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Elevating The Cult Of The Self – The Death Of Empathy

This is a must watch clip that speaks volumes about what our country has become in recent years. Hat tip to Osborne Ink.

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A Saturday Smorgasbord Of Stories I Kind Of Liked

I’ve been learning about Ayn Rand lately, not reading her books, but learning about her. I remember as a teenager friends telling me I should read the Fountainhead and for some reason I was never that interested in it based on what I heard about it. The more I learn, the more it makes me laugh that some on the Right are embracing her ideas so vigorously.  Amy Sullivan at Swampland has this interesting piece about this phenomenon.

I came across this a while ago at Blacks4Barack, it has 244 accomplishments of President Barack Obama in categories.

I never understand why Republicans think that crying in the media about being picked on helps them somehow. They look like children.

Booman has a great post about minority voter suppression and how Republicans hate those groups, the hate part was mine!

Jim Wright over at Stonekettle Station has a nice piece about old Newt Gingrich’s entry into the GOP horse race, giddyup!

Donald Trump wasn’t very fond of this story at the New York Times and went on CNBC to whine about it, Oliver Willis has the video.

Sometimes you just gotta love Stephen Colbert, he’s forming his own “Colbert Super PAC”. TPM has the full story with video, pretty cool stunt Stephen.

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My Week As Told Through iPhone Photos

I had one of those weeks that was jam packed with stuff. Some it it was captured in photos on my handy iPhone 4 – Verizon, Ding!

These first two photos are from last weekends Parade and Protest in Benton Harbor. One new, one I’ve posted before.

The next day was Mother’s Day and we visited my wife’s mother. My granddaughter was there too and enjoyed a second cake for her 1st birthday.

While at her great grandma’s house, my little granddaughter played with some antique toys, they don’t make them like they used to…with long strings on them. :)

And just to show how cool my wife’s family is, this is a photo of a banner hanging from her Mom’s front porch.

Later in the week, I went to my granddaughters house so her dad could work on my car. I had to watch her while he did it. My wife when seeing the pictures said “you didn’t let her play with the remote control for the TV, did you?”. By the time she was done with it, the TV was blue screen. Oops! I sent a couple of texts to her parents this morning with photos saying “Why the TV doesn’t work! Sorry”.

This is her sitting in her stroller watching her dad fix my car, I think she was raising her hand to ask a question. She’s 1 years old, you know?

And last, but not least, my wife spent the week getting our pond and waterfall up and running. We have winters in Michigan, you know? My wife also collects gnomes and they populate our 5 acres pretty thoroughly, I’m sure you will see them again.

All Photos by Extreme Liberal

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In Honor Of Stevie Wonder’s 61st Birthday – Pastime Paradise

I saw Stevie Wonder in concert in Detroit many years ago. A 3 hour concert that was actually recorded for Showtime, they recorded 2 shows and cut it together from the two shows. Enjoy Stevie on this beautiful Friday.

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Fighting Big Oil – Democrats Standing Up To Power

This was a very good clip from Rachel Maddow’s show last night. I particularly like the beginning montage of Senators grilling the oil executives. It speaks volumes about how Washington works and corporate entitlement. It’s just amazing that they will issue threats if they don’t get their way. If they have to give up just a sliver of their PROFITS, they will raise prices. You got that, they’re getting your money one way or another.

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A Chirpstory Your Ass Better Read – @allanbrauer

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, the following is a Chirpstory. It is basically a series of “Tweets” strung together, usually an exchange between two or more people. This one is a bit different, I’ll let Allan Brauer explain his reasons for this rant. It is a must read for anyone who really gives a shit about our country. Here is a link to the original chirpstory. He promises more in the future. You can read Allan over at Angry Black Lady Chronicles, which really should be one of your bookmarks if it isn’t already. It may not look like other chirpstories you’ve seen, because I have yet to figure out how to put them in with the embedded code. Doh!

Here’s Allan:


Preface: I went on a bit of a stream of consciousness jag, inspired by the decision of the Sunday morning talk shows to book 6 GOP-Bush apologists to one Democrat on the occasion of Obama carrying out the action that killed Osama bin Laden. We have no liberal media. It’s up to us to be the messenger for Obama and the Democrats.

Tomorrow morning, our corporate media will give platform to war criminals and serial failures in hopes of dragging down Obama’s approval.

Our corporate media is so concerned that the GOP will be unable to front a marketable candidate that they’re trying to drag Obama down.

