Governor Rick Snyder Takes His Victory Lap In Benton Harbor Michigan

As with all photos taken by me personally, they are free for the taking. If you want a high resolution version, just email me at

And this close up from the previous photo is for the person who tweeted me hateful comments about the people of Benton Harbor. Look at the faces on these lovely young ladies.


4 thoughts on “Governor Rick Snyder Takes His Victory Lap In Benton Harbor Michigan

  1. That little girl with her hands on her hips is going to grow up to be just like ABL. She’s already got the right stance to take on the GOP and definitely shows some defiant spunk for her young years.

    Was Meijer’s out of rotten eggs and tomatoes? I was worried their eggs and tomatoes would be too fresh for use on Snyder since I’ve never seen produce or dairy products at Meijer’s crappy enough to be used for legitimate protest use.

  2. We were hoping Meijer’s had some nasty ones in the back. :) But seriously, there were a lot of rumors going around about how tight security was going to be. He was surrounded pretty good as you can see from the photos. My first impression upon seeing his face was a smug look. I’ll put a clip of video up maybe tomorrow, the protesters were taunting him the entire way, walking along with him as he went down the road. It was wild. I’m glad I had 5 video cameras and my still camera going all at once.

  3. Brass balls. Huge ones. We’ve got to get rid of this guy (and probably a bunch of his like-minded State Congressman). Recall election can’t come soon enough.

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