Governor Snyder Of Michigan Just Had Two Ice Cream Flavors Named In His Honor, WTF?

A friend of mine, who is an instigator, sent me a link to this story, I’m sure he wants me to declare a boycott of Hudsonville Ice Cream, a local maker of the good stuff….mmmm, me like ice cream. But I haven’t eaten Hudsonville Ice Cream since I discovered Edy’s Slow-Churned Light ice cream, ding (free samples would be cool). But come on, why in the hell would they name an ice cream after a guy who is attempting to gut Michigan of our rights and drive people out of the state, especially seniors? Maybe it is the huge tax breaks they more than likely got from the corporate owned Snyder. From one of our local TV stations website, WOOD TV8…

HOLLAND, Mich. (AP) – Gov. Rick Snyder is scheduled to tour a West Michigan ice cream maker Wednesday and try out two new flavors created in his honor.

The Hudsonville Creamery and Ice Cream Co. has created the two new items containing candy and flavorings from Jogue, a company based in Northville.

Snyder is scheduled to try out the new flavors during a Wednesday morning visit to the ice cream company’s Holland plant.

Later, the governor plans to present the first “Reinventing Michigan” award to Energetx Composites Inc. of Holland.

He’s also scheduled to speak at the annual Tulip Time Festival luncheon before putting on a traditional Dutch costume complete with wooden shoes and marching with first lady Sue Snyder in the Tulip Time parade.

You see that protesters, he’s going to the Tulip Time Festival in Holland. Is it road trip time?

As far as a boycott goes, I personally won’t be buying their ice cream anymore but I would hate to see the people who are employed there get hurt because their corporate overlords are right-wing nuts. Did Governor Granholm have any ice cream named in her honor, I don’t know. Maybe.


4 thoughts on “Governor Snyder Of Michigan Just Had Two Ice Cream Flavors Named In His Honor, WTF?

  1. Isn’t the west side of the state the mecca for Republicans and right wing loons? Another thing EL I got a story for you to do, it seems our friends on the right are having an unholy hissy fit over the rapper Common going to the White House.

    Fox News is calling him a thug rapper, not sure if you’re familiar with Common but I can tell you this dude mostly raps about social issues and social awareness. And the only time(well I heard of) he did go that route was to respond to Ice Cube and his group West Side Connection when they attack him on one of their tracks.

    I guess yo can classify this as when conservatives grasps for straws.

  2. I wouldn’t feel sorry for the employees…I called there and expressed my opinion today is a very professional manner and was hung up on by their receptionist “Lucy” who told me they are free to express their opinion as a business by honoring Snyder. When I asked why they didn’t honor Granholm, I was told, “she didn’t come here.” I would love to know if Hudsonville actually invited Snyder or if Snyder’s PR set it up for him.

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