photo of the day – iPhone cloud pano

High Resolution version available on request.


3 thoughts on “photo of the day – iPhone cloud pano

  1. We don’t even have this much blue sky here lately. Windy and cloudy all of the time but NO rain. Haven’t had a drop at my house this whole month. Our rainfall since January 1 has been 6.5 inches when NORMAL is 13! Governor Perry a week ago asked all Texans to PRAY for rain but so far little has fallen anywhere.

    Maybe God will be happier with Texas tomorrow when the Republican super-majority in Austin votes to gut Roe v. Wade by passing the “sonogram” law:

    Doctors MUST perform an ultrasound sonogram at least 24 hours before an abortion unless a woman proves she lives in a county with fewer than 60,000 people or she lives more than 100 miles from an abortion provider. If she can prove either, the ultrasound MUST be performed at least 2 hours prior.

    The bill REQUIRES women to listen to a doctor’s verbal description of fetal development, unless she meets very limited exceptions.

    Nothing like having a politician invading the PRIVACY of the doctor’s office! So much for smaller government…the hypocrites.

  2. Looks like the tree branches are full of buds, so soon you will have shade again. Our trees did this a couple of months back and then will lose their leaves around Christmas, so we only have a couple months of bare limbs on those species that are deciduous. The majority of our trees are “evergreen” like Southern pines, live oaks, hollies, some myrtles, and magnolias.

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