A Full Rainbow Panoramic For Your Viewing Pleasure

Photo by Extreme Liberal with my iPhone and created with Photoshop, ding! CLICK ON THE IMAGE FOR MASSIVE SIZE COPY!


7 thoughts on “A Full Rainbow Panoramic For Your Viewing Pleasure

  1. EL, is that the start of the Rapture? :)
    Looks great, I love rainbows. Waiting for some rain in Texas. So far only one day and supposedly this weekend we are to get some. Heading home Memorial Day weekend.

  2. I haven’t had any rain to measure in my gauge in two months now. The RECORD Texas drought is ruining our agriculture prospects for this year. We grow 30% of the nation’s cotton. Among the states, Texas is ranked #1 for total livestock and livestock product receipts and ranked #2 for total agricultural receipts, behind California. So expect food prices to go up and blame it on Obama!

    And BTW, there is NO “global warming” and the extreme weather events it can bring! /snark

  3. In a lengthy meeting that ran overtime, Bibi Netanyahoo came out flatly REJECTING Israel returning to the 1967 borders of Palestine. To hell with UN Resolution-after-UN Resolution that Israel has rejected (and we went to war with Saddam Hussein in part because he had also broken UN Resolutions).


    As FireDogLake just now reports, “Well, if Barack Obama thought he could wrap things up in a bow on the Middle East with his speech today, Bibi Netanyahu put an end to those hopes.”

    And why in the hell are we calling BOTH houses of Congress together next Tuesday so that a FOREIGN leader like Netanyahu can propagandize there?


  4. I find it interesting that the colors on the second rainbow are always reversed. Nice shot and hard to find one where you can see both ends.

  5. It was the Republican MAJORITY in the house who invited Netanyahu to speak before their body next Tuesday. Today’s visit with Obama is Bibi’s SEVENTH visit to the White House in two years. No other head of state (of a nation of 5.8 million Jews…smaller than Houston metro!) gets such attention.

    And it has been revealed that Netanyahu tried to get Hillary Clinton to interfere to change the wording of Obama’s speech yesterday. Tail wagging the dog? It was Netanyahu today who emphasized that Israel isn’t into making compromises, an opposite approach from Obama’s style. So much for any peace EVER until the one billion Muslims in the world get so fed up they actually attempt to wipe the state of Israel off the map (the much hoped for Armageddon the christinan zionists are rooting for!).

    Why do we let any foreign nation RULE over our own best interests, drain our treasury, and which has contributed in part to a half century of unease/tensions/wars in the Mideast which has cost our nation TRILLIONS in aid and military interventions.

    Right-wing Zionist neocon Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post sings the same tune as Michelle Bachman. So much for the “liberal” lamestream media as Palin calls it.



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