Bill Maher Gives Platform For Race-baiter Andrew Breitbart – Come on!

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I have a real love/hate thing for Bill Maher. Sometimes he is so dead on and just nails it and other times he’s in a completely different mindset than I am, to put it politely. I listen to the podcast of his show and heard the previous show where Andrew Breitbart was on along with Seth McFarland, it’s been a while though. tipped me off to the post reminding us how much fun Bill and Andrew had the last time Bill elevated and legitimized the charlatan on his HBO show. I guess giving sideshows and charlatan’s a stage to spread their hate is all the rage these days. I know Bill will probably respond with free speech, which is of course very true…in a Sarah Palin kind of way (if you know what I mean). But broadcasters and media make choices all the time about who will come on their show and I really think making the choice to give Breitbart more fame and notoriety only hurts us all. If the man had a single ounce of credibility, then sure, but this man is an admitted con-artist…exposed multiple times. Yet Dylan Ratigan and Bill Maher both seem to help the man further his charade. From James Rucker at Jack & Jill Politics…

We learned yesterday that Andrew Breitbart will be appearing on Bill Maher’s show tonight. This will be the second time Breitbart has appeared there since he was exposed as a race-baiting con artist during the Shirley Sherrod incident. It’s bad enough that Breitbart gets any airtime on Maher’s show. Worse, Maher completely softballed Breitart when he had him on in September. He called Breitbart a “publisher and journalist” and completely failed to point out that Breitbart repeatedly launches racially-charged smear campaigns based in deception and lies. Whether he knew it or not, Maher was helping rehabilitate Breitbart’s image, and unless he’s very clear tonight about Breitbart’s record, he’ll do it again.

He has a phone number and a script if you want to call and let Real Time with Bill Maher know how you feel about an admitted con-artist getting exposure on his show. At the least, it would be nice if the man were actually challenged with facts and forced to stand up for his lies and be accountable. His Acorn and Shirley Sherrod episodes were disgusting in so many ways, it makes my stomach churn listening to the man. I’ll have to skip this weeks episode.


8 thoughts on “Bill Maher Gives Platform For Race-baiter Andrew Breitbart – Come on!

  1. It’s not that media whores like Breitbart, Coulter, Malkin, Ingraham and their ilk get ENOUGH time (or income) appearing on Faux News in order to “catapault the propaganda”, other outlets, including MSNBC, also feel they MUST (for ratings?) give them even more air time to spew their vicious, racist lies.

    Tonight’s lineup on Maher’s show includes “liberals” Gov. Deval Patrick of Massachusetts and GRIT TV’s Laura Flanders. Republican strategist Mark McKinnon will be his other conservative guest, so maybe Maher thinks he is just being “fair and balanced” (I doubt it as he lives on ratings, too). Hollywood producer, John Waters will be interviewed.

    I don’t even like to see Breitbart given the dignity of being described as a conservative as I know many REAL conservatives (many in my family) who are not blatant liars nor racists. Breitbart is just another Trump, but without the combover.

    Flanders will be promoting her new book, “At The Tea Party”, where she writes that it’d be foolish to laugh off Tea Party antics. She contends that the noise on the Right may not be the country’s greatest threat. “The racket on the right is bad,” says Flanders, “but worse is the hush on the left!” But aren’t the firebaggers making up for that???

  2. Which is the reason I’m no longer watching Maher. He seems to have sold out, most likely to pressure. Another major issue I have with him is that he has jumped on the “support Israel” bandwagon, and now appears to be bashing Arabs and Muslims, as when he had on Keith Ellison (DFL-MN) who is a Muslim congressperson.

  3. Maher has long considered himself to be a Libertarian (but in the “legalize pot” sense, not in the Ron Paul way of thinking). Maher’s mother Julie Berman was Jewish which by temple law makes Bill fully Jewish in a matriarchal culture. However, his mother was secular and he was allowed to be raised in his father’s Roman Catholic faith until his dad had a falling out with the church over birth control. So in his teens, Maher had began his trek into atheism. It does seem that blood is sometimes thicker than water and it takes a strong-minded Jew to not go along with the Zionists (and you’d think Bill would qualify as “strong-minded”). I have several Jews married into my family, not so religious but most are pro-Israel. My Israeli grand-nephew was naturalized as an American citizen this past week. His daughter, my great-grandniece, by Israeli law was a dual citizen the day she was born in Texas.

  4. So glad you mentioned all this, Grant. I was aware of the Jewish ancestry, but not of the Libertarian viewpoint. I sense that as long as Bill promotes the Israeli view, his show will continue successfully. They tend to hold their people tightly together. Interesting that I instinctively avoided watching the show last night, while I have tended to watch it faithfully. I am completely turned off by Zionists and anyone who supports them.

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