It will be absolutely devastating for the 2012 news ratings if the GOP nominates a clunker and Obama wins in a cakewalk. Ads must be sold.

Remember that what the news media loved about the Obama/Clinton primary battle was Dems were fighting and a close race drew more eyeballs.

The GOP disappointed media in 2008 by quickly reconciling itself to McCain as their candidate. They have an interest in conflict.

With no primary challenger to Obama, the media hopes the GOP fight will be contentious and prolonged, and that Obama will be vulnerable.

The GOP’s preference for winner-take-all primaries minimizes the chance that they’ll approach their convention without a clear winner.

Therefore it will be necessary for the media to manufacture drama by insisting that Dems are divided, Obama’s support is waning.

Any poll that suggests Obama could lose a state to the GOP nominee will be flogged in 64 point headlines; those showing him winning, not.

Any self-appointed spokesperson who calls for progressives to withhold support from O will be given a platform on Fox News and MSNBC.

The hundreds of thousands of volunteers calling and knocking on doors to re-elect Obama will be disappeared like Iraq war protestors.

If you would like to be cross-posted at HuffPo, Daily Kos, FDL et al, write a post about why Obama doesn’t deserve your vote.

What can we do about the reality I have described? A few things. One, we can withhold our eyeballs and clicks from the media circus.

Two, we can use our own respective platforms, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to amplify and spread the message of those who support Obama.

Three, we can network with each other across all social media and refer people to the work of others with which we agree.

Fourth, and most important, we can organize and mobilize in the real world and talk to persuadable ppl in the middle, not just our allies.

Our country splits roughly one-third left, one-third right, one-third in between. Elections are about getting to 50% + 1.

In 2008, our local Obama phonebanking team included decline-to-state voters, and even some registered Republicans. Those are the target.

Covey’s 7 Habits: each of us has a smaller circle of control and a larger circle of influence. The better you manage what’s in your control,

the larger your circle of influence grows. Go forth. Be calm, friendly, rational and polite. Speak positively of Obama & his results.

Point out how much more Obama can accomplish if given 4 more years to continue what he’s started. Contrast his vision with the GOP’s.

Acknowledge he and his administration have not been perfect. Point out that no politician has ever been perfect. Ask who do you trust more?

Who do you believe actually has your best interests and those of your family and community in mind when deciding a course of action?

All politicians receive money from corporate donors. But ask which ones still favor policies that might benefit the little guy anyway?

Both parties support the principles of a strong US military. But which one has fought to make the military a better and fairer workplace?

Both parties have failed at times to stand up for civil liberties and individual rights. But which has consistently worked to expand them?

Both parties have been insufficient in addressing our environmental degradation. But which one acknowledges we have a problem?

Both sides in the healthcare debate insist that they are looking out for patients. But which one has actually expanded access?

Both parties could do more to protect a woman’s right to choose. But which one unanimously votes to take that right away?

These are some of the choices that face voters when making their decisions in 2012. Make the contrasts clear even as the media blurs them.

The media pretends that they provide balance by presenting critics of Obama from both the left and the right. You provide the real balance.

Only you can explain to your friends, relatives and neighbors why they should support Obama and the Dems. No one else will do it for you.

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Republicans Can’t Handle The Truth – Whining About Those Mean Facts!

I guess when you elect people who are incapable of rational thought and live in an alternate reality where Fox News is your main source of information, we shouldn’t be surprised when Republicans complain about others describing their plans in the “real” reality. When Paul Ryan announced his budget plan and then the House went on to vote for it, apparently they didn’t anticipate people actually reading it and interpreting it for people. The President and Democrats have done a masterful job of getting the facts out to the American people and it has caused a lot of turmoil at town halls and in House members districts where it turns out, senior citizens aren’t big fans of a plan that wipes out the guarantee to Medicare. Who woulda thunk that? From TPM…

Nearly a dozen House Republican freshmen held a press conference outside the Capitol Tuesday morning to “wipe the slate clean,” and “hit the reset button.”

“Yeah, I mean there’s been — again, this is a both-sides issue,” said Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) when asked if GOP candidates and the NRCC had engaged in ‘MediScare’ tactics last year. “To say that one side is blameless in trying to use issues to win votes is just dishonest.”

On Tuesday, Kinzinger and 41 of his colleagues sent a letter to President Obama, asking him to rein in Democratic attacks on GOP members who voted for the House budget, which includes a plan to privatize Medicare and cap spending on the program.

