cut The Crap), you need to. You should bookmark his site too, he has a lot of great insights into how to win elections.

I’m sure my post will provoke the “Obama Derangement Syndrome” folks on both the left and the right to blow a microchip, but that’s fine, maybe it will jar lose whatever it is that is causing their derangement. It always amazes me how the media created narrative that constantly tries to paint President Obama as incompetent or unqualified (racism is part of it) is so far from what the general public really feels. IF he were incompetent and unqualified, would he have a personal approval rating of 75%, according to a recent CNN poll? Regular readers know how I feel about polls in general, I have a master’s degree in communications research so I’ve studied it a bit. I won’t go there in this post except to say that polls can be useful to gauge general attitudes, but horse race polls between fictional, possible candidates so far out from an election are just an exercise in futility. They get predictive when you get close to an election, and of course Nate Silver is “The Man” when it comes to that. But the number that says 75% of people like President Obama personally, says to me that people are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and to listen to him when he speaks. It’s why whenever he gives a major speech or makes an appearance throughout America, he is very well received and people believe him. That is a very powerful sentiment to have going into an election. As long as he tells it like it is, explains the situation and presents what he has tried to do and will try to do, with no help from the GOP, he will swing that blame and anger back to where it belongs.

So I recommend to all you fellow liberals and supporters of President Obama to not get upset when the forces arrayed against him tell us that they are making headway, that’s part of their strategy…to use the bandwagon effect, everyone get on board. Ignore them, keep smiling, keep telling them about the President’s many accomplishments and the Republicans very obvious hatred of middle and working class folks, seniors, students, children, minorities and anyone who doesn’t fit within their Ayn Randian world, where market forces will make everything just peachy. Stay positive, encourage your like minded friends to help, get involved and fight back against the tide that has shown its ugly face in Republican governors like Scott Walker, John Kasich, Chris Christie, and the “Ricks” Scott, Perry and Snyder. Since the VAST majority of the voters in America don’t pay attention AT ALL to those bloviators, their impact is only felt within a small range. It’s like a big choir preaching to each other, while the rest of America goes on with their lives.

But we can’t get complacent, they are some sneaky bastards who will lie, cheat and steal to get the power that benefits their rich friends. We can’t rest on our laurels, we must put up the good fight and build on the momentum that has started in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Florida. The consequences of elections matter and if we really care about people, we have to fight with all our might.


8 thoughts on “The Road To 2012 And Why I’m Smiling!

  1. Are you you better off than you were four years ago?
    — Ronald Reagan, 1980

    I’ll ask myself that question when the 2012 elections roll around. If the answer is no the incumbent will not get my vote.

  2. Does one have to be better off, always? Why not life remaining the same?… nothing wrong with that if one’s family is doing okay. EVERYONE I know has not really had much change in circumstances since President Obama was inaugurated, in fact those in the stock markets are doing better! Home sales are a bit down in Houston but apartment building is up. There are many indicators that life hasn’t gone to hell in a handbasket but then I don’t listen to Faux News or the REICH-wing hate radio talkers, but listen to those around me.

  3. So that means no one you know buys food, gas, clothes or anything else that has risen dramatically in the last two years. It is convenient to blame everything on the previous and BHO is very accomplished at doing just that. His policies and uncertainties are what is hurting the economy. The tax the newly defined millionaires and billionaires (those making over 250k) is just rhetoric to inflame the masses when in fact they could take all of the income from the millionaires and billionaires and have little effect on the deficit, but it sounds good.

    BHO will continue to print money until someone stops him and I doubt that will happen.

  4. But can President Obama overcome the combined power of Jesus and Gov. Rick Perry working against him? Gov. Perry and the Christian hate group, American Family Association, are renting Houston’s 80,000+ seat Reliant Stadium for an August 6 Christian prayer rally, inviting the other 49 state governors to come and participate.

    Perry invites everyone to join in the Aug. 6 event saying “we pray for unity and righteousness — for this great state, this great nation and all mankind. I urge Americans of faith to pray on that day for the healing of our country, the rebuilding of our communities and the restortation of enduring values as our guiding force.”

    His office describes the Christian prayer meeting hosted by the American Family Association to be “non-denominational” and “apolitical.” All this prayer promotion continues while Perry’s old campaign managers leave the campaign of Newt Gingrich and come back “home” to Perry.

    Texas has just had the driest 8 month interval of October to May in recorded history and Perry has been publicly invoking his God to bring us rain for a couple of months now, and God hasn’t listened.
    Texans believe Gov. Goodhair will either run for President or angle for the Vice-President’s office.

    Larry Sabato, director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, said of the rally, “It’s an obvious appeal to fundamentalist Christians, who comprise 60 percent of the turnout in the Iowa caucuses. It could be even higher in South Carolina, another early primary.”

  5. Life has sure been a hellava lot better with President Obama! We’re living in reality now..and when I still had my tv I didn’t have to dive for the remote everytime the President came on tv like I did with bush.

    Anyone who cares about America and actually doesn’t get kept in the dark and fed bullshit knows we’re better as a country now. We’re going in the right direction because we have a smarter government and like President Obama takes awhile to heal after being so sick.

    Sorry about the Gov of Texas, Rick Perry, being such an obnoxious, hypocrital asshole.

  6. Gov. Rick Perry can’t help it. He is representative of today’s Republican Party!

  7. Things aren’t easy now, and maybe haven’t gotten drastically better, but if a right-wing candidate wins, they could get a lot worse, especially if the dismantling of Medicare and other programs then begins. It’s not just a vote for Obama, it’s a vote against a nightmare.

  8. Since MSNBC is all crime/prison shows all weekend, watched some CNN this afternoon and it was “all Wiener…all the time” and they kept hounding him about the “17 year old girl” as he walked out of his NYC home. Then Don Lemon reported live from the big John King CNN Republican Debate in New Hampshire on Monday night and only asked Ron Paul and Rick Santorum about Anthony Wiener…no questions about JOBS? Lemon, gay himself, asked Santorum how he felt about Tracy Morgan of “30 Rock” making homophobic remarks. Santorum says he has many gay friends and accepts them (even though working on all legislation to treat them as 2nd class citizens!). Candy Crawley also in New Hampshire seems only able to talk about Wiener stepping down. Big news is that Wiener is going into therapy!!! Our American MSM has to be the worst anymore in the world when it comes to practicing real journalism.

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