2 thoughts on “Must See Take Down Of Fox Business News “Takers vs. Makers” Crap!

  1. Call me an “apologist” if you will but I am on the side of WINNING! We have seen now what many years of Republican appointees have done to our federal courts. They have set up the corpfascists to control our nation. I used to be a regular poster at Alternet where many Naderites and far lefties (the firebaggers of 2000) actually bragged about “voting their conscience”, mostly SMUG about not supporting Al Gore who they felt was not left enough, “pure” enough for them. And look what we got with Bush!

    Sadly, in our system, both parties have to cater to those who hold the money bags. The so-called “Middle Class” hasn’t exactly been loyal and supported the Democratic Party…remember the unionists flocking to Raygun, the so-called Raygun “Democrats”. They too have been supporting Wall Street and most concerned about THEIR stock portfolios, trying to climb the ladder to “rich”.

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