A Letter To NBC From A Young Woman – Why Donald Trump Is Dangerous

This is an excerpt of a comment that was left in the comments of a previous post. It expressed a point that has been missing in the conversation on this clown Trump, from Pamela Ranberg

This is the last message I will send to NBC. I am a 61-year young African-American female who has enjoyed NBC for years. I just need to inform you how disappointed I am with you as a network. This is the network that was saved by Bill Cosby. Donald Trump is an ignorant clown, but I do not blame him for the mess he has created. Your network created this monster and now you can enjoy each other. Disagreement over politics is one thing, but now Trump is on your network with his reality show, while running a campaign to prove Mr. Obama did not write his books, or earn his position at Harvard. You know the claim has no truth to it but who cares, if it increases your ratings?

What does this say to every young black person who finally felt they can be whatever they want to, if they work hard? What does it say to my generation, survivors of segregation? It says that a white man can run around telling lies that diminish the reputation of a good black man, and have a television show at the same time. NBC is now partners in encouraging a public lynching to get ratings. You are helping to destroy the idea that a black man is smart enough to write a book or attend an Ivy League school. You are helping to put blacks in our place by reminding us the White House is just that, THE WHITE’S ONLY HOUSE. You as a network have a problem. You have no genuine respect for African Americans. As long as Al Roker is grinning on the Today Show “the blacks” should be happy.


2 thoughts on “A Letter To NBC From A Young Woman – Why Donald Trump Is Dangerous

  1. This is a powerful point..thanks for posting, EL.

    I hate that it has come to this but who didn’t see the corporatemediawhores spirialing downward into the bottomless abyss from their actions and “coverage” just over the last 10 years.. that I’ve been paying attention?

  2. I agree with most of her sentiment – but – Al Roker is not a symptom of the problem and we (and she) should not make him as one. Instead, we should boycott all advertisers and advertisements on all things NBC Universal!

    We African-Americans must continue to lift one another and our young ones and let them know that no matter what they hear, see, read or watch, they can achieve ANYTHING they want to!! We must also let other ethnicities know that we are watching who is standing loudly with us and who is watching idly by.

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