How Stupid Is Donald Trump? The Boycott Of NBC Continues!

Based on the responses I’ve received after calling for a Boycott of NBC, I know that I’m not the only person incensed by the “carnival barker” Donald Trump. And I really mean no disrespect to carnival workers, they aren’t all like the stereotype that we are used to seeing. I’m sure the President meant no disrespect either and chose those words in lieu of a few choice words he would have rather used. If only I could be a fly on the wall of the Oval Office. :)

I have really been trying not to watch any more Donald Trump packages on the cable news networks, but I can’t help but read and hear some of it. The more I hear from him, the more I think he is really fucking stupid as well as racist, and I posit that you have to be really fucking stupid to be a racist, anyway. As he talks about how “very, very successful” he is and how he has built “a great company”, he doesn’t seem to realize that there are millions of people in this country who will never visit a single hotel or property of his. who will never watch a TV show with his arrogant, elitist, racist ass on it and as a matter of fact, there is a growing group of people who are consciously boycotting his sponsors and NBC, the network that has given him a platform to spew his vile, hateful, white elitist bullshit. MSNBC, a sister station, has been just as bad, with the exception of the evening opinion shows. I’ve had a feeling since Keith Olbermann left, that the writing is on the wall for the rest of the liberal evening lineup. I hope I’m wrong, because moving into election season, we need some sanity to level out the craziness that I’m sure is going to be even more over the top in the next election.

So, if “The Donald” thinks that alienating, offending and hurting millions of people across this country is a good business move, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell his dumb ass. And what he has done HAS hurt a lot of people across this country. He has brought back an era of hate that many of us have long hoped was dead. He’s given racists comfort by his subtle and not so subtle racist appeals to the “devils of our worst nature”…to twist around the powerful words of the second greatest president, Abraham Lincoln…

“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”
— Abraham Lincoln

Goldie Taylor’s incredible words the other day are just one example of the pain he has wrought on our country. Baratunde Thurston touched on similar themes and showed us why this sideshow Donald Trump should be relegated to the trash heap of history – the stinky, nasty pile of rotting food and waste where the vultures of history can pick at his rotting memory.

Abe, I hope you are right.

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I will not watch a single show on NBC until Donald Trump is gone.I’m dead serious. I encourage you to do the same and I will be posting the names and addresses of advertisers on his show and NBC executives as soon as I get a chance. This is serious, people, Donald Trump is a blatant racist and shouldn’t be allowed to spread his racist propaganda on television. We have to hit them hard and force them to get rid of that asshole.

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Update III: Are we having an impact? From ThinkProgress

We also need to THANK sponsors who hear the message and support standing up to racism and race-baiting.

Moments ago, a Groupon representative announced that, in the future, they will block their advertisements from appearing on The Apprentice website.

You can contact Enterprise Rental Car, which is telling customers they don’t sponsor The Apprentice, but are currently advertising on their website.

Update Groupon ads previously appeared on The Apprentice website. After hearing a bunch of complaints today, Groupon announced that they will not be advertising on The Apprentice website in the future. But Groupon spokesperson Julie Mossler does not consider placing website advertisements a “sponsorship.” In apparently related news, she also says the company will not offer Groupons for abortions. You can read Ms. Mossler’s statement here.
And Vince gave us these links and ideas in the comments, thanks Vince
To add, here’s a list of businesses to boycott for starters: Donald Trump Casinos/Resorts, Universal/NBC, Google, Facebook, Indianaplois 500. More comprehensive list on

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Update: If you have the time and want to express how you feel about the outrageous, sideshow and carnival barker (no offense to carnival people, really) Donald Trump, let the sponsors of his NBC show know that you will not watch that show or the network until Donald Trump is fired. I’ve called and sent several emails myself today, spend some time and hit Donald Trump where it hurts HIM the most, in his wallet.

Sponsors of Celebrity Apprentice

Enterprise Rental Car

Clorox Bleach

Sprint-Nextel Cellphones

Bristol-Myers Squibb

The Walt Disney Company


NBC Executives who might want to know how you feel too.

