My Week As Told Through iPhone Photos

I had one of those weeks that was jam packed with stuff. Some it it was captured in photos on my handy iPhone 4 – Verizon, Ding!

These first two photos are from last weekends Parade and Protest in Benton Harbor. One new, one I’ve posted before.

The next day was Mother’s Day and we visited my wife’s mother. My granddaughter was there too and enjoyed a second cake for her 1st birthday.

While at her great grandma’s house, my little granddaughter played with some antique toys, they don’t make them like they used to…with long strings on them. :)

And just to show how cool my wife’s family is, this is a photo of a banner hanging from her Mom’s front porch.

Later in the week, I went to my granddaughters house so her dad could work on my car. I had to watch her while he did it. My wife when seeing the pictures said “you didn’t let her play with the remote control for the TV, did you?”. By the time she was done with it, the TV was blue screen. Oops! I sent a couple of texts to her parents this morning with photos saying “Why the TV doesn’t work! Sorry”.

This is her sitting in her stroller watching her dad fix my car, I think she was raising her hand to ask a question. She’s 1 years old, you know?

And last, but not least, my wife spent the week getting our pond and waterfall up and running. We have winters in Michigan, you know? My wife also collects gnomes and they populate our 5 acres pretty thoroughly, I’m sure you will see them again.

All Photos by Extreme Liberal


5 thoughts on “My Week As Told Through iPhone Photos

  1. It looks like your granddaughter wants to be a mechanical engineer from her interest in that car repair. She’s got that, “Ahhhh, I love fresh brake grease in the morning” look. But I think she was looking for a lecture on the pros and cons of carburetion vs fuel injection with regard to power, speed, torque and fuel economy.

    You can already see a strong interest in aeronautical engineering and electronics at just a year old. Get that young lady enrolled in an elementary physics course quick! And you better start saving your money for Michigan Tech where the rocket scientists go or better yet MIT.

  2. Thanks for sharing those pictures. I am in TX for my Grand daughters 9th birthday. She is having her party today. My son is taking all the pictures, Hope to be able to share some of them on FB. Have a great weekend.

  3. Thanks, she is perfect in every way. Smart, funny, talented (dancer), says a lot of words, knows sign language, is patient…it sure would be sweet if she stayed all those things.

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