What Has Our Country Become? A Letter From A Patriot!

This is a comment left on my Comment Policy page that I’m bumping up for you all to read. I can’t verify the veracity, but it reads like the truth to me and I have no reason to doubt Jude. I’ve heard similar stories so I tend to trust his words. Thank you, Jude for sharing this with us.

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I am one of few African American Defense Contractors working in the Middle East with the US Military. I have found over the past year that the US Service men and women are very anti- Obama. I feel that this is in part to the fact that there is a 52″ television in every indoor facility here where (AFN) Armed Forces Network controls the broadcast. It is obvious that 99% of the shows being shown are FOX Network shows. Everytime I walk into a building I have to listen to the rhetoric of Bill O’Reillly, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and all of the other ignorant Fox commentators. I’m not one for conspiracies but it seems to me that this is a method of brain washing our young service men and women. I have complained about the programing but I only get treated as if I’m unpatriotic.

I think that this Republican/Teahadist (Tea Party) thing has gotten out of control. I saw a labor contractor in Mosul wearing a t-shirt on a US base that read Obama Bin Laden and showed a caricature of President Obama wearing a turban. It seemed as if no one cared that he was wearing it. He walked past several non commissioned and commissioned Army officers until I’d had enough. I saw an African American Air Force Captained and told him. As we approached the location of the subject, we saw that another Air Force Officer had detained the subject and had him sitting outside. I left these two officers to do their job but couldn’t believe what I’d just seen on a US military base. It ain’t the same military I belonged to.

I’ve noticed that when I talk to these military kids about politics, they have no idea why they support the republican party. All they know is what they’ve heard on AFN. Our military wants to keep our service men/women stupid. This is the only way they can be controlled. I remember fighting in “Operation Just Cause” and thinking that I was protecting my country. All because the military told me so. With all of what came out of that invasion and the Iran Contra issues. George Bush Sr. and Ronald Reagan should have spent the last days of their lives in a federal prison. However, they are celebrated as American heroes, primarily because of false republican propaganda.

I served my country and served it well. Hell, even as a contractor I still continue to serve. It’s hard for me to sit back and listen to our service me/women tell soldiers from other countries of how screwed up our country and our president is. I never hear soldiers from other countries say how screwed up their country is, even when it truly is screwed up.

Liberals must start now in taking charge. We have seen what’s in store for us with this newly elected congress. The days of slavery for those on the left are near. The poor will remain poor and the rich will become richer. It’s a sad day when the leading proposed candidate to run for president is Donald (5 time bankruptcy) Trump. Whose bigotry is already dividing the country. Why is it that American media is now wanting to disseminate his every word but they downplay Marilyn Davenport’s racist emails toward our nations president. What has our country become?



2 thoughts on “What Has Our Country Become? A Letter From A Patriot!

  1. I know for certain that this is true in the case of my Air Force Major niece. My sister, her mom, was horrified to discover that even in her daughter’s car the station for Rush was set all the time. It is truly like brainwashing.

  2. My partner of the last 12 years spent 23 years in the US Navy. Even though raised in a Democratic UNION family in Minneapolis, he now believes he was brainwashed from “day one” when he entered the military at the tender impressionable age of 18. All he ever heard from his superior officers was that Democrats “hate the military” and Republicans “love us”! There is also open proselytizing of personnel by some evangelical christian officers.

    When we met in 1999, he was a right-winger, and we did argue over Bush in 2000, for whom he voted. However during the next four years, I would only have to show him newspaper articles showing where the military/industrial complex was making a killing off Bush wars, then show stories of Republicans doing everything in their power to stick it to the “boots on the ground” and to those who had served and relied now on the VA for healthcare. By 2004, he was most motivated to vote for Sen. John Kerry and now is most interested in politics (he used to ignore the news all those years in the Navy). He now watches a lot of CNN and MSNBC (he loves fellow Minnesotan, Ed Schultz) and reads more than the sports pages of the Houston Chronicle.

    At our 24 Hour Fitness gym, ONLY Fox News is played in the locker/spa/shower area and also on most of the TV sets hanging in front of the treadmills/stair-climbers. CNN is on some sets at the gym in the workout area, but NEVER MSNBC anywhere in the gym. At Wells-Fargo Bank, before I switched to Chase, ONLY Fox was played on an overhead set to those waiting in line. I switched doctors once because I had to hear Fox News in his waiting room every visit.

    I have been on 10 cruises in the past 4 years, six cruises on ships run by right-wing Miami businessman CEO Richard Fain….Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Azamara. These ships showed ONLY Fox News on their internal satellite circuits. Thankfully they also have had the BBC, France 24, Deutsche Welle, and Russia Today, so we Americans on board could get REAL news of the world from foreign sources. Richard Fain has been a big contributor to mostly Republicans and a few “Blue Dog” Democratic politicians. Even heard foreigners on-board laughing over Fox being a joke. And the REICH thinks Obama hurts our image abroad???


    Of late, San Antonio-based Frost Bank (now all over Texas) has been sponsoring PRO-Fox commercials during breaks on MSNBC shows featuring the few liberals on that network. Of course Comcast sells the advertising time. The bank’s long-time CEO has mostly contributed to Republicans (McCain in 2008). Most of the Democrats on his list are Hispanics who are predominate in South Texas politics where a majority of the banks are located:


    I see Evans contributed to former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-CT). Was it because Dodd was chairman of the Senate Banking Committee? Follow the money! Who benefits?…always the main question why one gives to a candidate.

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