The Birther Racism Continues – Can I Rant A Minute?

Look out, I’m about to rant. Warning, profanity is to follow. Republicans still don’t fucking get it, now they have shifted their racist talking points to “why did it take so long for him to release it, I don’t understand”. My answer to that stupid question is BECAUSE HE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO YOU FUCKING IDIOT! What other president in our history has EVER had to do it before? And obviously they don’t fucking understand it because it comes from a dark, xenophobic part of their hate-filled souls which has been confirmed by the media and leaders in the Republican party. It is fucking disgusting that we are even talking about this bullshit when their are important issues like people starving in our own country, people being forced out of their homes, people unable to care for thier children and crazy, dictatorial governors who are wielding axes on the poor, women, children, students and anyone else they can bludgeon who isn’t a member of their fucking country club.

As a white man who was raised to respect all people and to stand up to hatred and bigotry with force, I’ve experienced this subtle, “if they only went along” mentality and I’ve jumped down many people’s throats to reveal their fucking bigotry. I’ve lost a few friends that way, but I don’t need any bigoted or racist friends in my life. During the election, I remember a professor at the university I work at saying that the only reason Barack Obama got the nomination was because of affirmative action within the Democratic Party. Standing in the hallway outside my office, I jumped down his fucking throat, called him a petty fucking racist and many other choice words. This wingnut Republican who poses as this friendly, funny guy is masking his bigotry and hatred and it is because of people like him that we have this type of bullshit in the year 2011. I still have a hard time even looking at the man now, and he acts all nice to me still as if nothing ever happened. He may be reading this, sometimes I think he is one of the trolls who sends hateful comments to me that I don’t post.

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I’ll tell a quick story that reveals why I care so much about this issue. There was an incident that happened when I was very young, it’s probably my earliest memory of childhood. My father was a man who had the biggest heart in the world, loved everyone, frequently gave out hugs and kisses and didn’t stand for people disrespecting anyone. My older brothers tell me that I remind them of him in a lot of ways. He passed away in 1968 when I was 6 years old. I don’t have very many memories of him at all. The incident that happened was that my dad brought home a friend and his wife for dinner one night, they happened to be African American. Well one of the racist neighbors apparently started talking trash about them and my dad. I remember very vividly as I followed my dad marching down the street and up to this racists front door. He pounded hard on the door, I was probably about 5 feet behind my dad with a couple other brothers. My dad proceeded to tongue lash that motherfucker and diminish him to about 2 inches tall in front of a gathering crowd. I remember the words “he is more of a man than you will ever be” and I think I heard a few words for the first time, coming out of my normally fun, loving, caring dad. That event had a profound effect on me and has guided my thinking to this day. I stand up to racism, especially when a white person whispers, or insinuates something racist as if all us white people think the same. Nothing pisses me off more than that and I continue to stand up to that kind of hatred whenever I see or hear it.

That event put a rift in the neighborhood, it drew a line in the sand between the racists and the good people. We lived a block away from the railroad tracks that separated the white population from the African American population and during the 60’s, there was a lot of tension as you can imagine. A story that my brother remembers is another illustration of how my dad was. The former BET host of “Live From LA With Tanya Hart”, Tanya Hart, was from my hometown. She was friends with and in a band with my brother Rod, they were teenagers at the time. One day my dad was on the porch with Rod and Tanya and the racist asshole was on his porch a few houses down. My dad, being the instigator that he is, said to my brother and Tanya, why don’t you two hold hands or kiss, as he looked in the racists direction. They both were embarrassed and said, we’re just friends and acted like teenagers would act. When I heard that story later in life, it confirmed my impression of my dad as someone who stood up to it forcefully. I think it is the only way it will ever change, and that is why I don’t hesitate to call a racist a racist when I see it. I don’t play any semantic games with people, if you are a racist and show it, I’m calling your ass out on it. If every white person did that, things would change much quicker in this world.

Instead, we as a society, with the help of the media, have elevated a complete fucking idiot, Donald Trump, to a position where his racist rants, his elitism and better than though demand of the President of the United States of America to show his birth certificate, has infected our public discourse. This sideshow that has been perpetuated by the brain dead fucking media is probably the worst example of how far we haven’t come in this country and in fact how we’ve gone backwards in the last few years. I frequently say how the election of George W. Bush empowered the village idiots, gave them confidence and cover to spew their hatred right out into the public square. Fox News and Rush Limbaugh being the main sources of that hatred. A platform for bigots of all stripes to slowly erode our discourse and turn us into a nation that believes some crazy, backwards things that go unchallenged by the “traditional” media.

