A Lot Of Good Stuff For Your Reading Pleasure!

Have you ever had a day when you couldn’t decide what to write about on your blog? So far this morning, I’m having one of those days. It could change, but until it does I decided to share some of the links in my stash that I really enjoyed. I wouldn’t steer you wrong, really. Check them out. I’m sure I’ll snap out of my indecision. Now for the good stuff, enjoy.

Don’t feed the pundits, they bite. This is an interesting read from Marianna76 at Daily Kos Community Site. She delves into the shouting match between Ed Schultz and David (clueless) Sirota.

Speaking of that shouting match, here is a story from Mediate about the bout. Good for Ed for standing up to the craziness from the Moore, Hamsher, Sirota and Greenwald crowd who seem intent on bringing back Republican rule.

This is an excellent analysis by Michael Tomasky at The Daily Beast that points out a major difference between Rep’s and Dem’s when it comes to tactics. Make em’ squirm.

And this is an awesome study of how wrong the Professional Left was in their carping at the President while he was saving us from the next great depression. Rootless_e at The People’s View does a masterful job of explaining this complex idea. Read it, learn it and share it.

I posted about this one on a previous day, but I liked it so much I wanted to make sure you took a look at it. It’s about the “other Obama Derangement Syndrome”, the one on the left, from F. Grey Parker at The Hand That Feeds You.

And this one I found this morning from Frank Schaeffer, a big Hat Tip to The People’s View who did a post about it too. Go read both of them, excellent stuff. It speaks to the fact that President Obama is one kick ass president, the best ever in my opinion.


2 thoughts on “A Lot Of Good Stuff For Your Reading Pleasure!

  1. Too bad that Ed Schultz let the vile talking heads on the REICH goad him into making a the “slut” remark about Laura Ingraham. Nobody on the REICH seemed to care when Glenn Beck called Cindy Sheehan a “slut” on the air! Or that Tammy Bruce, hosting the Laura Ingraham Show called the whole Obama family, the “trash in the White House,” adding, “Trash are people who use other people to get things, who patronize others, who consider you bitter and clingy…” Never an apology from Bruce or her boss, Ingraham!


    Ingraham made herself Unavailable to an apology from Schultz, but did hit Facebook and Twitter with this sarcastic remark: “MSNBC suspends Schultz. Oh great, now his ratings will go up.” She has no class, whatsoever.

    REICHwing Newsbusters (kind of like the Media Matters of the right) dug up EIGHT past quotes from liberal radio/TV pundits to PROVE how vile the left is. Hell, one can find this many vile remarks from Fox and hate-radio in ONE day.


    The christian-owned Townhall.com once alluded that Michelle Obama was a “bitch”.


  2. Thanks for these priceless links, EL. I keep trying to leave the house and can’t resist reading one more!

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