Let’s Play “The Semantic Game” And Damage A Milestone For Our Country!

With the killing of Osama bin Laden, we have entered a new era. It’s been kind of surreal watching what has transpired since Sunday night, when the world was turned on it’s head with the successful operation to take out the most wanted man on the planet, America’s arch enemy, the inspiration for the attacks of 9/11 that caused a chain reaction of stupidity by the Bush Administration. The reaction of people in this country was seen by people in many different ways. There was a lot of cognitive dissonance happening in people’s brains. I certainly had mixed feelings about the celebrations and had to step back and think about why it was happening. My gut feeling was that it wasn’t right, presented a horrible visual for our country and wasn’t going to be received very well in the Muslim world. But that didn’t stop me from being glad that he was gone and proud of our President for getting it done.

As I sat in my bed with my laptop on fire, many of us on Twitter were high-fiving each other and I even went and mixed a drink so I could toast with others who had done the same thing. I rarely drink alcohol, so it was a rare occasion for me. I put up a post in the morning that expressed how I felt and my views on it haven’t changed much as the light of day has emerged on the story.

Some of the harsh critics of President Obama on the left immediately began to get righteous and holier-than-thou with their pronouncements about him being unarmed, saying it was an assassination and recently, Michael Moore has called it an execution. I’ve been calling it what it is, we killed him. It seems to me that the semantic games that some of these critics are playing are just attempts to use words to play on people’s emotions, inflame them, and appeal to their inner pacifists. Yesterday, someone commented that no where in the definition is the word “pacifist”. And I cheered. Although I long considered myself a pacifist and if there are degrees of pacifism, I would say mine has changed over the years as I’ve learned more about the harsh realities of the world we live in. When I hear or see people like Michael Moore with their ideological purity that they expect all of us to have, I find myself thinking how naive they are, how unrealistic they are and really how deluded their thinking is. I frequently say to myself “what would they have him do?”

I highly recommend John Cole’s piece over at Balloon Juice, although I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says. Go read it.

So the silly word games that people like Michael Moore are using and the ideological purity test that he and others keep trying to give us needs to stop. That Osama bin Laden character has spent many years using his charisma and money to bring death and destruction to people all over the world and people like Michael Moore aren’t doing themselves any favors by trying to convince us all that we should have given him all the rights and privileges of every ordinary citizen, except there is one problem, Osama bin Laden was not an ordinary person and you are going to have a hard time convincing us that he was. He’s dead, end of story.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Play “The Semantic Game” And Damage A Milestone For Our Country!

  1. I guess these same “pacifists” would have been appalled if someone had put a bullet through the brain of Adolph Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao, Stalin, and many more despots before they had killed millions of people? I would include serial killers like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, etc. I am against the death penalty since here in Texas we keep finding convicted persons on death row who have been found not guilty by DNA testing. Plus, it may be nor more expensive to the state to keep them in a cell for life than to go through the legal expenses of many appeals.

    There are people out there who long ago lost their rights and privileges to be included in the human race by their acts of mass murder, torture, destruction and mayhem. I am a pacifists when it comes to offensive wars but not opposed to fighting defensive battles to protect our families, friends and our nation.

  2. I agree with you and Extreme Liberal. I hate war and protested against the Iraq war here in DC but there are times when war is necessary to stop genocide and people who are clearly threatening our nation.

    We have got to start reminding our fellow Dems that seldom is any issue black and white. For example, murder is illegal and one who commits murder should be subject to being imprisoned. But what about the woman who shoots her abusive husband in self-defense or in defense of her children? Would the GGs, Hamshers or Michael Moores of this party want to exact the same punishment to her as to a man who beat his wife and children to death? I personally believe the woman should not do any time at all because she did what she did in self-defense.

    However, issues like Civil and Constitutional Rights should be seen in black and white. If I have the right as a heterosexual female to marry who I want to then the same should be afforded to a person who is LGBT to marry who they want.

    We used to be the party that advocated for the shades of gray. We used to be able to see the complexities of life and we demanded that all factors be considered not just the ones that were most convenient before making decisions and adopting opinions. We used to believe in allowing ourselves to alter our opinions if presented with new information.
    When did we start becoming like the Republicans and seeing everything in black and white?

    I am tired of being called a hypocrite because I do not conform to someone else’s definition of being a liberal. I have a right to my beliefs just as GG, Hampsher and Michael Moore do without constantly being attacked as not belonging to whatever opinions they define as being the ideal liberal/ progressive.

    If were going to go forward in the Dem Party, we have to let go of demanding conformity from each other as some kind of qualifier to join or stay in the club. we have to start calling people out for being so rigid and demanding conformity because that are the qualities that form the basis of Republican/ Conservative beliefs.

    Killing OBL was the right thing to do in my opinion. He lost his right to justice long ago when he organized and ordered the murders of the thousands of human beings in the many terrorists acts he’s committed both before 9/11, on 9/11 and after. I have much more important things that worry my conscience than worrying about whether OBL was executed or not.

  3. Right on feralike. We were a “Big Tent” party in 2008 and WON. But if the ideologues on the left require we all pass THEIR litmus test, then we are only letting the right-wing take over completely in 2012. Of course the masochists would like this, would give them a chance to feel persecuted, again.

  4. I use to like Michael Moore but now I think he’s just a “grub clicker” and I have no use for him.

    bin laden is dead and Michael Moore is whining along with Alan Dershowitz and anyone else who’s an opportunistic attentionwhore. And, that wouldn’t be so easy to say except I know their records of incredulous whines.

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