And now they are subtly trying to keep that hatred alive by saying, “why didn’t he do it sooner, I don’t understand”. Like I said above “BECAUSE HE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO YOU FUCKING IDIOT!”


22 thoughts on “The Birther Racism Continues – Can I Rant A Minute?

  1. Most of us know that Trump is just in it to stir the pot. You are correct that Obama did not have to release his long form birth certificate.

    What I’m left wondering about is if everything was in order with it why didn’t Obama do this back in ‘Campaign 2008’ and put an end to the speculation?

    If the long form had been released back in primary season he could have put the egg on Hillary’s face and been done with her in what at the time was a close primary.

    If everything is on the up-and-up the thinking of Candidate Obama doesn’t make a bit of sense.

  2. If you remove the controversy some may look at the candidate and see that he has zero qualifications to run a lemonade stand much less the US.

    Now that he is in full campaign mode, we will see a repeat of his empty promises, constant lies and blaming everyone else for his massive failures.

    The damocraps will escalate the offshore movement of jobs with their restrictive tax policies and blame the successful people and companies for raising above mediocrity.

  3. Chicken Hammer,

    President Obama released the Certificate of Live Birth that the state of Hawaii gave him. He put that on the Internet and was verified that it was authentic and that he was born where and when he said. The fact he had to get special permission from the State of Hawaii to get the long form is because it is against their laws and he was not President at the time either. He was just campaigning. This should never have been an issue. And if you can’t see that, then you have a problem along with the rest of the birthers.

  4. One of my favorite stories from you. Thanks for sharing it with the group (although I’m sure there are a couple on here that would play the part of the racist neighbor to perfection).

  5. That’s an easy (and all to overused) out Jim but it is false. Look as hard and as deep as you like but you will never find any evidence of me being a racist. My dislike of Obama (and most liberal policies) have nothing to do with racism and everything to do with what’s best for our country and it’s people.

    The truth is that Obama is one of the worst presidents in our country’s history and he is absolutely the worst in my lifetime. Denial will not change the truth.

    I understand you and I have different opinions but how about holding onto the race card until you have some facts to put behind it.

  6. Your statement “What I’m left wondering about is if everything was in order with it why didn’t Obama do this back in ‘Campaign 2008′ and put an end to the speculation?” shows your racism very clearly to me. The implication behind your question shows your racism. Maybe you don’t know it, but it’s there. The first time anyone asked about it, the campaign produced it very soon after that. The legal, certificate of live birth that the state of Hawaii gives to anyone requesting it. Story over, done with. By implying that “there are questions”…questions only in racist people who don’t think a black man is legitimate. You fucking racists created the meme and you continue to milk it for all it’s worth. This man is the most qualified person we’ve ever had as president and it pisses you assholes off that he is so successful and good at it. No amount of your race-baiting bullshit is going to change that. He is going to kick your asses in 2012 too, maybe you should see a therapist now about it. Deal with it. If you want to know more about how I think on this, read this post.

  7. Extreme Liberal:

    I admire both your writing and your passion, and it hurts me to see you waste your time engaging with the (obviously paid) trolls such as Atlanta Ralph who copy & paste the daily right-wing extremist talking points into your blog.

    Seems to me the best bet is to let their ugly words speak for them, show the world who and what they are. It draws a very clear distinction for the casual observer (read: independent voter) between the intelligent and knowledgeable people who have the power and the vile evil morons who seek it.

  8. Obama did as much or MORE than any of the 43 previous presidents in our nations history…he DID release a valid certificate of birth back in 2008. The “short form” was a legal document which was good enough to get him a USA passport to move to Indonesia when he was only SIX YEARS OLD (so he was the “Manchurian Candidate” even back in 1967?). He probably produced a similar copy in order to obtain an Illinois driver’s license, and maybe to get into college. I had to provide a certified COPY of my birth certificate in order to be admitted to Texas A&M’s graduate school (we are afraid of illegal Mexicans, here!). I once paid for six copies of mine, but at age 72 have YET to ever see my original which is buried in a room (with a bank vault door) in an Indiana courthouse.

    Why does President Obama have to jump through the hoops held up by the many racists in our nation. The Republicans wanted to see the black boy jump…maybe even do a tap dance!

    Obama had to go above and beyond what would be required of any WHITE presidential candidate. I am glad he was reluctant to “bow to Massa” and wish in a way he hadn’t gone the extra mile now, doing what it took to obtain his long form. However, the RACIST REPUBLICANS would keep riding the issue and as the Nazis discovered, “tell a lie loud and often enough and eventually it will become the truth in the minds of the people.”