That just cracks me up, they get elected on attacking Democrats and scaring people and then vote for a plan to end Medicare. Of course, then they cry foul when Democrats point that out. Are they really that stupid? Steve Benen weighs in on this too…

In other words, those who suddenly find themselves deeply troubled by “MediSCARE tactics” are in Congress today because of “MediSCARE tactics.”

This was not entirely lost on the GOP freshmen at yesterday’s press conference, and some of the Republicans in attendance said they want to “wipe the slate clean” and “hit the reset button” now that they’re in office.

Well, isn’t that convenient.

It’s as if Republicans hit Democrats with a baseball bat, over and over again, for about a year. Now that Dems, bloodied and bruised, have managed to get their hands on a bat, they’re hearing Republicans proclaim, “Let’s all agree that hitting people with bats is wrong.”

I have to wonder if they really thought their little plan would actually work. To me, it comes off as very childish and whiny. Thankfully the media has actually called them out on it this time.

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Exposing The Professional Left One Hater At A Time

In my morning perusing of my favorite blogs I came across several great posts taking on the Professional Left, so I thought I would share those links in case others like seeing their lies and innuendo exposed. It turns out to be the Glenn Greenwald edition for the most part. He’s the biggest and loudest blowhard in the bunch and has stepped in quicksand, going down quickly.

Angry Black Lady takes on one of Glenn Greenwald’s many lies, he’s been spewing multiple lies each day, it’s hard to keep up with his utter bullshit.

The People’s View takes on the man most responsible for me becoming a blogger, John Aravosis, who has been trying to drive a wedge between the gay community and the Obama administration since before the 2008 election.

The People’s View also goes after Glenn Greenwald on his utter stupidity when it comes to civil liberties and terrorists.

Rooted Cosmopolitan put this up over a week ago, but it nails Greenwald on some of his warped opinions on the death of OBL.

Comments from The Left digs up a some craziness from Bob Somersby at the Daily Howler who thinks birtherism and the extreme vitriol from the right has nothing to do with our President’s race.

Dana Houle at Rooted Cosmopolitan dissected Glenn Greenwald’s interview with Out magazine a few weeks ago, very revealing. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

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Governor Snyder Of Michigan Just Had Two Ice Cream Flavors Named In His Honor, WTF?

A friend of mine, who is an instigator, sent me a link to this story, I’m sure he wants me to declare a boycott of Hudsonville Ice Cream, a local maker of the good stuff….mmmm, me like ice cream. But I haven’t eaten Hudsonville Ice Cream since I discovered Edy’s Slow-Churned Light ice cream, ding (free samples would be cool). But come on, why in the hell would they name an ice cream after a guy who is attempting to gut Michigan of our rights and drive people out of the state, especially seniors? Maybe it is the huge tax breaks they more than likely got from the corporate owned Snyder. From one of our local TV stations website, WOOD TV8…

HOLLAND, Mich. (AP) – Gov. Rick Snyder is scheduled to tour a West Michigan ice cream maker Wednesday and try out two new flavors created in his honor.

The Hudsonville Creamery and Ice Cream Co. has created the two new items containing candy and flavorings from Jogue, a company based in Northville.

Snyder is scheduled to try out the new flavors during a Wednesday morning visit to the ice cream company’s Holland plant.

Later, the governor plans to present the first “Reinventing Michigan” award to Energetx Composites Inc. of Holland.

He’s also scheduled to speak at the annual Tulip Time Festival luncheon before putting on a traditional Dutch costume complete with wooden shoes and marching with first lady Sue Snyder in the Tulip Time parade.

You see that protesters, he’s going to the Tulip Time Festival in Holland. Is it road trip time?

As far as a boycott goes, I personally won’t be buying their ice cream anymore but I would hate to see the people who are employed there get hurt because their corporate overlords are right-wing nuts. Did Governor Granholm have any ice cream named in her honor, I don’t know. Maybe.

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Repubican’s Big Lies On Social Security – Why Do They Hate Seniors?

Updated Below with just found information!

Republican’s have consistently lied about Social Security and for many years. As with most of their lies, they come to believe them after repeating them enough. We’ve all known liars who are sociopathic and truly believe their own lies, well, I put a lot of the GOP in that category because it’s hard to explain how they can continue the lie, even in the face of the actual facts.

