Photos Of President Obama – My Personal Photos

I had a press pass for this speech for video and stills. I took about 400 photos and these are some of my favorites. I’d love to have Pete Souza’s job.

All above photos taken by Extreme Liberal and available to use as you please. If you need a higher resolution, just ask.


7 thoughts on “Photos Of President Obama – My Personal Photos

  1. You know what? So many Republicans and the like say Obama is a Communist. Yet in Canada, we see him as a Middle-left politician. Hardly a Communist.


    Why is that? Why are the minds of so many Americans so skewered and tiny minded?

  2. And too many Americans think that Canadians, the Brits, and most Europeans are evil socialists. Most know nothing about anything outside of our borders and probably don’t realize that Canada just elected a totally conservative government! Since most here don’t even recognize their own elected officials like Senators, judges, I am sure a majority of Americans don’t even know who Stephen Harper is (plus don’t even care)!

    Many of those Americans who like to put down “Eurotrash” as they sometimes call Europeans (you know the ancestors of most Americans!) have never been out of their states, maybe never left their counties, but love to chant, “USA! USA! USA!” while wearing their flag pins. Jingoism is alive and well, here. I have been in all 50 states here (even 13 states in Mexico) and 42 nations on every continent save for Antarctica, and there are many places I’ve seen where I could enjoy a great life. I’ve lived in six states but choose to live in Texas because I have dozens of family members living here.

  3. Must be those hate mongers you run with. I have never heard anyone I associate with call Canadians and Brits socialists. New word for me “Eurotrash” but can’t see ever using it because it is so degrading.

    I think most Americans have been to a state other than the one they were born in. Most Americans do not have an inheritance to live on and have to work but I do envy you having visited all 50 states. Work does interfere with fun.

  4. Nice try TROLL Atlanta Ralph. I don’t run with haters, they are not the kind of persons I wish to spend my life being around. Going on age 72, I don’t have much time to waste, either. The “hate mongers” you reference were ones I’ve read at REICH-wing websites (and TROLLS everywhere else). Not familiar with these sites? You don’t get your talking points from any of them?

    My TEAMSTER UNION Dad loved to drive, even on his vacations and he drove our family to nearly every state east of the Mississippi before I left high school. Although our family mainly came to the USA after the Civil War, my Dad liked to visit battlefields all over the South where I learned there were still black and white water fountains/toilets yet in our nation in the 40’s and 50’s. Thanks to my working-class parents, I learned a lot of history traveling as a kid (which even helped me on a College Entrance Exam).

    BTW, I visited MOST of these United States while I was EMPLOYED in the construction industry outside of the many years spent here in Texas. I built homes, apartments on the West Coast, ski condos in the Mountain West, and in the Mid-South I was a licensed general contractor in Tennessee and also built out part of a subdivision of luxury homes in northern Alabama. So many of these visits of mine were either by traveling to-and-from jobs or taking weekend retreats, nearby. I’ve only visited Alaska and Hawaii since retirement, traveling on cruise ships.

    I saw most of Western Europe my first time during jaunts from my JOBS, working two years in the Middle East, so those respites were paid for in most part by employers who provide travel, room and board as perks to very good salaries working in that part of the World. Even then, job turnover and contract breaking is most common in a sometimes dangerous region and a very hot desert.

    My how jealous is our TROLL Atlanta Ralph that I received an inheritance from my UNION blue-collar parents (mostly invested in stocks and bonds that soon cratered under George W. Bush). Thanks to my late parents, I can enjoy my Golden Years and not have to stumble around some run-down pensioners’ hotel. I travel low-season, know a good deal when I see it, and don’t jet around like some fat-cat Republican.

    Never met you, Ralph, and you don’t need to worry I will ever knock on your door (refer to my second sentence), but I am sure GREEN doesn’t become you.

  5. I do try to be green as much as possible. My wife recycles and I prefer reusable products instead of disposable.

    You really didn’t comment on who says Canadians are socialists, guess no one.

    Giving Bush all the credit for the collapse, to be fair the Democrat controlled congress have as much or more credit for bringing the country down, Frank, Dodd, Waters and their nodoc mortgage push. There is plenty of blame to go around for the mess created.

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