President Barack Obama – A Man Of The People!

As I listened to the families of the victims of 9/11 talk about meeting President Obama and the effect that he had on them, I heard several times that he was genuine, caring and very sincere in his meetings with them. It made me want to pull out some more photos of the President when he was still a candidate for the job. How can anyone look at that warm smile and that genuineness and call him the names they do, or assign the motives they do, or doubt his worthiness to be president. The reason this man was elected president is because for those people who aren’t slanted by their racism or ideological bent, they see that he is extremely intelligent, caring, warm and a person who really does want to help people. I continue to be proud of his great leadership and drive.

Photos by Extreme Liberal


2 thoughts on “President Barack Obama – A Man Of The People!

  1. Thanks for these photos, EL. I just saw a video of President Obama and someone from the Military place the Wreath in front of The Survivor Tree(a pear tree that survived the burning wreckage on 9/11) and I’m all verklempt.

    With this bit of news that..

    “The president will meet the SEALs’ elite Team 6 Friday at Fort Campbell, Ky., the second day in a row Obama will leave Washington to commemorate Sunday’s precision assassination of bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan.”

  2. Watch Obama be condemned for what Glenn Beck calls taking “victory laps” over the graves of our martyrs. Of course Bush, McCain, Guiliani have made several trips to Ground Zero, but the sight of a black man there placing a wreath?

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