Racism And Politics Are More Powerful Than Patriotism!

Watch out, I’m about to rant. Profanity warning!!!

What – In – The – Fuck is wrong with this fucking country that the racists and right-wing partisans (one in the same) can actually protest the President of the United States going to ground zero after having killed the man responsible for the attacks of 9/11. I think I’ve lost any sliver of respect I had for these assholes who are obviously driven by their fucking racist hatred for our first black president. There can be no other reason.

Remember back to 9/11 when the whole country rallied around our one president, after the most contentious election in modern times. Democrats weren’t partisan, they stood behind President Bush, even if they had to hold their noses. There was no criticism from anyone that got any attention. I’m sure there was some out there, but they didn’t get paraded on the cable news shows to undermine our one and only President. I am so fucking disgusted with this bullshit that just keeps pouring out of the right-wing and the media, who are their enablers, and in many cases are the driving force behind it. Only after the Bush administration decided to use the event to push their stupid ass agenda of owning Iraq for no fucking reason at all, did the left start to ask serious questions, based in fact I have to say, not the lies and innuendo that drives the GOP these days.

I’ve written before about how up until the election of President Barack Obama, national security has always been pretty much a non-partisan affair. It used to be that politicians never criticized our country on foreign soil, it was not done. Not anymore, the extreme hatred for President Obama has obliterated that concept and many others. The wingnuts who are now running the GOP have no shame, no honor and in my opinion are unpatriotic and should be thrown on the stinking waste pile along with their new ideological leader, Donald Trump.

I hope the President gives a speech that shames those motherfuckers back into their rat holes and exposes their unpatriotic, shameless, racist asses for the whole world to see.


7 thoughts on “Racism And Politics Are More Powerful Than Patriotism!


    It also brings to mind when GWB was at the end of his term and was visiting Iran and the dude threw the shoe at him. Liberals (at least the ones I know) rallied behind THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, even though we couldn’t stand him we didn’t think it was cool for somebody to disrespect the office or despised office holder.

  2. As Leonard Pitts, Jr., has written, Barack Obama is guilty of “Presidentin’ while BLACK!”

    I mean, we just saw: the president of the United States required to show his papers, like some brother caught driving too nice a car in too nice a neighborhood after dark.


    Driving while black can be dangerous as shown by the story of a clean-cut black college student who was shot by the Bellaire, Texas police in front of his own home (allegedly going for a weapon which he didn’t even have!). You see the young man’s parents (his dad is retired major league baseball player Bobby Tolan) CAN AFFORD to live in the upper-middle-class mostly WHITE suburb of Houston. Their son seemingly had no right to drive through HIS pristine neighborhood and park HIS car in his family’s driveway!

    BTW, the WHITE cop who shot the kid in his family’s driveway was found NOT guilty!

  3. This takes the cake that WWE rewrites their own history. But it is not surprising knowing that the Word Wrestling Entertainment is owned by Vince and Linda McMahon, right-wing gazillionaire Republicans (Linda lost her U.S. Senate bid).

    Right after wrestler/actor John Cena had won the “championship” match Sunday night on Pay-per-view, Cena announced the death of Osama Bin Laden. In reality, Cena addressed the audiences that President Obama has just announced the death of Bin Laden. However, on the WWE website, the words of “the president” have been edited out. Of course the majority of the millions of WWE fans are white, redneck knuckle-draggers so probably don’t care and hate Obama anyway.


    There had been proof that WWE did this editing as the whole short message HAD been on YouTube but see now that the powerful McMahon’s have caused YouTube to cease and desist, you know copyright!:

    The WWE has had some black wrestlers in their stable, Booker T, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin and Orlando Jordan for examples of some who reached mid-level status. But none ever reached WWE super star status, often paired up in tag teams with a white wrestler, or played the role of villains. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an exception but he is multi-racial (½ Samoan, ¼ white Canadian, ¼ African-American). “The Rock” has a fantastic physique (possibly enhanced with steroids) and is a Hollywood actor with a huge fan following. And like many WWE “champions” he is good acting on the microphone, too.

  4. Today, I watched the wreath ceremony at Ground Zero (sarcastically called “victory laps by Fox News’ Glenn Beck) and per usual switched between channels including Faux News (as unlike REICH trolls, I do read/view conservative sources, too).

    While the credible news outlets showed what was going on in real time…an empathetic President Obama giving his support to the many who will always mourn…and also interviewing people most affected by 9/11, those who lost family and friends, FOX instead was showing SILENT video of the same ceremony in smaller split screen while also having a live panel discussion about whether or not the Bush/Cheney “enhanced” interrogation played a role in the capture of Bin Laden (and the few talking heads I watched for a few minutes gave little real credit to OUR current president).

    Thankfully, we have Media Matters to watch Fox News so I don’t have to. It is an outrage that this sheer propaganda outfit has purchased such access to American minds (or maybe better said, the mindless voters).


  5. Don’t know why everything now is in boldface and even carrying on to the next posting. I checked my first posting and it was done in compliance with HTML markers. Maybe I will avoid such highlighting.

  6. It seems it hard for black wrestlers to win and hold on to their respective wrestling companies’ world or heavy weight championships. It seems the best they can do is be a tag team champion,United States champion or the intercontinental champion(pretty much the same thing as the US champion).

    The one black wrestler that earned a shot to take part in that match that video was from was replace with a white superstar cuz he “lost” his spot in a match.

    I admit I watched Monday Night Raw and all they show at the start of the show were clips of Bush talking when 9/11 happen then they show his blow horn stunt and they leap ahead to John Cena announcing that Bin Laden was dead nothing from President Obama’s announcement. I think the last black wrestler outside the Rock that won a title and held on to the title longer than one Pay Per View was Booker T.

  7. My partner loves WWE, but refuses to pay the high rip-off Pay-for-View shows that have helped to make the McMahons filthy rich. He also likes NASCAR but then he was a Republican when we met. I helped to convince him that the Republicans weren’t the friend of the military that they falsely promote that they are. Now he has become a vocal Democrat, so I won’t push him to abandoning WWE and NASCAR.

    Isn’t it nice for the McMahons to revise history for their millions of fans? Maybe George Soros needs to start a wrestling league!! ;)

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