One thought on “Stand Up For Michigan – Video Of Benton Harbor Parade With Gov. Snyder!

  1. Standing ovation from me and the hubby, Dude!
    I couldn’t tell from the pics in yesterday’s post how many protesters were there but this video shows a very large group hounding him for quite some time on the parade route.

    He looks pissed and at times downright embarrassed. Good, dammit!

    I can’t wait to see what this will evolve into especially with all the interviews you got. I also can’t believe you put this great video together in such a short time. Oh wait! you’re a professional film maker and can pull all this off sick with a toothache and on 4 hours sleep. Amazing!

    You’re gonna show up Michael Moore on this one. While he’s blasting Obama for whatever conjured up complaint he can come up with, you’re documenting how a state can get rid of a corrupt Governor and a GOP led corporate-owned Legislature that’s hell bent on finishing off the middle class, the destruction of Unions and everything that made Michigan so attractive to industry and technology.

    Stand up and take a bow, Jim, because this is what democracy looks like!

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