I will not watch a single show on NBC until Donald Trump is gone. I’m dead serious. I encourage you to do the same and I will be posting the names and addresses of advertisers on his show and NBC executives as soon as I get a chance. This is serious, people, Donald Trump is a blatant racist and shouldn’t be allowed to spread his racist propaganda on television. We have to hit them hard and force them to get rid of that asshole.


Update IV: Updated sponsor list from NamelessGenXer

Update III: Are we having an impact? From ThinkProgress

Moments ago, a Groupon representative announced that, in the future, they will block their advertisements from appearing on The Apprentice website.

You can contact Enterprise Rental Car, which is telling customers they don’t sponsor The Apprentice, but are currently advertising on their website.

Update Groupon ads previously appeared on The Apprentice website. After hearing a bunch of complaints today, Groupon announced that they will not be advertising on The Apprentice website in the future. But Groupon spokesperson Julie Mossler does not consider placing website advertisements a “sponsorship.” In apparently related news, she also says the company will not offer Groupons for abortions. You can read Ms. Mossler’s statement here.

Update II: Better links according to Nick, thanks Nick



Update: If you have the time and want to express how you feel about the outrageous, sideshow and carnival barker (no offense to carnival people, really) Donald Trump, let the sponsors of his NBC show know that you will not watch that show or the network until Donald Trump is fired. I’ve called and sent several emails myself today, spend some time and hit Donald Trump where it hurts HIM the most, in his wallet.

Sponsors of Celebrity Apprentice

Enterprise Rental Car

Clorox Bleach

Sprint-Nextel Cellphones

Bristol-Myers Squibb

The Walt Disney Company


NBC Executives who might want to know how you feel too.

NBC Entertainment Rebecca Marks Executive Vice President, Publicity 818-777-3030 |

Universal Pictures Cindy Gardner Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs 818-777-2581 |

Universal Media Studios Curt King Senior Vice President, Publicity 818-777-3655 |

Adriene Bowles Focus Features President, Worldwide Publicity and Executive VP, Marketing 818-777-7499 |

44 thoughts on “BOYCOTT NBC UNTIL THEY “FIRE” DONALD TRUMP! SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! Update I, II, III: Sponsors and Contacts

  1. Already ahead of you I don’t watch any show on NBC because most of them suck. but you can watch 30 Rock due to Tracey Morgan is on there.

  2. Thanks for this, EL. I know how frustrating it is to be out here in the land with tv showing nothing but buffoon blowhards like Donald Trump sucking up all the oxygen and not being able to do anything about it. I don’t even have a tv anymore. I watch shows online the next day that I like.

    I can’t wait to see Donald and the “John Birth Society” go down in their racist flames.

  3. Tina Fey, too.. 30 Rock doesn’t appeal to me, personally, anymore but, wouldn’t it be fun if the writers came up with a skit on how damn dumb a certain billionaire racist is and exposing himself as an ass on national tv?

  4. This will be easy. I don’t like any of the shows on NBC anyway. I used to have a moderate amount of respect for The Don but no more.

  5. I never did watch Trump as I always felt he was a fraud and I didn’t wish to contribute a penny to his inflated purse. However, he did bring out the “elephant in the room” into very bright daylight, which so many talking heads had previously refused to acknowledge…that this is all about electing a black man to our highest office.

    Now the racists are saying that it still could be a fake! OR ask WHY didn’t Obama do this two years ago? Funny that NO WHITE MAN
    I’ve heard of has ever had to show his birth certificate to run for office. I applaud Obama for not jumping through the racists’ hoops for the longest time, like some trained circus animal (which I fear many racists believe he is…at least in their cartoon caricatures).

    Racists speak in code much more than when I was younger (I am a child of the 1930’s) in order to maintain an image of being politically correct. Even in Texas, I noticed they often say “Nigra” anymore instead, as if it’s a “nice” hybrid of Negro and the “N” word.

  6. Now WorldNUTDaily says that this original birth certificate still doesn’t establish that Obama is a CITIZEN! The wingnuts won’t give up.

  7. Where are all the progessive bloggers on this?
    Why are they not raising money to get this done yesterday????

  8. Trump is nothing but a ignorant, racist, blowhard, NBC must do the right thing and send his “comb over” ass to the curb, Don imus anyone?

  9. I hesitate to comment, less I add to the size of his foam filled head. I am so done with Don-ill Trump. If Boycotting NBC will help, I’m in.

  10. These comments are terrific and we agree. We don’t watch NBC any longer and record MSNBC commentators to avoid all advertising. It is out of control.

  11. NBC will be totally complicit. . . if they don’t FIRE the trump as a racist intolerant clown. Sorry I had to use the clown term. I admire clowns in the circus.

  12. Racists should not be welcome at NBC. Trump should NOT be held up as a role model others should learn from and be apprenticed to.