NBC Entertainment Rebecca Marks Executive Vice President, Publicity 818-777-3030 |

Universal Pictures Cindy Gardner Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs 818-777-2581 |

Universal Media Studios Curt King Senior Vice President, Publicity 818-777-3655 |

Adriene Bowles Focus Features President, Worldwide Publicity and Executive VP, Marketing 818-777-7499 |

The Birther Racism Continues – Can I Rant A Minute?

Look out, I’m about to rant. Warning, profanity is to follow. Republicans still don’t fucking get it, now they have shifted their racist talking points to “why did it take so long for him to release it, I don’t understand”. My answer to that stupid question is BECAUSE HE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO YOU FUCKING IDIOT! What other president in our history has EVER had to do it before? And obviously they don’t fucking understand it because it comes from a dark, xenophobic part of their hate-filled souls which has been confirmed by the media and leaders in the Republican party. It is fucking disgusting that we are even talking about this bullshit when their are important issues like people starving in our own country, people being forced out of their homes, people unable to care for thier children and crazy, dictatorial governors who are wielding axes on the poor, women, children, students and anyone else they can bludgeon who isn’t a member of their fucking country club.

As a white man who was raised to respect all people and to stand up to hatred and bigotry with force, I’ve experienced this subtle, “if they only went along” mentality and I’ve jumped down many people’s throats to reveal their fucking bigotry. I’ve lost a few friends that way, but I don’t need any bigoted or racist friends in my life. During the election, I remember a professor at the university I work at saying that the only reason Barack Obama got the nomination was because of affirmative action within the Democratic Party. Standing in the hallway outside my office, I jumped down his fucking throat, called him a petty fucking racist and many other choice words. This wingnut Republican who poses as this friendly, funny guy is masking his bigotry and hatred and it is because of people like him that we have this type of bullshit in the year 2011. I still have a hard time even looking at the man now, and he acts all nice to me still as if nothing ever happened. He may be reading this, sometimes I think he is one of the trolls who sends hateful comments to me that I don’t post.

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Dump Trump – Think Progress Has It!

From Think Progress…

Moments ago on CNN, acclaimed historian and author Douglas Brinkley pinned the blame for the reemergence of birtherism on NBC Entertainment for giving real estate mogul Donald Trump a primetime platform. Brinkley called on NBC to immediately drop Trump’s show, The Apprentice, from its lineup. If NBC decides to keep Trump on the air, Brinkley called on corporate sponsors to pull their ads or face a massive consumer boycotts:

We don’t have to blame “the media” for dealing with this issue. We have to blame NBC Entertainment. They need to dump Trump from his primetime news show. He’s a poison toad on the airwaves. What corporate sponsor is going to be buying ad time for Donald Trump’s show. Any company that goes into Trump and is willing to pay is going to find consumer boycott like they’ve never seen before. If you are going to do what Trump did and go after the President of the United States in such a grotesque and disingenuous way you better cough up the goods. Today the Obama administration has shown what a charlatan Donald Trump really is.

The Antidote To Trump And The Birthers

The only real answer to the racism that is “floating” around out there is education, information and people sharing it with people who are ignorant. I’m pasting the lyrics to the Stevie Wonder song Black Man from the album “Songs In The Key Of Life” below. A little name drop, my brother Rod sat in on a session at Stevie Wonder’s Electric Ladyland Studios when they were recording the song Pastime Paradise for this album. Another great tune. I remember the first time I heard the album, my brother had promo copy of it before its release, every song was amazing even on the first listen. You need this album/CD in your collection. As I was reading through the titles of the songs on that album, I decided I need to listen to the whole thing again. Love Is In Need Of Love Today, Joy Inside My Tears, Ordinary Pain…ah, definitely going to listen on my commute home today….

Black Man by Stevie Wonder, lyrics courtesy of (I don’t vouch for the spelling of names)

First man to die
For the flag we now hold high (Crispus Attucks)
Was a black man

The ground were we stand
With the flag held in our hand
Was first the redman’s

Guide of a ship
On the first Columbus trip (Pedro Alonzo Nino)
Was a brown man

The railroads for trains
Came on tracking that was laid
By the yellow man

We pledge allegiance
All our lives
To the magic colors
Red, blue and white
But we all must be given
The liberty that we defend
For with justice not for all men
History will repeat again
It’s time we learned
This World Was Made For All Men

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