Social Security is not “on-budget” and has no effect on the deficit or the national debt. People pay in and people draw on it. There have been many accounting gimmicks used over the years to use Social Security surpluses to hide the actual debt for any given year. Go here for a detailed history of Social Security, it’s interesting to read if you are a total geek like me. Here is a summary of Social Security and it’s “on-budget” and “off-budget” status…(emphasis mine)

Summary –

So, to sum up:

1- Social Security was off-budget from 1935-1968;
2- On-budget from 1969-1985;
3- Off-budget from 1986-1990, for all purposes except computing the deficit;
4- Off-budget for all purposes since 1990.

Finally, just note once again that the financing procedures involving the Social Security program have not changed in any fundamental way since they were established in the original Social Security Act of 1935 and amended in 1939. These changes in federal budgeting rules govern how the Social Security program is accounted for in the federal budget, not how it is financed.

It’s interesting to note that during Reagan’s term, they did a hybrid approach, make it off-budget except for computing the deficit, nice little trick Ronnie and Company.

Another lie being perpetuated by both Republicans and Democrats has to do with the life expectancy of Americans and whether it has increased very much over time. This is new information to me, I have to admit, but it makes complete sense. Thanks to Steve Benen once again for his great writing and insight, from Steve…(emphasis mine)

After Simpson made some bizarre remarks about retirement ages and the history of Social Security, Grimm pressed the former senator on his understanding of the basics.

“HuffPost suggested to Simpson during a telephone interview that his claim about life expectancy was misleading because his data include people who died in childhood of diseases that are now largely preventable. Incorporating such early deaths skews the average life expectancy number downward, making it appear as if people live dramatically longer today than they did half a century ago. According to the Social Security Administration’s actuaries, women who lived to 65 in 1940 had a life expectancy of 79.7 years and men were expected to live 77.7 years.”

I don’t think a lot of Democrats even know that fact, to be honest. I often hear them say that we have to do something because people are living longer. When in reality, they are only living slightly longer because averaging things out tends to skew reality and give people like Republican’s a kernel of misinformation that they can run with.

The other big lie is that Social Security is in dire straights and something has to be done immediately to fix it. It just isn’t true, the latest estimates that I found say it is solvent for the next 27 years, nearly 3 decades. From Pacific Progressive…

Many policymakers and analysts are insisting that there is an urgent need to make major changes to Social Security. Their argument that long-term imbalances make the case for action now have even swayed some who consider themselves supporters of the program. A new issue brief from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, calls attention to the fact that Social Security will be fully solvent for the next 27 years and any premature action to make changes to the program will have a severe impact on millions of near retirees.

“Misinformation about Social Security has led many to believe that Social Security is in immediate danger of insolvency” said Dean Baker, a co-director of CEPR and author of the report, “but the program will be fully solvent for almost three more decades. Furthermore, even if no changes are ever made, a child born in 2010 can expect to see a benefit that is more than 50 percent larger in real terms than what current retirees receive today.”

So don’t believe the “sky is falling” folks who are trying to create a false urgency in order to undo the social safety net that Americans have been relying on since it was implemented 70 plus years ago. I always have to think that these people must be extremely rich if they don’t see a need for Social Security for themselves, their parents and grandparents. Damn, it must be nice to be so comfortable that they don’t have to rely on Social Security when they retire. But to me the larger issue is how can they care so little about the people who aren’t rich and have paid into the Social Security trust fund their whole lives, counting on it for their later years. What sort of person is willing to hurt the seniors in our country who I was taught to take care of, respect, and who’s wisdom should be cherished.

I’m encouraged by the announcement yesterday by Sen. Max Baucus, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, when he said “he doesn’t think Congress will address Social Security as part of an effort to reduce government borrowing.” I would have preferred a more definite statement, but I’ll take that one. I wonder if the whiners in the Professional Left, who wasted so much time and energy bitching about the “cat-food commission” and their recommendations, will spend just as much time lauding the President and Democrats for not touching Social Security. Yea right!

Update: The People’s View has a post up responding to an Ezra Klein post that sheds more light on the above. I’ll just send you over their if you want to get into the minutia. There is more to the idea that people aren’t living that much longer. Go read it for a great analysis, albeit pretty deep, of Social Security. That’s a great site over there.

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Jon Stewart Nails The Networks For Their Sunday Morning Revisionist History Lessons!

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Repubican’s Can’t Predict Their Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag With A Steak Knife!

