Baratunde Thurston Tells It Like It Is – Jack And Jill Politics

Go read his words and give him some love. We are at a turning point in this country and we have to make the correct turn.


7 thoughts on “Baratunde Thurston Tells It Like It Is – Jack And Jill Politics

  1. I just came here to post this..good, you have this amazing perspective from Baratude Thurston on our evolving history and what we’ve fought for and now Donald Trump as the face of Bull Connor in the 21st Century..

    Here’s the thread on DFP..thanks for the link to give him some love..I really need to do that.

    Douglas Brinkley is calling for a “Dump Trump” and a NBC boycott too!

  2. I enjoyed and encourage you to continue to share your perspective. It really hasn’t been that long ago. Hence , people (bigots) like Donald Trump still exist. We must stay engaged and aware.

  3. Sadly, too many racists still EXIST in the United States. The OVERT RACIST TRUMP, now proven to be wrong about Obama’s citizenship (like no WHITE president has ever been challenged), will keep up insinuating that Obama, as a black man, could never be smart enough to go to an Ivy League college. Then today TRUMP made reference to Obama playing basketball (code for being a “N”!) as if that sport is the only thing “THE BLACKS” are qualified to do.

  4. It is so sad that there are countless white people, who seem to blame progressive politicians way more than conservative ones. It is so easy for white Mid-america to buy into morons like Scott Walker and John Kasich and each time people like that are elected to office the results are terrifying. They set us back decades with their policies to destroy the middle class.

    How many centuries is it going to take for our ideas from people on web sites like this to make sense to more people?

  5. ‘Low Class’ is a perfect shoe fit for Trump, Mr. Thurston. Someone once said of my Father, “Your Dad has ‘Class’ and he doesn’t know it” Trump with all the green backs in the World will never come close to being described in that way. More power to you Mr. Thurston. Thank you for your words.

  6. Trump…the man who PRETENDS to be above anything & anyone. Yet, his character AND morals could easily be defined by his overwhelming obsession to continously “TRADE” his wives in as they age like they are ALSO commodities!!
    Racism is alive and well in America, it’s just changed in the way it comes at us, but it is still pervasive in Amerika. The prison system is a perfect example of racism, since we all know that people of color are incarcerated at abnormally higher rates then our white counterparts for the same crimes. The Republican Party has become “THE” party to be in IF you want to hold people of color down, because now it is done through politics.
    Anyway, this Trump is a fool and the press giving him all this air time ONLY proves they are also fools, allowing this crap to EVEN be given air-time!
    I hope he chokes on his hairspray!

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