photo of the day – Lake Michigan

This is about a half mile from my home, whenever people put Michigan down, I like to take a walk down here to remind myself why I live in this great state.


2 thoughts on “photo of the day – Lake Michigan

  1. I have a Facebook friend in Berrien County who commented online that it was rainy, chilly and didn’t look like a good sailing weekend on Lake Michigan. However, I notice that it is warming up elsewhere around the nation. We are having some record setting highs this year (in addition to severe drought in most of Texas) in the upper 90°’s here with Gulf water temperatures of 83°, having moved up our traditional “hurricane season” by about 3 weeks. But there is NO “Global Warming” if you listen to the Republicans and their BIG OIL/GAS moneybaggers.

    I see that Pawlenty, Huntsman, Romney, and Gingrich, once supporters in the fight to eliminate greenhouse gases are now backing down due to REICH-wing pressure.

    It’s an indicator of a shift on the issue among conservative Republicans, who have an outsized influence in the party’s presidential primary elections. Over the last few years, Gallup polling has shown a decline in the share of Americans saying that global warming’s effects have already begun — from a high of 61 percent in 2008 to 49 percent in March of this year. The change is driven almost entirely by conservatives. In 2008, 50 percent of conservatives said they believed the effects of global warming were already occurring; that figure dropped to 30 percent this year.

    The REICH owning Faux News and 90% of talk radio stations has had benefits.

  2. My friend just reported that she has been in her basement much of the afternoon as SW Michigan is under a tornado threat with high winds and heavy rains now. This has been a terrible tornado season all over, not just in “tornado alley”.

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