    Seriously– why not just give a show to the head of the KKK have a show where he mentors young skinheads?

    After today, NBC needs to #FireDonaldTrmp

  13. I’ve already written NBC to tell them they have lost a regular customer, that I will refuse to watch Brian Williams, The Today Show, SNL, 30 Rock, The Office, until Trump is gone.

  14. Just the words “Donald Trump” returns an image of an ugly American. Now the words “Republican” and “Conservative” are returning the image of ugly American institutions.

  15. I totally agree what and who gives him the athority to demand anything , where was he when all the other presidents where making asses of themselves but now there’s a black
    Man in office he has to
    Be hiding
    About his past Donald trump needs
    To find something else to do go get his hair done for one he is an asshole and he is letting the world now it

  16. I’m boycotting NBC until they rid themselves of that racist piece of trash, Trump. If they keep him on after all this hateful, racist crap he’s spewing, they are in essence condoning this.

    I have NO ROOM on my TV in my home for a garbage network station that condones disrespect for our president or racism! There is NOTHING NBC offers in the way of programming that makes me want to have that station on my TV in MY home AT ALL! EVERYONE should go to ALL of NBC ‘s FB pages as well as send them messages from their own site! This blatant display of hate and dark ages thinking is disgusting and is NOT acceptable!!

  17. I just sent emails/letters to ALL the sponsors listed above. This is what I said:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    We are boycotting NBC and ALL their “Apprentice” sponsors until NBC rids themselves of that disrespectful, racist, piece of garbage Donald Trump. If they keep him on after all this hateful, racist toxicity he’s spewing, they AND their sponsors are in essence condoning what he’s doing.

    I have NO ROOM on my TV in my home for a garbage station that condones disrespect for our president or racism! There is NOTHING NBC offers in the way of programming that makes me want to have that station on my TV in MY home!

    If I need any products/services of any of the “Apprentice” sponsors in the future, I will be more than happy to DO WITHOUT or we WILL find a replacement company that does NOT condone hate and racism!

    This blatant display of hate and dark ages thinking is disgusting and is NOT acceptable!!

  18. You are right on!! Just listeng to the hatred, vitriol and lies spewing out of him makes me physically ill. I emailed Rebecca earlir today and just discovered your blog now!! I hope their boxes are full by now. What happened to the guy who seemed to be liveandletlive onhis show!!! Huge ego but guy who seemed ok with gay or straight, black or white. He had the task to dress.homeless guy in suits from his own store so they could look for work again. Bankrupt again? Wife staying for good in Brazil? Brain tumor? I guess he sold his soul to the devil for the show’s success and ratings) Instead, they will cancel his show or already have. Most of those decisions are already made and any more of this verbal vomit wiill ensure he and his bff Mark Burnett will be desperately seeking another network. We all know he’s already damaged goods, and is toast in any bid ffor the presidency. Nice legacy to leave for his kids who seem to feel true human emotions like empathy. This is reminding me of the Charlie Sheen story.
    Leave for

  19. Looks like the Don is pulling a Charlie Sheen. Let’s see how far Trump has to go before he gets fired.
    The man has done all but called The President a “nigger” to his face. All Americans should feel insulted and disrespected, really.

  20. …btw, as for me and my house, the show and its advertisers are officially fired. Thank you for posting the blog.

  21. Thank you so much for this blog. This is what we need to try to put and end to this nonsense .I normally only watch NBC for one certain soap. But, I record it normally anyway so until Trump is fired, I will be watching/recording it on the Soap Network. I will NOT watch any shows/programs on NBC till he is fired. He is a despicable,ignorant. arrogant pig, who has shown insane disrespect for Our President. I cant even look at him on TV. He is a loathsome individual who has gone way too far and MUST be stopped. Thank you for allowing me this chance to vent.

  22. Black people are calling in to the Randi Rhodes talk show right now…and are crying. I hate what Trump and his kind are doing people and to our President.

    I am making calls and writing emails. Anyone who sponsors this racist does not get my household’s support. At some point, we Americans need to gather together and take a stand against this vile racism.

  23. Gee, I said it all wrong. I mean, today I’ve heard some men and women, who say they are black, call to Randi’s show and break down.
    This whole thing with Trump is heartbreaking for many, from all races. We need to see who sponsors him from now on…and to boycott them. I hope decent companies will pull out and put their hearts above their profits.

  24. I am not a liberal, but I agree 100 percent. I will provide your boycott message to various msg boards. I love a good fight. Bravo to you. Onward with dump the Trump!!

  25. Make no mistake about it…Trump will NEVER be President because he is an IDIOT! Mr. Obama, of course, handled with his usual courtesy, respect and eloquent manner. I applaud our President for being able to keep such a level head in these politically shark-filled waters. Unfortunately, you are right in that race will continue to play an inordinately huge and unnecessary role in American politics.