  9. The media played much of the role into this bullshit, either they want conflict to help with their ratings, they’re trying to push their corporate agenda or they so fearful of their right wing counterparts they echo their foolishness.

    I remember how the right wing media went ape shit the story of Bush going AWOL in the national guard(note the right never disprove)yet the media didn’t have a problem walking away from that story, but they can keep this story alive. The media would never dare to debate rather a Bush conspiracy theory is real or not but with this president even the most out there wingnut theory gets discussed.

    If I have one wish it would be I wish these people just admit what we already know. They don’t care about government spending or the debt because if they did they would be marching since 2002. And if they get what they want in 2012 I can ensure you they will go back not caring how much the government spends or how much is the national debt.

  10. John Cory blames the media in part. He was not in favor of the President caving in to the wingnuts:

    There is a stain now, a stain that will permeate future candidates who might be one of them. An outsider. A different one. In trying to satisfy the poisonous present, Mr. Obama ignored his duty to the future.

    No, this is a sad day.

    Yesterday morning, the media flexed its great star power and forced a president to jump through a flaming hoop to prove he was American. Viewership through venom is so much more profitable than truth or fact.

    By the afternoon, they will weigh in on who the winners and losers are.

    Last night, some families packed up their belongings because their home had been foreclosed on, or faced medical bankruptcy because their insurance carrier had denied treatment payments, or struggled with whether to pay their utility bill or buy a tank of gas to go looking for a job in the morning.

    We know who lost.

    And we didn’t have to watch TV to know it.

    Maybe it is time to turn off, tune out, and drop the news media altogether.

    I like that he chose a baby picture (which I’ve seen before) of Barack playing in the Hawaiian surf.

  11. You’re right, I usually don’t take the bait. I think because I’m under the weather and still pissed about yesterdays events that I went on a rant. It made me feel better for a minute. :)

    I do usually post their crap for the world to see, we have to know our enemies, right? Point taken.

  12. You were so fortunate to have a Dad like that, EL! I had just the opposite who wouldn’t let me hang out with a friend because she was 1/2 Black..but, I knew instinctively that it was wrong of him at that young age.

    If the gloating granddragon Trump and the republicons didn’t have their head up their asses they would have seen it the first time he released his birth certificate online in 2007 which he shouldn’t have had to fucking do either.

    Thanks for the rant..I might have to pass it on. :)

  13. This is to chicken hammer because I didn’t see a “reply” by where I wanted to respond. Just because you say “President Obama is one of the worst Presidents in history” doesn’t make it fact, from reading your posts I say it means just the opposite is true.

    Yeah, President Obama is the best president just in this short time..especially what he has to deal with including all the stupid shit from stupid republicons because they never have any ideas and those professional leftist blogwhores who always need more money. huffnpuff is their fucking idol.

  14. I was raised in a Republican family in far northern Indiana where the “N” word was one of several vulgar words that would get us kids to have to suck on a sliver of Ivory soap! It was just not tolerated. In fact, an ancestor of mine, a medical doctor, established a stop on the Underground Railroad.,_Indiana

  15. Being born during FDR’s second term, I was too young to judge him, but I have been most impressed with Obama’s intellect, his classiness, his demeanor…remaining cool under pressure. JFK and Clinton were both very intelligent but both suffered some serious lack of judgment when it came to womanizing. Obama has been a loving, devoted husband and father to Michelle and their two great little girls.

  16. These pieces of shit who call themselves politicians should leave Obama the fuck alone. The man has his work cut out for him. He’s gotta clean up the fucking cesspool that Bush left us in. As for Donald Trump and his “birther” cohorts, I personally believe that all those racist sons of bitches should be publicly executed by those who they so blindly hate. Let us make an example of Trump and all who think like him and support his fucking racist ass. They should all be dragged out into the streets and mutilated horribly… a reminder of all the years of bullshit that people like them have put us through. I don’t just say this because I am a black man, I say it because it’s the goddamn truth.

  17. I like the “Nazi” comment. That’s the damn truth. You also talk about racist republicans. Well, they are not only racist, but very rich. They line their pockets with our tax dollars and parade through this nation as if they were God’s gift to the United States. Instead of putting our money where it’s supposed to be, they pay the media to push their propaganda on us. They want power, my friend. Nothing more. They do not give a flying fuck about the people. Otherwise, they would have let the “birther” movement die because we, the people put Obama in office. We don’t fucking care what color his skin is.

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