It’s The Jobs, Stupid!

I love Eugene Robinson, even though he frequently enables the idiots on “Morning Meme Generator with Joe” and lets things go that should be challenged. But at least he is able to get back on that show to counter some of the crap. I liked his recent post a lot. From Eugene’s Washington Post column…(emphasis mine)

Listening to the debate in Washington, you’d think the nation was absorbed by the compelling saga of deficit reduction. You’d get the impression that in households across America, parents put their children to bed and then stay up half the night sifting through piles of think-tank reports on the kitchen table, trying to calculate whether there will be enough in the Social Security trust fund to pay benefits beyond 2037.


But the Post poll found this argument untethered to reality. A definitive 78 percent of respondents said they oppose cuts in federal spending on Medicare. An almost equally impressive 69 percent oppose cutting spending on Medicaid. Social Security, the most sacred of bovines, isn’t even on the table — but Republicans and the debt-obsessed commentariat are trying to goad Obama into taking the first whack.

The wise men and women of Washington complain that the American people are sending a contradictory message — that, essentially, they’re acting like spoiled brats who want luxuries they can’t afford. But I think the people are speaking quite clearly and sensibly, and I think politicians had better start listening.

We want an America that takes care of senior citizens in their retirement. We want an America that ensures medical care for the elderly and the poor. We may not yet know how to guarantee these benefits decades from now, but we know precisely where to start: In both surveys, 72 percent of respondents favored raising taxes on households making more than $250,000 a year. Both polls showed some doubt about deep cuts in military spending, but suggested that after the wealthy are asked to contribute their fair share, the defense budget would be the next place to look.

Obama is being slammed by the deficit hawks for not providing “leadership” on the debt. But it turns out that Obama’s position is much closer to that of the American people. A president’s job is not to lead us off a cliff.

It’s kind of funny, in a sad way, that the rest of the media doesn’t seem to be able to make the connection between the President’s position and the American people’s, which are in line with each other. Instead, they have absorbed the Republican meme that “it’s the deficit, stupid”, even though there is no evidence in any polls that the American people are more concerned about deficits than jobs. We need more stimulus, but of course with the Republicans controlling the congress, we all know that will never happen. So instead, we are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. I blame the idiots in the Professional Left for encouraging people to stay home in 2010. It shows that they clearly do not care for real people, are not progressive in any way and should be run out on a rail…except they probably are against high speed rail, because you know, the President supports it.


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