Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…President Obama Keeps Plugging Away At It!

Here is Steve Benen’s updated chart that shows the stark difference between Bush’s job creation and President Obama’s. Go read his article on it here. H/T to The Maddow Blog…


7 thoughts on “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…President Obama Keeps Plugging Away At It!

  1. I think what that chart shows after the Democrats took the majority in congress is the start of the decline. We really need to wait until the adjusted numbers come out.
    Unemployment is now 9%, just shows how statistics can be misleading.

  2. This REAL TOPIC here is about the unemployment record since President Obama took office, but now our REICHwing TROLL Atlanta Ralph cannot stand any success under our first black president and tries to divert attention to the Democratic House of Representatives during Bush’s last two years. The big slide started the last year of Bush in office (see chart linked below). The first year Democrats took over in the House in 2007 (not the Senate) the unemployment was more stable, even decreasing the first few months into 2007. Note also that unemployment spiked when Bush and his totally Republican Congress took over in January 2001 after a low handed over to Bush by Bill Clinton.

    But we know our TROLL Ralph hates poor unemployed folks and would love to see their misery remain until November 2012. More important to get rid of President Obama than decrease misery among our people

  3. Here’s the unemployment chart from January 2001 when Bush was first inaugurated to the present…from our Department of Labor:

  4. notice that Huffington Post says not the right kind of jobs. Any accomplishment Obama makes is riddled with attacks from the media.

  5. Huffington, like her fellow REICHwingnuts, can’t seem to note any positives for President Obama, either. She is probably talking about the 60,000 new jobs at McDonald’s so I guess helping tens of thousands get off unemployment checks isn’t good enough. A REAL job to Ariana is to be a millionaire blogger who makes a killing off getting others to write for her blog, in many cases FOR FREE. Since so many REAL jobs were outsourced overseas in the past decade, we have to reverse that flow. That won’t be easy.

  6. The unemployment rate and jobs filled would be a lot higher if people wanted to work. There are several hundred thousand jobs waiting to be filled but they are not the “right job”.

    Corruption and Unions have driven manufacturing oversees and they won’t come back until the stupids in charge decide to lower taxes on corporations and enact a fair tax. It is far easier to “tax the rich” than do what is needed by overhauling the tax system.

    I don’t hate the unemployed because it is their choice and the government just encourages it by extending unemployment benefits.

  7. Our heartless TROLL Atlanta Ralph really hates anyone not as well off as he is. Gee, 3055 new applicants in Alabama have just filed for unemployment insurance checks because their places of employment were just blown away by tornadoes.

    Research by the San Francisco Federal Reserve has found that workers who qualify for unemployment benefits stay unemployed only 1.6 weeks longer than those who do not qualify for such benefits.
    Could it be that most people would rather WORK for a larger paycheck than barely get by on an unemployment check??? I imagine our greedy TROLL Atlanta Ralph (who hates any of his tax monies going to relieve anyone less fortunate than he is….Jeebus loves him!) approves of Florida becoming one of the stingiest states now under their Republican majority. Adding insult to injury, the money Florida saves from cutting unemployment benefits will be used to reduce business taxes in a state where the corporate tax rate is already exceedingly low. Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott had been looking to cut corporate taxes even further.

    Ralph hates the unemployed because in his mind, they are just all worthless, lazy, dark-skinned folks.

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