I’m Declaring A Moratorium On Right-Wing Trolls Until Further Notice – Join Me!

I had several comments that I deleted with extreme prejudice this morning…trying to give credit to Bush and attempting to spin this in their warped way. Fuck it, I’m not giving them a platform for their bullshit propaganda. What we saw last night after the announcement, although a little strange to comprehend, was our country coming together and putting an end to a chapter in our history that should have been ended many years ago. This isn’t political, it is our national security, it is closure for all those who suffered on 9/11 and it is a healing process so we might move on from the horrible memories of 9/11.

Stop the trolls from ruining this moment and attempting to rewrite history as it is happening.


17 thoughts on “I’m Declaring A Moratorium On Right-Wing Trolls Until Further Notice – Join Me!

  1. I agree, thank you. I am not interested in what repugs have to say. The repugs wanted to shut the government down.

  2. As far as I see it: Obama killed Osama and this fact pisses the republicans off to no end because Obama just killed their best friend that they could have used against Obama in election time.

  3. Good for you — we are already hearing/seeing too much from those ‘repugs’. Your decision will sure make this one of safer places to visit. We can be assured of good posts, and will be safe from those ‘anti-Obama’, etc. people(?) who like causing/smearing hate, hollering lies, etc.

    Have a wonderful week — BJF

  4. Thanks for kicking their soap boxes from out under them. I already visited Free Republic and seen enough trolls already, even the conspiracy theories about Obama really just planned the campaign rally in front of the White House last night, that Obama even helped organize the electronic Tweeter “flashmob” of students to meet in Lafayette Park.

    I see that Peggy Noonan is supporting fellow Republicans Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snow to have Osama bin Laden’s gruesome death photos released:

    BTW, Noonan fears Obama can beat the more insane Republicans who are running for president:



  5. Watch for the Muslim haters to come out of the woodwork because Bin Laden was buried according to Muslim practices. Obama did note last night that Bin Laden was NOT a Muslim leader, in fact had been responsible for murdering many Muslims, too. Like circumcision, kosher-like halal laws, Muslims, like their Jewish brethren, do not embalm and have to bury within 24 hours of death. Even though he might not deserve it in the minds of many, he was treated as a human being after death.

  6. ”Good! There is no time for their wilfull ignorance..just a needless distraction. There’s a quote I read on DFP where bush says: “”I don’t know where [Osama bin Laden] is. You know, I just don’t spend that much time on him…I truly am not that concerned about him.”
    ~President Bush, Press Conference, 3/13/02

    And, to prove it..the little smug idiot bombed Iraq on March 20, 2003

    This is another bush mess that President Obama has cleaned up..deal with it, trolls.

    Oh yeah, and you can bet the gop candidates would try to “hang” this on Obama if bin laden hadn’t been captured or killed on his watch.

    bush-cheney were asleep at the wheel when 9/11 happened and along comes President Obama and gets the job done.

  7. Sorry, I need to edit that first sentence but too late. I meant to say..”Good! There is no time for their wilfull ignorance..just a needless distraction.

    Didn’t get much sleep last night..the “news” and lightening in my face all night long. :-)

  8. Obama showed a lot of guts, as if this operation had gone badly, like the Delta Force raid in Iran in 1980, Obama would have been blamed just as President Carter was blamed, possibly costing him the election against Raygun/Bush.


    Ronnie and Poppy Bush making secret deals with Iran, selling them guns through Israeli middlemen, didn’t help Carter’s attempt to extricate the American hostages, either. In essence Raygun/Bush EXTENDED their imprisonment for an EXTRA NINE MONTHS. But didn’t the Raygun/Bush “ends” justify not rescuing them? Misery is okay as long as it not YOUR misery.

  9. I’m late to the party it seems the Bush gets an assist meme IS the latest talking point. Bush can’t be blame for the issues the country still has but Bush can get equal or greater credit for sending Bin Laden to the afterlife.

    I say let’s make t-shirts saying OK Repubs if you want Bush to take credit for OBL’s death then he should take the blame for the econ. collapse.

  10. Good call to bury at sea, no shrine can be built. Who gets the credit, the military for doing it, US intelligence for finding it and Obama for pulling the trigger.

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