    You just wait until an African-American WOMAN is elected–will she be branded a ‘ho’ and required to prove that she’s not carrying nor is she spreading an STD?

    Boycott NBC and ALL Trump’s businesses until he is fired. I’m sure he will get ‘the message’ then!

  26. What If ?
    What if the extreme position that has been taken by the Republican right,the racism,the anti working class,anti poor,anti elderly tact, has been manufactured by both parties to create an extreme anti people position,which would make any compromise arrived at still negative to the peoples best interest.
    Maybe we are not a Right wing,Left wing, Red state,Blue state Country anymore….
    Maybe they have committed to be more like a Coke & Pepsi Nation…meaning they don’t care which one you buy, as long as it’s one of those 2,and with this as their motive, by the positions each take they can manipulate the direction…. example…I’m in charge of your diner menue,and I want you to choose the chicken, you ask what is on the menue,and to give you a choice as a democracy demands I do, I offer up “well tonight we have Chicken,and we have the cow dung salad ….I’ll take the Chicken please!
    Get the picture ? I didn’t offer you a choice between the Chicken or the Steak, I’m pushin the chicken……
    ie: Republican’s = cow dung salad….
    ONE Agenda…the illusion of 2 choices…
    I want to know what happened to the STEAK.

  27. Please fire Donald Trump. He is an outrage and an embarrassment to this country.

  28. This is a comment from Frank on my duplicate post of this.
    1. It would be easier to support the Boycott Trump campaign if you had a petition or some single document we could sign that would go to all his current sponsors.
    I contacted each one individually and it is a time consuming process.
    Good luck !

    Comment by Frank | April 29, 2011 |

  29. Yes it is time that people stand up against this ego-centric,pompous,racist Donald Trump!Start boycotting his hotels,casinos and his show.The black celebrities should walk off of his show.This is a disgrace of how the first African-American President is being treated!ENOUGH !

  30. Thank you for standing up for EVERYONE!! This Racist BS has to stop and if we all stand together we can and will be heard!!! Hit them in the pockets and they’ll start listening…..

  31. If any other person did what Trump has done his show would have been cancelled Money talks. The african s on that show should allso be boycotted. . what has our great country come to. when we can’t see past OUR GREAT GOD ”MONEY”

  32. I am an American, living in Italy. When I discovered that I could get CNBC by satellite, I was very happy to be able to access a TV channel coming from my country. However, although I have not seen, nor did I know that Trump the Chump has a show on CNBC, you can count me in; I will not be watching NBC ever until they get rid of Trump. If it was a black citizen so blatantly disparaging a white president, you can bet his red-neck biggoted supporters would find a way to try that person for treason. GOODBYE CNBC.

  33. Boycott the Golf Channel, the program known as Donald Trumps Golf World and its sponsors. What Hypocrits! A channel that promotes a sport known for its honesty, integrity and sportsmanship also supports and promotes one of the most mean-spirited, dishonest, self promoting cads in Donald Trump. Time for a change,

  34. Wrong, wrong, wrong approach to boycott the entire network. The better strategy is… don’t watch Trump’s show, and boycott his advertisers. The problem with boycotting NBC in general by not watching is that it will lead to the cancellation of on the fence shows produced by people who are on our side politically, and NBC won’t connect the drop in viewer numbers of, say, Chuck or 30 Rock, or (insert your favorite NBC show) with The Donald. However, if Celebrity Apprentice’s numbers drop and advertisers are suddenly pulling out of that show — then we’ll get the proper attention.

    A boycott is a great weapon, but it has to be aimed at the right target. Otherwise, we’re just punishing innocent people for the heinous acts of the few.

  35. Isn’t the purpose of a Boycott to cause them pain so they actually change? I called for the boycott because of my disgust at NBC and MSNBC, both of which were giving Donald Trump free air time to promote his show and his conspiracy theories that are hurting our country. A little more important than a show on a fence that “produced by people who are on our side politically”, really. My disgust made me not want to watch ANY NBC show because a network that would allow Donald Trump to spew racist rhetoric doesn’t deserve my eyes watching a single one of their shows.


  37. These are the companies that Advertise on Donald Trump Apprentice. Please show them what we can do. Boycott these products. Show them what our money means.

    7UP Applebee’s, AT&T, Buitoni, Canada Dry, Capital One, Cheetos, Citi Bank, Farouk Systems, Ford, Hometown Buffet, Home Depot, Hyundai, JCPenney,Jell-O,Kay Jewelers,Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats,KFC,LG, Lowes, Lincoln
    L’Oreal, Lysol, Macy’s, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nationwide Insurance, Ocean Spray, Panasonic, Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, Samsung, Stouffers, Subway,T-Mobile, Visa, Wendy’s, Yoplait.

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