A story that isn’t getting a lot of coverage by the media is the success of the bailout of the GM and Chrysler. I remember vividly, how the Republicans took to the airwaves screaming about how the government can’t do anything right and actually rooting for the auto industry to fail. As it was happening, I couldn’t believe that these people would actually root for and argue for letting them die off. Being in Michigan where so many jobs are either working for GM, Ford or Chrysler or one of the many suppliers who build components for them, I was incensed at the disregard for these working Americans and their families. What kind of cold-hearted motherfucker roots for hundreds of thousands of jobs to disappear, some estimates were over a million, when you count the ripple effect on suppliers? Let’s just take a look at what the Republican prognosticators were saying back in 2009, when this was going down. Here is Sen. Richard Shelby and his prediction…

This is just one example of how bad Republicans are at predicting what will happen with the economy. Another major one that I’ve posted about before is that the stimulus worked very well, it prevented us from slipping into a deep recession. It’s amazing how soon people forget what dire straights our economy was in and how President Obama and his policies were wildly successful at pulling us out of it. And of course, the media campaign to say up is down and down is up on the stimulus success worked pretty well for the GOP. They are master propagandists, that’s for sure.

E.J. Dionne Jr. had a piece reminding us of the auto bailout and what some folks were saying back when it was happening. From E.J. Dionne Jr….

Far too little attention has been paid to the success of the government’s rescue of the Detroit-based auto companies, and almost no attention has been paid to how completely and utterly wrong bailout opponents were when they insisted it was doomed to failure.

“Having the federal government involved in every aspect of the private sector is very dangerous,” Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.) told Fox News in December 2008. “In the long term it could cause us to become a quasi-socialist country.” I don’t see any evidence that we have become a “quasi-socialist country,” just big profits.

Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Tex.) called the bailout “the leading edge of the Obama administration’s war on capitalism,” while other members of Congress derided the president’s auto industry task force. “Of course we know that nobody on the task force has any experience in the auto business, and we heard at the hearing many of them don’t even own cars,” declared Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.) after a hearing on the bailout in May 2009. “And they’re dictating the auto industry for our future? What’s wrong with this picture?”

What’s wrong with this picture is that Republicans are clueless when it comes to the economy. They still believe in “trickle down” economics as if it was written in the Bible and carved in stone tablets. They still think that giving massive tax cuts to corporations and the rich will somehow create jobs and lift the economy, even in the face of reality which shows us how well that worked out for George W. Bush and the American people. The numbers don’t lie, but Republicans continue to.

How successful was the bailout, here is a piece from The New Republic telling us about The Economist and their change of heart on the bailout…(emphasis mine)

Back in the spring of 2009, when Obama was debating what to do with the car companies, the Economist magazine came out hard against a rescue. It’s about what you’d expect from a publication that extols the virtues of the free market so consistently and without qualification. And it’s why their subsequent change of heart, published a few weeks ago, is worth taking so seriously:

Many people thought this bail-out (and a smaller one involving Chrysler, an even sicker firm) unwise. Governments have historically been lousy stewards of industry. Lovers of free markets (including The Economist) feared that Mr Obama might use GM as a political tool: perhaps favouring the unions who donate to Democrats or forcing the firm to build smaller, greener cars than consumers want to buy. The label “Government Motors” quickly stuck, evoking images of clunky committee-built cars that burned banknotes instead of petrol–all run by what Sarah Palin might call the socialist-in-chief.

Yet the doomsayers were wrong. … Mr Obama has been tough from the start. GM had to promise to slim down dramatically–cutting jobs, shuttering factories and shedding brands–to win its lifeline. The firm was forced to declare bankruptcy. Shareholders were wiped out. Top managers were swept aside. Unions did win some special favours: when Chrysler was divided among its creditors, for example, a union health fund did far better than secured bondholders whose claims should have been senior. Congress has put pressure on GM to build new models in America rather than Asia, and to keep open dealerships in certain electoral districts. But by and large Mr Obama has not used his stakes in GM and Chrysler for political ends. On the contrary, his goal has been to restore both firms to health and then get out as quickly as possible. GM is now profitable again and Chrysler, managed by Fiat, is making progress. Taxpayers might even turn a profit when GM is sold.

