Give Me All Your Medicare Or The Economy Gets It

The leaders of the Republican Party are vile human beings. They are the worst kind of scum. And if we had a functioning media, the American people might actually know about it. But since they like chasing balloons around the sky instead of doing a little critical thinking and investigating, they treat it like a he said, she said situation. The current hostage this group of thoughtless, careless thugs is holding is the economy of the United States. They are willing to plunge us into a recession and cause loses of billions in the market, pensions, 401k’s, you know all the savings of our aging population. Thankfully there is a smart blogosphere that includes the great Steve Benen at The Washington Monthly…

Indeed, one of the more striking aspects of yesterday’s gathering was the increasingly-explicit nature of the Republican hostage strategy.

…Boehner’s let’s-get-a-deal-done stance masks a deeper belief within the House Republican Conference — that Obama will back down eventually and agree to its demands, forcing Capitol Hill Democrats to follow suit.

“Of course, it’s dangerous,” a House Republican close to Boehner said of the politics of a government default. “But it’s dangerous for everybody, especially the president. At the end of the day, [Obama] will have to give in.”

“Who has egg on their face if there is a sovereign debt crisis, House Republicans or the president?” asked another senior GOP lawmaker.

Republican’s are and have been trying to plunge our economy into the abyss since President Obama took office. They made a clear choice to sacrifice our economic stability in order to bring down the president politically. They absolutely have no shame and really need to be called out on it. Where is the patriotic outcry from the flag wavers, where is the outrage at the stepping on women, seniors and children in order to give even more tax cuts to the richest of the rich? These clowns in the Republican Party are so stupid and short-sighted that they probably don’t really understand what the hell they are doing. More from Steve Benen…

To be sure, the hostage-strategy dynamic isn’t new, but it’s uncommon for Republican members of Congress to be this candid about their plan out loud. One leading GOP lawmaker acknowledged that the Republican plan is “dangerous,” but the party doesn’t care. Another conceded that the GOP is inviting a “sovereign debt crisis,” but figures Obama would get the blame, so Republicans don’t care about that, either.

The key to an effective hostage strategy is creating a credible threat. When the hostage taker has a gun to the head of hostage, those expected to pay the ransom have to genuinely believe the bad guy really will pull the trigger. Yesterday, the Republican message to the president wasn’t subtle: we really will pull the trigger and then blame you for not paying the ransom.


In the abstract, this is arguably one of the great political scandals of recent American history. There is no modern precedent for a political party acting like an organized crime family this shamelessly. The American public isn’t hearing much about these tactics, but I can’t help but wonder what the mainstream would think if someone were to tell them that the Republican Party intends to cause a recession, on purpose, unless Democrats drastically cut Medicare and other popular domestic programs.

We bloggers in the New Left Blogosphere have to keep the pressure on, keep telling the truth and you readers need to keep sharing the truth with your friends and family. It’s the only way to get it out with the balloon boy media that we have today. Spread the word people, Republicans are scum!


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