Jon Stewart Nails The Networks For Their Sunday Morning Revisionist History Lessons!

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7 thoughts on “Jon Stewart Nails The Networks For Their Sunday Morning Revisionist History Lessons!

  1. John Stewart, thank you for pointing out the narcissism of the Bush Administration. They still think everything that they did was correct. They tried to blame 9/11 on President Clinton and now they are trying to steal credit for killing bin Laden from President Obama. That administration needs a psychiatrist.

  2. I read today that BHO has a 60% approval rating. Looks like he is in for another four years because I don’t see any Republican capable of defeating him. Maybe with another four years he can accomplish all he promised to do to the country but has been unable.

  3. Gee, was amazed to read our resident TROLL ATLANTA RALPH was actually giving some credit, possibly complimenting OUR President Obama until his last few words, instead of saying “all he promised toFOR our country” our TROLL had to say, “all he promised to DO to the country”! Once a TROLL, always a TROLL!

    Our nation is still walking funny due to all the screwing George W. Bush and Congressional Republicans did to our nation for most of the past decade.

  4. I know, Grant, I fell off my chair and hit my head when I read that. He had to add his snark about accomplishing his promises. Apparently Ralph has trouble reading when it is accomplishments of our awesome, hard working president. Here is a link for you, Ralph.

  5. I think Bush did say he is partly responsible and he didn’t see some of the warning signs. Bush was just a liberal in a republican coat, he was in no way a conservative, fiscally.

    I have never seen a President who did not blame his predecessor for the bad state of the country and BHO is no exception. Most stop blaming the previous president after a year but it takes BHO longer than the norm to step up.

    I give the guy some credit and I still get attacked. I feel he will win the election because of several factors:
    The Republicans have no one to run that stands a chance.
    The Media is so in love with Obama that no matter what he does they will only report the good things, same as the last election.
    He will rally the seniors, illegals, union workers and entitlement crowd with more lies and promises.
    He may not be a leader but he is a good politician.

  6. I would only give bushco any credit IF they all admited they were asleep at the fooking wheel when 9/11 happened.

    Corporate media did they job to cover that up and it’s off to Bomb Iraq!

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