Some Beauty To Cleanse The Week With

All photos taken by me personally are free for the taking. If you want a high resolution version of one, just email me at

Photos by Extreme Liberal


6 thoughts on “Some Beauty To Cleanse The Week With

  1. I love tulips, used to visit Holland, Michigan as a kid. But we can’t grow them in Texas unless we dig up the bulbs in the fall, refrigerate them so they can pretend it’s winter, then plant them in February.

  2. Those pictures were taken with a Canon 10D with a 28 – 135mm Canon EFS lens. It’s an old model Canon, taken a few years ago, but I still love the camera even though it is only 6.7 megapixels (from memory). I use a Canon 20D now, but I think I like the chips on the 10D better.

  3. Thanks so much EL. And thanks for the great site. I check on it regularly. You do a great service for Liberal Progressives in this nation who still support the President but not only that who support the rights of the people.

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