So this should be a lesson to all Americans not to listen to a freakin word that Republicans say when it comes to the economy. They haven’t been right about much in many years. They keep trying to take us back in time to try their stupid approach again and again. The only thing they have accomplished is to widen the gap between the rich and the poor. But they sure have kept their brainwashed masses singing their tune, with their hands over their ears as they say “nah nah nah, I can’t hear you.”

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Some Quick Hits From Around The Internets, But Please Don’t Inhale!

I’ve posted many times about polls on this blog, having some schooling in the subject. Now the pollsters are polling about polls.

And if you missed our awesome President on 60 minutes, JM Ashby put it up here to watch. You really should watch it, much more reliable than the media filters.

All the discussion about Hillary in that Situation Room photo, well, how about we just remove her from the picture like this newspaper did.

I totally agree with this, why doesn’t Andrew Breitbart just get a job already.

Wow, is Bill Maher trying to get attention using a racial slur and stereotype?

Check out some more great photos from the parade and protest in Benton Harbor, Michigan on Saturday.

And last, but not least, what fun would a Monday be without calling out Glenn Greenwald on his bullshit?

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Attacking People Defending Democracy, Right Here In America!

From Eclectablog, reposted in full.

A press release from Heartland Revolution, who have faced rather ridiculous and farcical accusations that they are somehow allied with Whirlpool or other corporate entities in Benton Harbor:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:Contact: Joe PalmerHeartland Revolution

Heartland Revolution would like to commend all the groups which took part in the “Take Back Democracy” protest at Southwest Michigan’s Grand Floral Parade Saturday. Further, we would like to clarify a couple of points made in the press release issued by Save Benton Harbor on Friday.

The movement to rescue democracy in Benton Harbor and in Michigan has begun with action against Michigan’s Public Act 4, better known as the Emergency Manager law. A recall petition has been filed against the bill’s sponsor, Representative Al Pscholka who represents the Benton Harbor area. The influence of corporations on Mr. Pscholka’s career and his actions thus far in the Michigan House are unmistakable, and Heartland Revolution is resolute in its belief that the fight to rescue democracy and the fight against widespread corporate control of government are one in the same. We will work to repeal PA 4, and simultaneously we will work to recall elected officials who condone and enable undemocratic legislation written by and for powerful corporations.

Right now democracy is facing a threat unseen on this continent since the days of British control of the American colonies. For the last thirty years, corporations have gained unprecedented access to government and now have the ability to sway policy that affects all Americans. Due to this nefarious influence, we are seeing legislation that taxes senior pensions while giving the proceeds to corporations and individuals are being appointed to take over towns eliminating elected officials, not to mention widespread attacks on workers’ rights.

Many organizations and individuals are making this movement possible. There isn’t one lone leader of this charge to restore democracy. As Mary Alice Adams, a Benton Harbor resident, put it best, “we are all in the same boat.” Heartland Revolution has worked with, and will continue to work with, anyone that is willing to end this assault on democracy.


Considering the many issues faced by Benton Harbor and, equally important, the wider implications of the EFM Law on Michigan and, really, the entire country, it is imperative that the various groups find a way to work together and all pull the rope in the same direction. Attacking Heartland Revolution with these truly absurd accusations is a step backward, not forward.

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The Bush Gang Can’t Seem To Help Themselves

Am I the only one sick of seeing former Bush Administration officials on television trying to rewrite their sordid history and taint recent history or put more precisely, create their own reality? I just read this piece at The Washington Monthly by Steve Benen, here is a chunk of it…

As near as I can tell, former Bush White House Chief of Staff Andy Card’s most notably contribution to the public discourse came a couple of years ago. Card complained publicly about President Obama appearing in the Oval Office without a suit jacket. Card insisted Obama was failing to show “respect” for his office — never mind the photos of Reagan and Bush doing the same thing.

This week, Card is at it again, bringing his shallow pettiness to the bin Laden story.

“President Obama has ‘pounded his chest’ too much and taken too much pride in the success of the mission to take out Osama bin Laden, according to, of all people, George W. Bush’s former Chief of Staff, Andrew Card.”


The irony, of course, is rich. Card helped run Bush’s White House when the former president needlessly donned a flight suit, landed on an aircraft carrier, and strutted his stuff under a “Mission: Accomplished” banner.

Former Bush minions are infiltrating all of our media and trying to continue their neocon con of America. It’s pretty amazing how brazen they are sometimes and Andy Card seems to be one of the worst. Thankfully we have some real media still left to call them out on their bullshit. Steve Benen should be on everyone’s must read list.

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